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  1. Volunteer sub-editor, www.h2g2.com (September 1999 - present). This world wide web site is located in England, and exists to bring into actuality an approximation of the “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy” invented by Douglas Adams in his series of books of the same name.


    • reading, selecting and editing articles for publication in H2G2
    • formatting and 'marking up' submitted articles into GuideML presentations, utilising HTML and web-authoring skills
    • participating in the planning for H2G2's future development, and participating in supervising the execution of these plans

  2. Contracted cataloguer, Australian Consumers’ Health Forum, Canberra (November 1999 - January 2000).


    • cataloguing the CHF library collection, using both copy-catalogued records from the world wide web, and original cataloguing using DDC 21(DDC Abridged 13)
    • entering the catalogued records in to a ProCite (version 5) database, to serve the CHF as their main library catalogue
    • processing, sorting, shelving and re-accommodating the collection

  3. Contracted bibliographer, Australian Geological Survey Organisation, Canberra (two separate contracts, March 1999 - November 1999).


    • obtaining and selecting references for two separate bibliographies, using the Internet and the resources of the AGSO Library (including GeoRef, Geobase, AESIS and Engineering and Applied Science databases on CD-ROM). The first of the bibliographies (March - July) was for a general collection of the Urban Coastal Impacts project under the auspices of the Petroleum and Marine Division of AGSO. This bibliography was extended in 2000. The second (August - October) was a bibliography on volcanoes of Papua New Guinea, completed for the Geohazards and Geomagnetism Division of AGSO
    • Converting, formatting for output and storing records using ProCite (version 4.03)

  4. Contracted bibliographer/indexer, Bureau of Transport Economics (Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services), Canberra (March 1998 - January 1999).


    • participating in the planning, compiling and authoring of the BTE’s Compendium of transport statistics
    • providing advice, supervision and assistance to a team in selecting, recording, editing, maintaining and manipulating approximately 2000 original statistical bibliographic and database references in the Harvard bibliographic style with additional classifications and keyword descriptions, using the ProCite (version 4.03) bibliographic database system and the Microsoft Office suite of programs
    • searching the Internet, various CD-ROM databases and print resources including annual reports for Transport-related statistical resources, and making extensive use of the Internet for bibliographic reference checking using numerous library catalogues and related publications lists (e.g. PubMed)
    • working with ProCite specialists to tailor the bibliographic package for the purpose of compiling, sorting and formatting an index for the bibliography
    • participating with BTE ISS staff in designing and constructing a formatting program for the index using Microsoft Access
    • indexing the bibliography

  5. Contracted librarian, New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service, Glen Innes District office (January - March 1998).


    • updating the library catalogue of the Glen Innes office
    • organising, sorting and reshelving the collection
    • classifying, cataloguing and processing items acquired since the last time the catalogue was revised (~1993) before it was moved to the new office (1994)
    • formatting the catalogue for, and entering data into, the ProCite bibliographic database system
    • tutoring the office’s staff in the use of the new system, as well as in the use of the National Parks’ Inmagic database library catalogue

  6. Volunteer Librarian, Diabetes Australia-NSW (October 1996 - November 1997).


    • inventing, writing and editing The Hypocaust - the DA Young People’s Group Newsletter
    • indexing DA and foreign diabetic associations' publications
    • cataloguing and item processing
    • organising the DA Library's operation - cataloguing, classifying and information searching
    • volunteered previously (1995) in warehouse, despatching and organising

  7. P/T Librarian, Australian College of Applied Psychology (May - October 1996). Worked two days per week as the sole librarian for the College.


    • maintaining the library (circulation and reference using the Microsoft Excel-based catalogue, processing, cataloguing, information searching using the Internet)
    • serving customers
    • acquiring, purchasing and stocking for the Australian Psychology Bookshop

  8. Casual Librarian, University of Sydney Library System (June 1995 - January 1996). Worked in the Nursing Library, and in the Mackie Curriculum Resources Library.


    • serving customers and rostered duties
    • assisting in the process of change into using the new INNOPAC library database system
    • reference duties using the new system
    • assisting in the stock take of the Mackie Library
    • maintaining catalogue records which had not translated into the new system

  9. Contracted Librarian, Beijing International School Singapore (August 1994 - February 1995).


    • designing and constructing the new library catalogue
    • importing library materials to China
    • cataloguing and processing
    • performing as the service librarian (all duties including reference and user education services) in the short times when not teaching
    • performing as class teacher for the Year 7 class, teaching all subjects including English as a Second Language

  10. Temporary Librarian, Western Institute of TAFE N.S.W., Broken Hill College (January 1994 - August 1994).


    • running the library single-handedly, alternating with one other librarian
    • spot cataloguing and performing inter-library loans using the TAFE DYNIX Library database system
    • processing new items
    • performing reference and customer service duties - working on the circulation/reference desk, training library users in policies and information retrieval procedures and liaising with College administration

  11. P/T Librarian, Southern Sydney Institute of TAFE, Bankstown College (November 1992 - January 1994).


    • rostered duties, including circulation/reference desk work, reader education and shelving
    • performing as Acquisitions Librarian - spending the Library's budget for materials, sourcing and selecting items for purchase using client recommendation, print sources and CD-ROM packages (BIP, B+T Link) for sourcing
    • assisting with setting up and using the Library's Internet connection
    • reference duties making use of ABN, DIALOG and AUSINET online databases
    • local administration officer for the OTEN Institute's Satellite Education program, tending equipment, serving customers and promoting and surveying use

  12. Volunteer Librarian, Sydney Hospital Medical Library (March 1992 - August 1993). Volunteered when not working at Bankstown.


    • reference and database searching (MEDLINE on CD-ROM, DIALOG, AUSINET)
    • processing, shelving
    • inter-library loans using the ILANET online system
    • data input for the Sydney Eastern Area Health Service database

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