Boyertown, Pennsylvania

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Somewhat, yet not totally (well...) boring place in the foothills of Pennsylvania.

Drinking Establishments: A few, mostly filled with locals, bikers and other rabble, in Boyertown the beer is usually good, yet some places you may find it a little to warm for your tastes.

Recreation: None, unless you enjoy antiquing, or pig racing if you visit in the beginning of June.

Religion: Baseball.

People: Some enlightened sorts, some quite enjoyable to drink yourself under the barstool with. However it is mainly filled with the garden variety blue-collar American type, not that fun to discuss galactic politics with or to drink a few pints with.

Notable things: Cannons in cemeteries, purple cows, an invigorating smell of sulfur in the north side of town on windy days, school board meetings that at times resemble professional wrestling, and women with extremely big hair.

Advice to travelers: Steer clear of the eastern parts of town, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when a stenchpile known as Zern's Farmers Market is open, if you come here visit during the summer and get out of town just before you are ready to sleep because there is nowhere to stay (but if you must stay the grass at the baseball stadium is especially luscious, just remember to get out before anyone sees you, unless you have an urge to be lynched).

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