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Totally awesome, man!

South Park has been given a hard time lately. Once it was an adult comedy show, then quickly it became a bandwagon for kids to be cool on. And I think the creators knew this and started to aim South Park towards this new audience, which ended up with a lot of merchandise and hype, which spoiled it all a bit. Now that kids are using skateboards and Slipknot as methods of being cool, they suddenly don't like South Park any more and are very quick to slam it.

Well, good riddance to them. Now the real fans can get back to enjoying South Park, and we can all start by watching the movie.


Of course, the movie could be a way for the kids to get back on to the bandwagon. They don't care about anything buy the swearing and Kenny dying. Personally, I think that most of them will be too busy saying "Oh, South Park is just so last year". Well, their loss.

But it is true, a good few kids are watching this film. But not to worry.

What happens?

What? Spoil the plot? If you've already seen the film then you don't need to know this. If you haven't seen it then you probably won't want to read this. If you have no intentions of seeing the film then I can tell you that it involves a war against Canada, Satan, Saddam Hussein and plenty of swearing.

Kenny dies, Saddam is gay (litrally), there is a war, Stan pukes over Wendy, Terrance and Philip are actually what the film is based around, and it can be pretty poignant if you're open minded enough. When the Mole kid dies at the end, it pretty sweet cos he's just been ripped up slighytly by dogs.

Kenny does take his hood off, you do see his face and he does speak (three words) while the hood's off. It's one of the best moments in the whole film.

Of course, you could get a limited edition copy of the film which has Kenny sans hood on the cover. They've probanbly all sold out by now.


Have they released a soundtrack album for this film yet? They should, the songs are amazing. Terence and Philip's little number is ace, "Kyle's mum's a bitch" gets an airing, and the boys pull off a few stonkers of their own. Satan's ditty is cool, and there's a short guitar-orientated bit when Kenny goes to hell. The only disappointment is Saddam's song, which is a bit crap compared to the others.

There's a few a haven't mentioned so you've still got something to look forward to when you go to watch it!


Oh yes, there's lots of swearing. So much, you'd wonder why this hadn't been banned.

Of course, this is one of the main points of the film. Part of the plot is about the Canadians complaining about their products being censored/executed, and the swearing ties in with this.

Think about it, the kids in the film swear more than I do, but how bad is that actually? I mean, everyone in the world knows the word "f**k", so what's so bad about it being used in a film a few thousand times? "Oh they said 'f**k' in that film I'm going to go off and muder a copper".

Get real everyone! This is the 00s, swearing ain't so much of a problem now! Or rather, it is a problem if you make it a problem. As Kyle's mum does by starting a war. I think if you're intelligent enough to take in the message from this film, then you're intelligent enough to realise that being such a tight-ass about swearing is really pointless. Thus, there is something to learn from this film.

One possible problem I've seen is that my friends and I have been picking up the songs, specifically the Terence and Philip one. Now, that song has at least one 'f**k' in each line, so it's pretty swear-laden. Now, if you are a shallow-minded weak-kneed easily offended person then you can simply not go to see the film. But when you're down the shops and there's a bunch of kids singing "shut your f**king face uncle-f**ker", you can't do much.

Ultimatly, the kids who know better will be able to control their urges. Those who don't will use their new-found vocabulary, and you can draw your own conclusion as to their social class.

Remember, this film is not bleeped out.


Unsurprisingly, The biggest section on this page is the one for the swearing. See how these terrible words have earned themselves a whole section to themself here. It is, however, the easiest part of the film to talk about without ruining it for those who haven't seen it yet.

South Park - The Movie is ace and I say you really wanna go see it. Or rent it. Or buy it. Just do it, ok? Sweet.

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