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<font size=7 color=orange> <b><tt>the hoopy cat awards</tt></b> </font><font size=1 color=white>subject to violent changes and mood swings<BR/></font>
<b>those who have won my admiration through no fault of their own</b></font><BR/></font><BR/>

<a href=><b>fancy krissy</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the heavy glove with a long cuff award</b></font> - for making too many posts for her own personal exhaustion levels good<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>the human race</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the sometimes i wonder award</b></font> - for being the only species on this planet whose naturally occuring support for other life forms begins and ends with pubic lice<BR/><BR/>

<a href=><b>fancy krissy</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the leverage award </b>(very long with a hooky kind of end)</font> - for continued excellation in the position of <b>queen of universe</b><BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>old mister beetle</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the AWARD award</b></font> - for something that i have not yet decided on<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>fancy krissy </b></a>- <font color=red>the double whammy award </b></font> - for being the most frequent sayer of "<b>you could change your name to homer junior....the kids can call you HoJu</b>"<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>wilsonC </b></a>-<font color=red
> <b>the schwepps lemonade award </b></font>- for bein all
sweet n bubbly<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>kate</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the undeniably coolest award </b></font> - for being supported by unfathomable amounts of evidence making obvious, without the need of prior reading, or a degree in hyperbolic typollogy (hmhey) that this young woman is the coolest young woman there god damn <b>is</b><BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>shmandy</b> </a>- <font color=red><b>the aggressive WILD piggy award</b></font>- for dressing up as an aggressive WILD piggy and throwing granny knickers at boisterous crowds<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>km</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the SOMETHING award</b></font> - for doing <b>things</b>....<b>some</b> things<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>bub-diddli-ubstereeno</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the witticism award</b></font> - for being regularly quite clever<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>the spartus</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the superhero award </b></font> - for being brilliantly spontaneously vervefully crazy<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>crazyone</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the CRAZY award</b></font> - for being SO SANE he just blew our MINDS<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>jjj</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the blinkey fish award</b></font> - for something which i am putting a LOT of thought into<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>beeline</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the deniably coolest award</b></font> - for being damn cool....but a damn less cool than kate<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>ant</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the bananarama disco slappo award </font> </b>- for doing what all of us here today have always dreamed of doing and slipping, with great accidence on a banana peel<BR/><BR/>
<a href=> <b>hoopy </a> <a href=> albo</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the whelk on award </b></font> - for having a somewhat unhealthy, but certainly the largest i've ever seen, interst in whelks<BR/><BR/>
<b>noof</b> <tt> (...mmm...nooof)</tt> - <font color=red><b>the kipper award </b></font> - for bringing up Shirty the Slightly Agressive Bear when least expected, yet most appreciated<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>kippers </b></a>- <font color=red><b>the funny word award </b></font> - for being a funny
<a href=><b>zarquon</a></b> - <font color=red><b>the top 10, right on award</b></font> - for being quite the admirable list-maker<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>stuffy</a></b> - <font color=red><b>the wistful award</b></font> - for being full of pensive yearning<BR/><BR/>
<a href=><b>floor42</b></a> - <font color=red><b>the ridiculously helpful award </b></font> - for giving birth to twin alpackers (congratualtions!)<BR/><BR/>
<a href=> <b>mr boring arms</b></a></font> -<font color=red> <b> the stay away, no really, it's for your own good award</b></font> - for having really extremely tiresomely boring upper limbs<BR/><BR/>

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