My Theory Of Life & Death By Andrew Orchard

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Sometime or another, people sit back and ask themselves "What happens to you when you die?"

It’s a question which cannot be answered, but, instead answered with an opinion.

So, you’re sat back in your armchair. Outside your window you can see dusk approaching. The street lamps are still red as they slowly flick on randomly down your road. Your TV is turned off and your radio is on just enough to hear. All is quiet.

Your mind starts to wonder and one question pops up in your head, quite naturally you start to ponder about this question. "What will happen to me when I die, pass away or "snuff it" as it were?

After a very long time, this morning at around 3am the same question unlighted itself inside my head.

On thinking on this question i've decided on my theory of what could happen when you finally die.

Everybody has their very own spirit; these spirits can be aggressive, funny, possible naive. These spirits decide on your personality, your looks, right down to your DNA structure. When you die, your spirit leaves your body. Floating around the area your empty body lay. This spirit floats around for a very long time. This would be known as a ghost to those who are sensitive enough to feel and see these spirits.

When a woman falls pregnant, the early stages of the baby is just an empty template, a blank van gough canvas. A spirit floating around knows when there is a blank template close by.

When this spirit finds the blank template it is drawn to the strong fact that it is pure. Getting close enough the spirit is fused with this blank template. After this has happened you are able 2 hear the baby's first heartbeat. The spirit then starts to affect the way this baby will grow. It will decide hair colour, skin colour and everything else relating to DNA. The spirit will always know from the mothers DNA what it will inherit. Thus bringing in similar features to your parents.

After the spirit has done its job the baby starts to become aware of its surroundings, starts to hear things. But cannot move very much. When the time is right that baby is born. Unfortunately the baby doesn’t remember any thing from the past life the spirit had, maybe some occasions that person may experience a past life memory.

The baby grows up to be an adult and once again the process starts over again in one big cycle.

If you have your own theory on Life & Death I’d like to hear about it, as this question interests me greatly.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you.

Andrew Orchard

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