The Miami Weekend!!

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It was in the works for nearly a year...

...and the fabled Miami Weekend finally happened! Between March 9th and March 13th I met up with some very good friends... some of them amazingly for the first time. (It didn't feel like it!) Mark and Peta from H2G2 were kind enough to meet up with us - and from there we had as much fun as was humanly possible!

When in Rome...

We ate Cuban food. We drank. We checked out the utterly beautiful Miami Beach area - chock full of fabulous Art Deco architecture, restaurants, cafes, gorgeous people and most importantly THE ATLANTIC OCEAN!! Which I totally managed to fall into, having no idea where my towel was. Beeline taught us the art and history of Truggling on a beach. We drank some more. We visited the Bayside Marketplace briefly and decided that every city has one... only with a little less neon. We continued to drink. The ancient and sacred art Jai-Alai taught us that it's not the size that matters but the speed of the balls that will kill you. We talked to Krissy on the phone tons and pined for her presence. We made a pilgrimage to the Everglades, which claims to be a "vast, slow-moving river" but utterly presented itself as a cross between a swamp, an African savanna and something out of The Lost World. We watched Peta rock out to AC-DC in a cool convertable and run over turtles with reckless abandon. We laughed at birds and waited patiently for Mark to wrestle a "Crocogator". We found new and interesting ways to sunburn ourselves. We marveled at a hotel's ability to shut off all the major utilities at once. We drank!!

Boy, did we. ;-)

Life and love in an urban paradise...

The Miami Weekend served a dual purpose for me. I met up with some close friends... and I also got to see my boyfriend. For, like, the second time ever. The ability to maintain a long distance relationship and still love each other as much as we do has got to be a good thing... no matter how damn frustrating it is. :-) Needless to say, Miami wouldn't have been quite as nice had he not been there.

And as soon as we were there...

...we were gone. Funny how it happens that way! Miami was beautiful, but the friends I met there were even moreso. I keep thinking I should be at Tobacco Road laughing at ourselves and at anyone in the vicinity of us. I miss everyone terribly! So we need to figure out...

...where to meet up next. ;-)

In Honor Of Miami...

An "an appletree" type award presentation! I hope I don't need some sort of license...

The "Crossing Guardest (Not To Mention The Bon Joviest)" Award - To Kate, who taught us that painful burns can be fetching and attractive.

The "Truggliest" Award - To beeline, for showing us that a Truggle comes from the heart but a Spoil comes from too much free time on a beach in a foreign country.

The "'80s Video Game Dexterity" Award - To Ant, for letting me win at Ms. Pac Man, but still hopping higher than I ever could.

The "Are You Gonna Go My Way" Award - To Spartus, for frequently pointing out all the little things I'd never notice. Well, maybe sometimes never...

The "Pulmonary Embolism" Award - To Greg, who drove us through Miami traffic in a little red convertable and lived to tell the tale.

The "Oh-So Very Amazingly Awesome" Award - To KM, who managed to look out for others while the rest of us remained selfish bastards.

The "I Love You And I Don't Even Know You" Award - To Karen, although you aren't on here to see it. You're the sweetest, smartest person I never knew before last Thursday.

The "Silly Researcher, Sarcasm Is For Brits!" slash "American Engagement Ring Adverts Are Driving Me Mad" Awards - To Mark, who teased me incessantly and cracked me up continuously, much to my delight.

The "Sure That Was A Rock You Ran Over, Whatever You Say!" Award - To Peta, because you were the coolest non-Miamian on the road ever. You can deal with backseat drivers without losing your cool.

The "Most Present Non-Present Person" Award - To Krissy, for reminding me of why I love you and missed you all throughout the damned trip!

The "Best Stuffed Monkey In The Role Of A Crazy Drunkard" Award - To Stuffy, who made me feel like a kid again. Perhaps I'm exaggerating...

Bravo. *clap clap* ;-)

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