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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

But how about a little historical info? For instance, I could tell you that Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh...

And you might want to mention the fact that a Mercurian day is longer than it's year! Possible extras (which may already be in the pipeline somewhere, I don't know) are eclipses - how and why they happen.

But I like what's there already - informative, but not too 'in-depth'. smiley - smiley


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Hi, Sorry I only just saw this. smiley - smiley

This is only meant to be an introduction entry to my project, more interesting things about each of the planets is mentioned on their own pages, the pluto thing is, for example. smiley - smiley

this entry's just for dipping into, as a jumping off point, if you like.


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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

Fair enough. I think I posted that before the whole thing had 'expanded' to the multiple entries it now is. I like it! smiley - smiley


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Mark Moxon

Me too, and I'm just editing it (not that it needs a lot).

Should be published in the Edited Guide real soon. smiley - smiley


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smiley - blush & Yay!

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