Halifax, UK

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Halifax is a medium-sized industrial town in the north of England. Once wholly dependent on the woollens trade, the town now makes its living out of its reputation as a great night out - it has more pubs and clubs per square mile than anywhere else in the country, fifty or so at the last estimate. That’s quite a lot of pubs for not that many people, which some would say is a Good Thing.


Here’s a quick run-down of some of the choicer places to go to:

The Bass House is a nice pub opposite the theatre. It’s got table football and currently boasts a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? machine.

The Brass Cat deserves a mention for its huge TV screen and very nice surroundings.

If you fancy a theme night out, all the chains are there - Bar Centro, the new J. D. Wetherspoons or O’Neills for that ‘authentic’ Irish atmosphere...

There are plenty more pubs but after hours the town offers a couple of spots to drink and dance:

The Coliseum is probably the premier nightclub in town. Having said that don’t go if you don’t like being surrounded by 15-year-olds.

Get that night fever by going to Flares, the 70s club and relive that incredible decade, bearing in mind of course that Mrs Thatcher came to power at the end of it.

For hardcore dance freaks, the Tube is probably your best bet. Though small and expensive it probably has the best music in town.

If you’re bored with dance music, or you dress like a vampire, go to the Zoo Bar at the top end of town. This alternative club offers indie rock and stuff. The disadvantage is that it joins on to the TramShed, which isn’t one of the quieter places in town.

Places to Go

The town itself has a lot of attractions. They may not be as magnificent as the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford or as expensive as London’s Millennium Dome, but they are many and varied. There’s the Industrial Museum where the discerning visitor can find out exactly how people used to live back in the days of ‘trouble in t’ mill’, and Britain’s first children’s museum, Eureka! The Victoria Theatre puts on shows throughout the years, and many famous entertainers have graced its stage. The town also boasts a small cinema and several supermarkets (if shopping’s your thing).

If you’re a fan of youth theatre or music, come see a performance by the Calderdale Youth Orchestra or the Calderdale Theatre School. Both are highly competent youth groups dedicated to producing the highest standard of performances, so go see them if you get the chance. The Theatre School normally puts performances on in April while the Youth Orchestra performs locally throughout the year.

The Piece Hall is really the centrepiece of the town, situated near the Woolshops shopping arcade and containing loads of little shops selling everything you could possibly imagine. It used to be where the market traders sold their woollens to buyers and distributers, and most northern towns had something like it in the past.

The Wainhouse Tower stands high above the town, built for some bloke. I think I'll finish this off later. It's lunchtime!

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