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Welcome to the Freedom From Faith Foundation's HALL OF RECORDS!

The Hall Of Records consists of book reviews and critiques by the learned fellows here at H2G2. Anyone is welcome to contribute, but be advised that we are only accepting contributions that we feel are relevant to the aims and principles of the FFFF. We deal mainly in non-fiction, but fiction books that deal with similar topics will also have their own page.

Books are categorised in a number of ways; by title, by author, and by subject matter.

This is a free on-line state, so reviews can take any form. In the interests of a balanced viewpoint, multiple reviews of the same book are also welcomed. All that I ask is that the title and any sub-titles are clearly listed, togther with the author's name. To help our members, please list both the publishing house and the ISBN number(s). And to help with the categorisation of books, please be sure to list the main topics covered by the book you're reviewing.

When you have a book review ready, post it in the forum listed at the bottom of the page, or create it as a guide entry and list the link. If you have anything you'd like to see, or changes / improvements to make (and you're willing to offer GuideML assistance where neccessary!) please feel free to say.

Other than that, happy reading!

Listing by AUTHOR

Each section will (eventually) include a short biography of the author, together with a list of the other books they have published. Where titles appear in unclickable white text, this means that we are waiting for a review of that book to appear. Feel free to change that!

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Listing by TITLE

Books here are listed alphabetically by title.

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Listing by SUBJECT

You will find that books frequently appear under more than one heading. Do not adjust your set, this is perfectly normal. This is why you include the topics covered when you submit your review.

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The Hall of Records FICTION SECTION

Associated works of fiction, all lovingly reviewed and presented here for your edification and delight.

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