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What is it?

Well of Souls is a freeware RPG by Dan Samuel.

The Graphics

Well of Souls features mainly 2D graphics, but they can be made to look 3D by their designers, yes, their designers! The starting graphics, in the world of Evergreen, were drawn by Josh Worts, Dan Samuel and Ben Samuel.

What designers?

One of the strong points of WoS is that it is built around what other people created. These different gameplay areas are called worlds. These must be downloaded and opened using Winzip. Synthetic-reality.com featurs a special feature for this, though with some worlds you must download from the website and unzip them. The people who make these worlds are called world developers, and can gain considerable respect from their skill with the game's unique scripting language. Some of the greatest world devvers are Icefox/Silver, Gametweeka and Dan Samuel.

What happens at the start?

To play in each different world, you must create one character for each, as transfering them would certainly ruin the game1. When starting, you have to choose a "class" that determines your weapon, amongst other things; you also need a skin (see below). In most worlds you also need a gender, and in every world but two2 there is a main quest. In WoS IM3, you just chat and show off the image you have chosen for your character (your skin).

What is the game storyline?

The only storyline consistant without the game is which buttons you press to begin. The main story is different for each world: in Spec Ops you are an army trainee trying to kill Saddam Hussain; in RoT you can join the Empire or the Rebels (Not based on Star Wars) in the battle for Kagoshima; in starwars you choose Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Bounty Hunter or Trade Federation in the war for the Galaxy (is based on Star Wars). It's all down to the world developer and team.

All right, no consistant storyline, but how, basically, do I play?

Well, the Help file offers a few tips on playing. To get you started, when a character asks you to "click", it means right-click, and only the "host"4 can do this. Attacking things is done with a left-click, and anyone can to this. "giving" stuff to stuff is when you open a menu that looks like it might mean items (usually clearly labeled) and click an item, then click the person you are giving it to. To cast spells, you need to learn a spell; click "Learn Spell" in the Spells menu, then select a spell. If you have enough "PP"5 and Element level for that spell, you can learn it. To cast a spell, click the Spells menu, select a spell there, then attack. To just attack something, open the Equip Menu. Equip any items with a Green Plus sign by double-clicking them, keep and Red Plus items for later, and sell any no symbol and red cross items. Plus, Evergreen offers some good advice in the form of the Master of the Hand and the Master of Magic, who wil teach you fighting and spellcasting - you may even get a free spell, if you are patient.

Who should be given credit for the game?

Dan Samuel, Programmer of the game. To him all WoS players are indebted! smiley - grovel

Josh Worts, Evergreen artist, and drawer of Help File image. Without him, Dan Samuel would have had to have left the art to himself and his son, who did a few skins each anyway. Josh Worts, we salute you! smiley - applause

Ben Samuel, artist of two skins in Evergreen, and developer of the Monkey_Town world. Admittedly, his skins were... rather sketchy... but good enough to delight many players at fighting a "Carnivorous Hat". smiley - applause

Who should be credited for utilising the game to it's full level?

Gametweeka - Who can find a better world devver than this? Over the years, his BB signature has changed, but it remains along the same theme-that he is addicted to WoS! smiley - grovel

Icefox/Silver - A great world devver in all respects! smiley - applause

Those who are respected in the communities

Flamelord - well-respected amongst the WoS community. smiley - applause

What other games has Dan Samuel made?

Under the name of Synthetic-reality Co. he has made the games: Warpath Classic; Warpath 97; Warpath 21st Century; Arcadia; Rocket Club.

And finally, what can help my Well of Souls experience that little bit easier?

The F1 key. Try it, it works!

Common sense. It works too, despite the name's inaccuracy.

And finally, if all else fails, you swallow your pride, choke, and ASK SOMEONE ELSE.
1Due to class differences, weapon differences, etc.2The starting world, Evergreen, in which there is no final Boss battle; WoS Instant Messenger3Read the last footnote.4Person who the scene responds to.5Earned whenever you attack, this wil increase with your Wisdom stat, but this is explained in-game.

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