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"I'm Blue da ba dee da ba dye...."

This is a lyric to one of the songs from this Italian euro dance group named Eiffel 65. The group consists of Jeffery Jey, Maruizio Lobina, and Gabry Ponte. Jeffery's professions in the group are vocals and computer whiz (also producing). Maruizio's professions are keyboards and producing. Gabry's professions are the dj and mixer. They are members of the BlissCo in Italy. BlissCo is a recording music company which supports Eiffel 65 in their albums. The group was just going to be Jeff and Maruizio but Gabry was choosen because they needed a mixer. When they started to record their first song, "Maruizio said 'Come up with strange lyrics'." Jeffery said. They decided to use a computer to make their name. It randomly came out with 'Eiffel'. When they got their label copy back it read Eiffel 65 as a mistake!! It was a phone number indevertly scribbled next to the name. They kept it in feeling that it was meant to be. Judging by the lyrics to the song they decided to call it by a color. "You know," Jeffery said. "We decided to choose a color that reflects someones lifestyle. You know, what car they buy, how they choose their girlfriend, and how they see life." Thus Blue (Da Ba Dee) was realesed. It was a mega hit! It sold over 1,000,000 copies in stores. Then came the next single, Move Your Body. It wasn't as big as Blue (Da Ba Dee) but still a very big hit. Then finally they realesed their first album. Europop sold over 2,000,000 copies in stores. They were very grateful that they were stars. The next album is coming in Winter 2001. We will wait to see if Eiffel 65 strikes gold again.

Track Listing of debut album

1.Blue (Da Ba Dee)
2.Too much of Heaven
3.Dub in Life
4.Living In A Bubble
5.Move your Body
6.My Console (anthem to Playstation)
7.Your Clown
8.Another Race (salute to aliens)
9.The Edge
10.Now is Forever
11.Sillicon World
13.Hyperlink (Deep Down)
14.Blue (Da Ba Dee) Extended Mix


Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Move Your Body
Too much of Heaven

And don't forget to check out Eiffel 65's new song "One Goal"!

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