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Ok so its a long name i know, but hey if your here youve got nothing better to do so you wont mind!!
so what is this club about?

well, its a place for people who have nothing better to do to actually come and find other people who have nothing better to do!

Well im starting the club and im a university student who actually has nothing to do!
maybe i should have done english!

University students - one casual, one in cap and gown

so thats me!

i have had some suggestions about entertainment they are.

1. the pub
Clinking beer glasses

Library books on a shelf

or 3. just watching my lava lamp!
Lava Lamp

but hey ive still got nothing better to do than start this club for people in the same boat!!!

so im going to start a cafe, for general conversations and if anybody wants to add other conversations they know how to do it!

oh i was going to have a signing up place, but there is too problems:

1. i dont no how too!

2. i cant be bothered even though i have nothing else to do!

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