Visiting Galway and Kilkenny, Ireland

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After a recent trip to a few towns in Ireland I have some information on places to stay.

If you're in Galway and you're looking for a nice place to sleep, Barnical's hostle on Quay Street could be a good choice. Dorm rooms go for around 16 euro a night and its not bad. The dorms are generally co-ed so if that is going to bother you, perhaps thats not the place for you. Its a lively party scene right outside the door, so it's convenient for crawling home. However, it is going to be noisey till around 2 am every night, from my experience. Theres also a really good chineese food joint just up the block on a side street. If you're looking for good traditional pubs you'll have to walk a little while to get away from the tourist crowd. I'd suggest Malone's or The Crane. I had good experiences with both of them.

Next, in Kikenny I found one of the best hostles I've ever been to. Wesley House on William Street. It has a bunch of signs talking about God and Jesus hanging around, but if thats not your thing, don't worry about it. I'm not a religon person myself, but they don't worry about it. Scott, the heart of gold bouncer looking guy actually discourages religous discussion in the hostle because it just gets in the way of stuff. It has an awesome family kind of atmosphere. You come in from the pubs at 1 am and watch tv with the other folks in the hostle. The Price is nice and cheap, and the beds are comfortable. While you're there, theres a few pubs you should go to. If you can find good music anywhere else I'd suggest avoiding Paris Texas. Its really touristy and most of the music I heard there was very watered down traditional. Maggies, The Pump House, Anna Conda's, and a few others were all very good, but it all depends on whats going on that night. Ask around and find out whats up. Then its just stumbling home

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