The Aryan Race

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The following is actually in response to a thread I read in Metafilter but I hadn't been in here for awhile, and what I wanted to post, as you're about to see, was just too long and involved for Metafilter's forum. I felt also that due to what I'm trying to squeeze onto one page (basically the entire historical record of this planet from Day One to the present) was better suited for H2G2. You may or may not agree. This is an educated opinion, with no doubt some mistakes and whatnot. I'm not a historical professor. I'm just one small part of The Supreme Race.

And so are you. Ready? Here we go:
Just for the record, Aryans are a myth. Ready for a history lesson?

Our entire race came from one source. If you're a Christian you believe in Adam and Eve. If you're an Evolutionist you believe there was a puddle of the right ingredients necessary to forge life: amino acids and whatnot. Personally I believe the answer may be both, or something in between, or maybe we just don't have all the pieces of the puzzle yet.

Regardless, the concept that there are different races based on skin color and always has been is a blatant misunderstanding of our ..for the lack of a better phrase that comes to mind, "genesis."

In fact, the Old Testament speaks of Nimrod and The Tower of Babel. Whether you believe the Bible to be an historically accurate tome or not, it's about the closest thing we have to documentation of ancient history. I'm sure scholars of this field could correct me where I'm wrong, but basically in Babylonia everyone spoke the same language at one time. Supposedly one day they all woke up and started speaking other languages, which I find hard to believe. Probably more like over time different cliques and groups developed their own variations on language until different groups had trouble understanding one another. Like how people in England and people in America seem to have a different word for everything though we share a common language. One day people just started to realize their differences were separating them. And they also had that Nimrod to contend with. Eventually similar minded peoples just banded together and migrated from Babylonia in hopes of finding something better.

Due to culture and sociology, over time we have evolved to three specific skin types: Caucasian, Negroloid and Mongoloid. However, skin color is objectively as absurd as eye color or hair color in determining who we are as a people. It's just that people with similarities banded together and tended to fraternize with other people similar to them, and shunned people who looked differently. Thinking they were different through and through instead of just on the surface.

However, originally our ancestors all evolved from some place in what is now termed "The Fertile Crescent" although it's not very fertile nowadays because the land surrounding the meditteranean sea has been the site for more and bloodier wars than any other place on this planet's historical record. It's a gigantic scorch mark now. They fight over sand now. And whether or not The Supreme Diety Type Person is named John, Paul, George or Ringo.

Through many complexities that are only partly chronicled in history, our ancestors chose to separate by skin color and develop differing cultures that clashed with one another. Humanity spread across the globe over a three thousand year period, only habitating on the western sphere of this planet within the last seven hundred years or so.

[Yes I'm aware that prior to European colonization there were over ten million people already on the North American continent. There is wide speculation and controversy over how they got there. Most historians will agree however that they too came from the Fertile Crescent. We just don't know exactly how. Perhaps before the contiental drift of our planet's geography shifted the lands away from one another.]

It was a combination of selective breeding and sociological misunderstandings that brought us to where we are today.

There are those who still believe such things as interracial marriage weakens the gene pool. Scientifically it's actually exactly the opposite. If we had more people of differing skin colors reproducing, it would vastly improve the diversity of our race, and increase the genetic variables in ways that would improve our ability to evolve and adapt over the next three thousand years.

And maybe someday we'd learn to stop fighting over whose god is the right one, or whose skin color represents some false illusion of supremacy.

But just for the record, there are not three or five or seven different races. There's one: The Human Race. We're all passengers on this spinning rock in space we call Earth. Fighting amongst ourselves is as silly as someone hijacking a plane because he wants to go to Disneyland.

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