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Happiness is a strange thing, in my opinion (which is the only medium in which happiness could be discussed). Pleasure and happpiness are related but pleasure would seem to describe tangible feelings rather than purely emotional feelings. Happiness would seem to be feelings of good or lightheartedness but some might find happiness in doing something they shouldn't do, wheather illegal or immoral, or in some cases, perhaps, evil. Maybe happiness is the feeling of doing what it is that you feel inside; a good person is happy doing good, etc.. For me right now my greatest pleasure is driving my car, this may have to do with, or be the cause of the fact that I don't have a girlfriend. This on the other hand is one of my greater longings, or perhaps, unhappiness. But I believe that very little can be considered totally good or totally bad, something that may seem very painful might turn out to be the inspiration for doing something great. So try to do what you want, to be good, and be happy.

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