New Time: The Thirteen Month Calender and World Peace

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Did you know?

... In one year the moon circles the earth 13 times? In the current global standard calendar, a month doesn't correspond to one natural cycle?

... The word "calendar" comes from the Roman word, "Calends", which was the name of the account book, the book recording monthly debts and bills to be paid?

...Time isn't money?

There is an international movement for "New Time," Their calender has 13 months in a year, 28 days each month and one 'day out of time' each year. This, they say, corresponds with natural cycles and will encourage a spiritual reawakening throughout the world.

This page has a splendid animation of the lunar orbit, and explains more about the basis of the calander. I'd never realised that the moon spirals around the earth and sun as it does, and there really are 13 months in a year - if you think of a month as 'the time the moon takes to orbit earth,' which seems reasonable to me.

I also like the idea of one day 'out of time' (a day off/ day without date) between the 31st Dec and 1st Jan, a 'World Day.'

But the main idea behind changing time is to rethink and harmonise, using the calender as a starting point. The moverment also holds ideas like "Time is no longer money, time is Art" and believe that harmony and peace will come when the people of the world unite in new time visualing their love as a rainbow bridge around the world.

Also at you can also find out your 'kin' which is your Maya-based Galactic Signature. I am Blue Solar Eagle! Woo! That probably means I am ace.

Hippy bollocks or resonant universal truth? Only time will tell. They will be celebrating the first day of 'New Time' on Sun 25th July all over the world, and hope to achieve world peace by 2012. :)

If you want to find out more you could go to the festival of peace in London this Sunday and see it for yourself. Its at the lighthouse over the water from the Dome, nearest tube Eagle Wharf Rd. Free before 6pm.

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