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I the supreme honour or living with two dogs. They are best friends, yet they couldn't be more different. Angus is my oldest. He will be 5 in June. He is a purebred weimaraner. He is a beautiful silver-grey, with light blue eyes. His legs are long and lean, as is his body. He is the size of a small Great Dane. His movements are graceful and fluid. His muscles ripple beneath his short, fine coat. He has the grace of a thoroughbred. The breed is German and was developed to hunt wolves and large game. He is a pointer and retriever. He makes a fine watchdog. When people meet him, he is all smiles and wags.

Rosee just turned one. She is a purebred yellow labrador retriever. She is pure love. She has the shorter legs and stocky build of a well-bred lab. She was home raised by an experienced, legitimate breeder. Both parents were champions in the show room, obedience and field trials. She has the movements and gaits of a Quarter horse. She is affectionately called Bulldozer. She delights in every second of her existence. She dooesn't just wag her tail, she contorts her whole body in ecstacy. She lives to love.

These two beings are the best of friends and they bring me the greatest joy in life.

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