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I was staying in Nottingham recently as I made my way down the country towards Dover. I was just going to pass through but kinda got weigh-laid... Nottingham has loads to do (pretty much all year round too) and (for those who don't know) was once home to the infamous Robin Hood. Nottingham is a city with shed loads of history and comes alive through loads of exhibitions, festivals and pageants held throughout the year. Up-to-date information on these and the more permanent features of Nottingham's past listed on this page can be found at the City Information Centre. Call +44 (0) 115 915 5330 or check the Igloos web links (the hostel I stayed in). Nott's is friendly in size and attitude, much of Nottingham's "diverse" social scene can be found in and around the compact centre of this popular university city. Every year there is an endless supply of energetic and varied sights and sounds. Art aesthetes, sports fans and social whirlers can pick from a bountiful mix of things to see and do. The crime rate does suck the big one though, as other reporters have poined out, but, ha' know, don't leave your mobile on the passenger seat of the car and I'm sure all would be dandy. I digress; I made it to the infamous Lord Byron's country house at Newstead Abbey for a bit of open-air theatre (details available from the City Box Office, Theatre Royal. Nottingham +44 (0) 115 9895555. Nottingham boasts the oldest pub in England too - Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (1189), well worth sampling their own ale. Also, check out the massive (and I mean massive) natural cave system that runs under the city and links to half the pub cellars in the town centre). Shakespeare or Spielberg (though not the birthplace of either), symphony or comedy, heavy metal or house music (some good local bands, I caught one called Radium88 and they were spot on), rafting or rowing, dine out or hang out. Bags of choice.

The Igloo is Nottingham's coolest stopover for backpackers, students and sports groups seeking rest and recuperation in a warm, clean, safe and easy-going home-from-home (with power showers too). Check in is between 9am and midnight and all there are a decent bunch. Good local pubs too. Igloo has a website at http://www.igloohostel.co.uk and I seriously recommend givin' them a try if you find yourself in that part of the world. I overheard some Australian folks askin' about a weekly rate too when they arrived at the hostel but I don't know the details.

There is plenty of agency work in bars, warehouses, factories and offices in Nottingham and roundabout. Folks interested in working should ask the Igloo people for a work info sheet when they arrive at the hostel. This has all the details about
registering with employment agencies and getting a N.I. number and stuff.

If your travelling up or down (Scotland to Dover in my case) I can recommend Notts. For a stop over, just don't get sucked it (and it's easy to do so). However, surprisingly, I didn't get left with an urge to rob the rich and give to the poor... go figure... :)

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