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<CENTER><B>Welcome to the</B></CENTER><CENTER><FONT size="6" color="cyan">Misfit Newsletter</FONT></CENTER><P>This is where you can get all the latest news about the unofficial h2g2 softball team, <a href=>The Rambling Misfits</a>. The newsletter will be periodically updated with information about new members, news from <a href=>Frink's Drinks</a>, and all other Misfit-related activities. Old newsletters will be stored in the <a href=>Misfit Newsletter Archive</a>, in case you want to share newsletter memories with a loved one.<p>If you would like to be notified whenever the newsletter is updated, feel free to sign up in the <a href=>Misfit Newsletter Update Forum</a>. However, I ask that you only post once in this forum, so we can keep it as short as possible.<p>

<b>Updated 9/14/00</b><p>

Hmmm......Over four months have gone by and I'm finally posting an update to the newsletter. I'd like to say that I've been too busy writing award-winning novels and curing diseases to post updates, but the sad truth is that I simply lost interest in h2g2 for a while. I'm back now, although I don't think I'll ever spend as much time here as I used to. So........<p>

For the most part, I've decided to close down the newsletter. I don't know if anyone really reads this stuff anyway, but I'm just not around that much, and not much is going on with the team. I'll still post here once in a while if something really interesting is going on, but it won't be on a regular basis like the good old days. How come the old days are always good, no matter how bad they actually were?<p>

At any rate, I'm still around, and still accepting new members. Frink's Drinks also remains open, although it is a bit quiet these days since the owner has been off doing other things. I believe Lance Boyles has left h2g2, which means the softball game is dead (and I don't have the enthusiasm to revive it). Thanks to all who actually read this, and I'll see you around h2g2.<p>


<b>Updated 4/29/00</b><p>

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I'd like to wish a great big happy birthday to h2g2! It's hard to believe it has been an entire year.<p>

Today's new Misfits:<BR/>
<a href=>Penguin Girl(a.k.a. leah or alice)<a> - Slushie Vendor<BR/>
<a href=>Guitarzann</a> - Random Flasher & Lead Vocalist<BR/>
<a href=>Andromeda</a> - Weather Prophet<p>

If you haven't stopped by the <a href=>H2G2 Parade</a> yet, you may not know that The Cheese was kind enough to create a <a href=>Rambling Misfit Float</a>. Well done! However, what I want to know is, why is The Cheese smiling while Bluebottle is frowning?<p>

Gargleblaster is compiling the <a href=>The Overwhelmingly Huge Guide to H2G2 Clubs</a>, and The Rambling Misfits now have an advertisement there. Check it out, and if you have your own club you would like advertised, just let Gargleblaster know!<p>

That's all for now. Cheers!<BR/>

<b>Updated 4/9/00</b><p>

Hello Misfits. Please say hello to your newest team member:<BR/>
<a href=>discopants</a> - Press Officer<p>

Also note that King Wolf has decided to be our Magic Water Bottle Man. Who's up for some magic water?<p>

The Pub Quiz has moved! Much like the Misfit Newsletter, the Pub Quiz has outgrown the forum format and has joined the user page movement. Much easier to read, still as fun to play. Check it out <a href=>here</a>. Also, make sure to post a message in the <a href=>signup forum</a> if you want to be updated when the next quiz round is available.<p>

I'd like to congratulate Demon Drawer, winner of the <a href=>1st Annual h2g2 March Madness Tournament Challenge</a>. DD overtook Jimi X on the last day, when Michigan St. beat Florida in the championship game. Thanks to everyone who participated!<p>

If you missed any of the newsletter postings from February or March, they are now available <a href=>here</a>. See you around!<BR/>

<b>Updated 4/1/00</b><p>

Hello everyone. It is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement from both the Rambling Misfits and h2g2. I have found that I have neither the time nor energy for h2g2, and I cannot justify spending any more time here when I can't give it my full attention. Thanks to everyone who made h2g2 and the Misfits special for me - you are all appreciated.<p>

On a side note, I'd like to mention that the above paragraph could be useful to me someday, so I think I'll save it in case I ever need it. Happy April Fools Day, Misfits! Now, on with the newsletter.<p>

Newest member:<BR/>
<a href=>King Wolf</a><BR/>
King Wolf hasn't chosen a position yet, so if you are feeling friendly why not drop on over and make a suggestion or two?<p>

Munchkin has started a brand new <a href=>Pub Quiz</a>, so get your answers in and try to defeat Loonytunes, winner of the first Quiz.<p>

Jimi X has updated <a href=>The Observatory</a> for the month of April. Keep watching the skies!<p>


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