Bromsgrove ,Worcestershire.

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Sitting right in the middle of England is a rather dull place that goes by the name of Bromsgrove.In fact the only known place that you could be more unfortunate enough to find yourself in Than Bromsgrove is place called Droitwich spa.Coincidentally Droitwich spa is roughly 7 miles south of Bromsgrove which allows Bromsgrovians(natives of the town)to make such remarks as,"Yes it is a terrible place.....but at least lt's not Droitwich!"
Contained within the town's boundaries are such entertainments as a Museum of crumbling old buildings,a sports and leisure center and like neighbouring Droitwich a new skatepark.Above all of these the main source of entertainment in Bromsgrove is an activity called drunken brawling.Although this in itself is a key part of british life it is unfathomably popular in this town.
The town center has a varitable range of shops...well 3 kinds to be precise.Banks,Hairdresser and charity shops.So if you need to withdraw some cash,get your hair cut then buy someone elses well worn clothes then Bromsgrove is hte place for you.

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