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To run, to walk, to sit, to do. To help? Everyday there are thousands of things we could do to improve the world we live in - to make it a better place for us, for those we share it with, and for those who will come after us - but generally we don't. Why? Because it is often hard to know where to start.

h2g2.action is a starting point, an online documentary project that is designed to raise awareness and discussion of critical issues, making it easier for you to get involved - even from your desktop - in actions that heal the planet.

Inspired by 'Last Chance to See' and taking the theme endangered species as its first project; h2g2.action brings you news, features and evidence about two of the world's most endangered species, rhinos and mountain gorillas and one of the world's most threatened environments - coral reefs.

Find out what each of these mean to us, and how we can help save them.

Together we can make a difference. It's time to take action.


For every 100 rhino alive 30 years ago, there are only three surviving today. Why? Because humans have poached them to the brink of extinction.

What can we do about it?

Lifestyle Actions

  • How about becoming a member of your local zoo?

  • Donate some of your time to helping Save the Rhino.

  • Or just spread the word. Lack of awareness is a big part of the problem.

Global Actions

  • How about joining the London, Edinburgh, or New York Marathon Teams as a runner or a supporter.

  • Or you could sign up to Cycle across Namibia or Zimbabwe or even climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mountain Gorillas

Scientists today estimate that there are now only around 600 individual gorillas left. Uganda, where most of the gorillas live, has its own unique set of political problems, but there is still a lot you can do to help the trackers and workers at Karisoke.

What can we do about it?

Lifestyle Actions

  • Get your office to provide office supplies including recycled paper.

  • Or even forego your holiday this year and donate your frequent flyer miles.

  • You could help equip a gorilla tracker for one month, or help fund just one week of documenting the lives of mountain gorillas through photos and video.

Global Actions

  • You could pass on old laptop computers, or donate raingear and field uniforms for trackers.

  • This year Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund are joining Save the Rhino on one of their adventures. Why not join them?


Coral reefs are home to over 25% of all marine life and are among the world's most fragile and endangered ecosystems. In the last few decades humans have destroyed over 35 million acres of coral reefs.

What can we do about it?

Lifestyle Actions

  • Join your local aquarium and support their reef programme.

  • Don't buy coral souvenirs.

  • Never put garbage or human waste in any water.

  • Conserve water - all our wastewater ends up back in the ocean sooner or later.

Global Actions

  • You could volunteer for a reef clean up.

  • Take part in one of the 'Dive In to Earth Day' events, or organise one of your own.

  • Tell your local pet shops only to stock those fish that haven't been caught with cyanide, and 'live rock' which has been grown for sale and not culled from the reef.

Desktop Actions

You don't even have to move from your desk to get involved with these causes. We've found a number of ways you can get involved at the click of a button (or two):

These are just some suggestions for action, we're hoping that you will have a whole lot more. So whether you'd like to submit an entry on an endangered species you care about, a new kind of desktop action; some software that can help us to trace, monitor, contribute or vote; or even a whole new approach to global conservation - this is your chance to get involved, give us your suggestions, and get some action going in the global village.

Ever felt like you've wanted to get involved, but didn't know where to start - welcome to h2g2.action.

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