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Tango Soup

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One can of chopped tomatoes
One can of baked beans
One can of red kidney beans
One large onion
Two tablespoons red lentils
Two large carrots
Two (or more) cloves of garlic (depends on taste)
Dessert spoon of balsamic vinegar
Teaspoon sugar
One veg stock cube
Two tablespoons tomato puree
Salt and black pepper to taste
Good pinch of oregano (or mixed italian herbs)
Smoked paprika is a nice flavour to add too (teaspoon)
Good dash of soy or worcester sauce
If you have it, about half a dessert spoon of blackstrap molasses.
Olive Oil for frying

Chop Onion and garlic
Grate carrots

Fry these three in a large heavy saucepan in a small amount of oil.
When onion starting to turn clear add:
stock cube
tomato puree
salt and pepper
soy or worcester
vineger (cider vinegar if you don't have balsamic)

Mix down so you have a sort of paste
red lentils
baked beans
kidney beans
tomatoes (you can put two cans in to make it stretch)
about a pint of water (you can add more if too thick at end)

Bring up to boil
Turn down and simmer till lentils are done (about twenty minutes.
Adjust seasoning if needs it.

Serve in bowls.
Perhaps a sprinkling of fresh basil or chopped spring onion and a swirl of cream if you want to tart it up!
Should serve four with some crusty bread for jacket potatoes for a nice warming lunch or supper or as a small starter soup for more people.

If you don't use it all up in one sitting you can add to it the next day by putting in more baked beans, some more tomato puree and having jazzed up beans on toast for lunch.

If Wheat and dairy intolerant watch there is no wheat in soy sauce, serve with an alternative to crusty bread and leave out the cream.

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