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The Guide would not be the guide without recipes from the furthest edges of the universe.

I recently returned from the planet Breville in the Delta Cygni system with a top recipe from the Dentrassi head chef.

Note that only toasted sarnies are available on Breville.

It's population tends to live on the various party moons throughout the year, only popping back to the planet surface for a quick snack.

Squished Vogon Toasties:

Ingredients (enough for two toasties).

4 Slices bread (buttered both sides).

1 Tomato finely sliced.

2 Mushrooms chopped and finely sliced.

2 Pre-grilled vegetarian sausages (or Blugbatter meat sausages).

Optional - 3 thinly chopped spring onions.

2 Tablespoons Pesto sauce.


Mix all the stuff in a bowl.

Bung the stuff between slices of bread.

Toast in a toasted sandwich maker.

Serve with creamy mayonnaise sprinkled with paprika.

If you've just been through a matter transference beam also add salted peanuts and beer to taste.

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