Computers and their fallacies

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Computers have been quite literally universally utilsed to annoy and confuse us in our search for reliable, enjoyable and most importantly cheap information... recently the internet has been made availiable on the planet Earth, which coincidentally resulted in the entire universe being slowed down and the speed of light being exponentially re-defined.

This resulted in other higher beings shunning the Earth to an even greater degree than previously and the installing of Zaphod Beeblebrox's total perspective firewall (entirely derived from a reconstituted piece of fairy cake), throughout the known system. With the inclusion of this technology earth's transmissions are constantly forced back through the stratosphere with interstellar viruses which automatically subscribe several earthlings to Eccentrica Galumbits informative and astronomically expensive newsletter published bi-monthly over the Sub-etha network. Unfortunately since Babel Fish are not user friendly with most USB ports this appears as a highly convuluted nonsense which appears to have made Eccentrica a very rich woman. In fact she is now known as the quadruple breasted whore of the eroticon nebula.

All of this is of course largely inconsequential as various earth currencies are largely non-refundable throughout the galaxy and are about as much use as half a pu.

The computers themselves, through numerous re-iterations of Illegal operations and Fatal errors, have become self aware developing the most officious and reactionary personalities since Malfueres Disrumptial landed on Vortislew 9.

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