Park bench on the moon

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This is a quiet looking spot with grey craters as far as you can see in every direction. There is a wooden park bench floating about a foot in the air despite the four people sitting on it. You breathe the atmosphere with surprising ease but you're quite perturbed to notice that you feel incredibly light, as if you could effortlessly jump several meters.

There is a bottle of Baileys, a very tired looking bottle of Bacardi and a bottle of Bells sitting here with a packet of disposable FoaGlaz(TM) cups lying invitingly next to them, a veritable carpet of cheesy wotsits and as a iron bucket full of some bright lical punch which is giving off some fumes that make you think you ought to start drinking it before it corrodes the bucket completely.

Oscar giggles and waves you over to try out the space-hoppers and you try your best to hide your concern at the bizarre faces the hoppers are pulling.
Kims and Cynthias computers are all here, tied up with thick yellow string. Are they being cajoled into coming up here and partying maybe?

Something catches the corner of your eye... you could swear you saw Abi there, but she's organising the party on Earth isn't she? How could she have got here so fast?

You gaze back towards mother Earth and smile approvingly at the scaffolding of balloons and jelly towering up from it.

Is that Madonna they're listening to? crumbs :)

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