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Would like to see your neighbourhood working better as a community in any way?

I believe that 'community' exists on a number of levels. Theres the individual, the family, friends, neighbours, locals, regional populations, nationalities, cultures etc. but the most important of these are the global community as whole and the individual. In a wholistic sense, the global community must proove to be sustainable, while providing the populace with equality, freedom and the access to the same basic standards defining our quality of life.

In order for this to be realised the majority of humanity must act as a community and be in agreement on those laws that govern such a community.

The Problem....
Throughout early history religion difined the laws by which people lived, but as the world is full of many varying religions, and the legal systems of the world have taken a more dominant role, then neither law nor any single religion alone can fullfill this role.

What, in my view, therefore must be the basis for a governing set of rules that govern a wholistic global community, must derive from those principles where religions in their various forms and legal institutions through-out the world find agreement.

Such agreements are therefore those we ALL agree with in majority, i/e do not kill, steal or covet etc.

Religion and culture are two of the hardest barriers to overcome in a global community as they are often contradictory each other in the ways they are worshiped or practiced.

I grew up as a Catholic but I am also aware of the views taught by the other religions including Islamic and Buddist beliefs. I find that all the major religions preach the same basic principles. Tollerance, charity, modesty etc.etc. I also believe that these principles are taught in such a manor, that when all is said and done, it is between the individual and 'God' whether they have lived a just existance.

So how does this reflect upon your neighbourhood and it's community.

As the sayings go, charity starts at home, and all big things are made up of little things. It is your neighbourhood that is your home as it is also part (if only a small one) of the global community. Therefore the question you should be thinking is how can I make my community the best it can be for myself, and for those who share my community, and if ALL the communities around the world were to act as my own, whould the wholistic global community be sustainable and if not how can I make it so.

This is why I ask the question 'would you like to see your neighbourhood working better as a community'.

As a result of this question, I feel that most communities in the UK do not fullfill the ideals demanded by those needed to allow for a realistic and sustainable Global community.

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