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And a warm welcome to h2g2 - BBCi's very own Earth Edition of the legendary guide to Life, The Universe and Everything!

It's wonderful that you've taken the time to register here at h2g2, and you're now officially a 'Researcher', able to contribute to the ever-expanding and truly mind-bogglingly *huge* Guide - perhaps even going so far as to put some of your contributions through the thorough and rewarding Editorial Process.

But that's not all - h2g2 isn't just about the Edited Guide. There's the Underguide, which deals with non-factual writing, and of course there's the incredibly inefficient but fantastically entertaining and broadly friendly h2g2 community. It's hard to pinpoint the exact centre of all this - different people move in different circles within h2g2 (there are rather a lot of us) - but there are a few links that I can offer you to start with, as an official <./>Ace</.> (once called '_A_ssistant _C_ommunity _E_ditor'):

1. Just a brief reminder of the <./>HouseRules</.> that dictate what is and isn't acceptable on h2g2. Not all that interesting, but essential none the less.

2. You'll find all the latest goings on written up in <./>ThePost</.> - h2g2's weekly community newspaper, which appears on Thursday. <thepost>

3. In order to understand fully what's going on in conversations, you might appreciate a look at the <./>Smiley</.> page - h2g2 has hundreds of smileys that indicate different emotions, people, food and phenomena. Most are self-explanatory - the real use of the page is to learn how to include them in your postings! <cake><biggrin><rocket>

4. Take a browse through the information at <./>Read</.>, <./>Talk</.> and <./>Contribute</.> - there is a load of stuff to look at, and the three pages in combination will give you a pretty good idea of what h2g2 is all about.

If you've any questions at all about h2g2, need any help or indeed just want to chat, then feel free to reply to this message. I'm on h2g2 at some point most days, and if I'm not around, just head on over to the <./>Aces</.>' home page and sound the alarm - someone will come to your rescue!


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