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Hi we are Gemma and Sarah. We are sisters and live in West Yorkshire.

About Gemma-
Hi I'm Gemma. I am 18 years old. I have a baby. She was born in february 2008. If you judge me because of this then it just shows how small minded you are - we all make mistakes but some people choose to live up to them.
My likes-
Music (all sorts of music but mostly garage, R'n'B, basslines and indie!)
I like going out with friends although that has stopped a little now!!
I like reading autobiographies and biographies mostly.
I like drinking!!
My dislikes -
I am scared of spiders, butterflies (?!), ladybirds (?!) and flies.
I don't like... boring people!
I don't like it when people have bad manners.
If you would like to know anything else please ask :D.

About Sarah -
Hi my name is Sarah. I'm 12 years old.
My likes -
I like the colour pink!!
I like going swimming.
I like doing things with friends.
I like dancing and singing.
Dislikes -
I don't like being tol what to do!
I don't like spiders.
I don't like bullies.
I don't like school.

Well that's all we have to say for now. Please leave us comments! Thankyou :D xxx

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