Last of The Summer Vino - God Moves to Town

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Yet another foreigner has decided to settle down in our Tuscan hilltop town. Apparently Heaven isn’t what it used to be. The place has become very overcrowded since Hell introduced very strict immigration laws, and Purgatory was designed as a temporary buffer zone not a long term solution.

When asked about his decision to come to our town he said

“I have been doing this job for as long as I can remember and so a rest is well merited, I found Barga by accident whilst cloud surfing, I made a few enquiries and hey presto, here I am. I found the people here to be very friendly and generous, they are even helping me to restructure my property by chipping in for a new roof”.

After only a few days here, he was seen blessing the wine at my local bar and was heard to say “Don’t worry folks, I am not working, I just wanted to make it a little more drinkable”.

A regular commented, “I always said it would take a miracle for this wine to become drinkable, I just hope the price doesn’t go up”

I am personally delighted with God’s decision to settle in my town. I mean what better answer can there be to the wife’s age old question,

“..And who were you with last night until 3 O’Clock in the morning!!!”

May god be with you (especially if your out late).

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