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Just a bit of fun, really - here's a list to contain all those questions that hit you at odd moments during the day. If you have any questions (or answers) please submit them below.

  • Travel Cards (19th May) - I'm sure many people have experienced this one. Months go by; you spot your travel card in a sensible place in the house on a regular basis. One day, you want to travel somewhere and have half an hour to find your travel card. Can you find it? No! Does it suddenly reappear when you're late for your train? Of course!
  • Pizzas (20th May) - Why is it that all cold pizzas taste the same?
  • Remote Controls (21st May) - Why is it that, no matter how many buttons your remote control has, the function you want is always only available from the hi-fi?
  • Web Browsers (22nd May) - When you click on a URL in your email, why does it always open the page in the browser window whose contents you wanted to keep?
  • Light Bulbs (23rd May) - Why do light bulbs always blow when it's night so you have to fumble round in the dark to replace them? (Okay, so this question's a simple one...)
  • Trains (24th May) - If you're late getting to the station, your train is on time. If you're on time getting to the station, your train is late.
  • Cress (25th May) - Just why does cress exist? What's its purpose?
  • TV chefs (26th May) - Why is it that TV chefs never find they've bought the wrong ingredients, or they've run out of eggs?
  • Video Recorders (27th May) - If you set a video recorder to tape your favourite programme then sit there and watch it, the video will work perfectly. If you leave the room, it'll record 'Antiques Roadshow' instead. (Unless you wanted to watch 'Antiques Roadshow', of course...)
  • Supermarkets (28th May) - Why is it that supermarkets only offer 'Buy One Get One Free' deals on items you don't want?
  • Cooking with Chillies (29th May) - When cooking with chilli peppers, why is it that the heat of the prepared dish is either just slightly milder than you wanted, or eye-wateringly, throat-searingly hot?
  • Television Thrillers / Whodunnits (12th June) - Why is it that all of the crucial clues and explanations are always presented to the audience during your two-minute loo break or telephone call?
  • Computer Programs (13th June) - Useful computer programs aren't well-written; well-written computer programs aren't useful.
  • Geese (26th July) - Given large areas of open grass with one path through the middle, geese will always flock together and settle on the path. They will then get annoyed if you try to walk past them.

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