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Desire on mountaintops ,peaks speak volumes flumes of flames

Little embers remember ,then glow bright once again,

My desires like that as a matter of fact ,all blazing and gazing ,

Hotter and hotter ,not forgot her just go get her wetter and wetter,

Little flower of passion , sitting in lotus position ,on my lap

Perhaps calm will suit her , karma sutra her sutures of heart now broken

For a while a smile spoken along long with a token of my love from above

Clouds the stars will blink in unison when in reunion we get yet

This communion of minds that we find ourselves in ,with no sinful

Pleasures at leisure or in the mad rushes of lust have we enjoyed yet we must

At some time, those mounts of venus be between us all squeezed beneath me

And scraped by my knee ,brushed by cheeks with my lips on your hips

Your words have they woo ed me and pursued me at night and first light and

In between sunrise and sun set some times I forget what I was doing or going to

Or find myself flushed or all agog with a phizog of adoration no explanation or reason

Apart from those seen in the middle of dreams or when leant against washing machine

On permanent spin cycle ,no clothes for the drier just wet knickers and vicars have seen

Some of those impure thoughts you had brought out into the booth to be washed clean

Laid out on your bed and I on mine, I wonder if ever the device would suffice or be as nice

As my mind has imagined of how you’d feel or how you’d ride or be ridden how I’ve tried

And wriggled and writhed had schisms with rhythms and rhymes and during this time I find

My hand s and my fingers go so slow sloow quick ,quick then quaking I go shaking and

Quivering my insides all shivering yet a new message from you delivering a new feeling of

Thoughts a caress of sorts so here I go again to try and explain just how you fill me enthral
And fill me with the fires of desires ,the hot pants of passion the discussion of lust I must

Make do with so if I write further of my fever this fervour do understand that my plans for

When we first meet ,don’t allow for no seating , just you flat on your back while I’ll attack,

Not like an assault ,but an assignation of thought all pent up all unkempt and yet refined in

Believing that all good things comes to those who wait ,that’s why I relate with these few words

Here on this screen not one is obscene but you waiting till I see you in the flesh then maybe

My composure will be who knows ,just how dirty or crude I am in the nude .

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