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The first meal of the day. The term 'breakfast' is a derived slang form of 'breaking the fast'. And the origin of 'fast' is of course from the old English word 'feast' except minus the 'e'. And as everyone knows 'e' is really just slang for 'He', which is in fact the name of the human God Yahweh (also known as Christ, Ashem, et al.) Therefore eating a 'feast' without 'e', is the same as eating without God. So as anyone who grew up with a strict religious father knows, when you try to eat without giving thanks to God, you end up not eating at all, and you additionally get sent to your room. Thus the term 'fast' refers to the act of NOT eating and getting a harsh beating from your father, the old b*****d. Which explains in part why breaking the fast or 'breakfast' is so popular.

Toast and eggs are a particularly good thing to have for breakfast.

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