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Polio has killed many people in its time and even the lives of the rich and famous such as Franklin Roosevelt have not been immune to it. Roosevelt was one of many who fought against the virus till he could take no more never giving up on his dream to be president and becoming it too.

What does the virus do?

The virus which has flu like symptoms has been known to take hold of the lives of the young on the most part killing off the nervous cells and invading the nervous system. It causes muscle wasting and paralysis and also has been known to kill unsuspecting victims.

How was America affected?

The virus took America by storm during the 1900's and although there isn't a cure as yet that has been developed for getting rid of the virus all together the scientist Jonas Salk did come up with a vaccine for it in the year 1952.

How were other countries affected?

America wasn't the only one affected and sadly the vaccine reacted badly to other viruses in the third world leaving many people paralytic from the vaccine itself.

And The Future?
It would be wonderful to say that the vaccine that Jonas Salk has created will wipe out the contraction of the virus forever but sadly it may well still be around for years to come.

by opticalillusion

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