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The Gurus help the h2g2 Team to answer questions on h2g2, particularly in the Feedback forum. Gurus can specialise, so one Guru might prefer to answer technical questions, and choose to help people in the technical support area of the forum, while another might find that they are happier replying to editorial questions. Do you fit the bill?

We're looking for people who:

  • Know h2g2 reasonably well already.

  • Are prepared to answer questions on our behalf, and who take time to ensure that the answer they are giving is a correct one.

  • Are prepared to read the pages in the Don't Panic Help Centre, and glean answers to Researchers' questions from the information provided.

  • Know when they don't know the answer to a question. If you're unsure, ask the other Gurus or the Community Team. But don't be tempted to post what you think is the answer. That way lies confusion!

How to Join the Gurus

Does this sound like the kind of scheme that you would be interested in joining? If you'd like to join this volunteer scheme, you can apply by starting a new Conversation below. Please give us details of your h2g2 Researcher number and your h2g2 nickname in the title so that we can find your details quickly.

We will only be actively recruiting for one Volunteer scheme at a time, so please be patient. When we are recruiting for the scheme, you'll see it appear on the Front Page and you will be contacted. Please try to keep threads free of chatting, otherwise your application might be missed.

Thanks for volunteering!

Other Schemes

Don't forget that there are five volunteer schemes in total - pick the one that's right for you!

  • The Scouts run the Peer Review scheme and pick the best entries that come through it, ready for the Sub-editors.

  • The Sub-editors take the recommended entries from the Scouts and turn them into beautiful, flowing prose, for inclusion in the Edited Guide.

  • The Aces are the upstanding members of the h2g2 Community, greeting new Researchers, helping to keep everyone happy, and generally being wonderful people.

  • The Gurus help to run the Feedback areas, answering any questions people might have about h2g2.

  • The visually creative and marvellously talented Community Artists illustrate entries, design new smileys and generally bring beauty and glamour to h2g2.

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