Apartmental Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters

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Following this brief introduction, you will find a recipe for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. There's a big surprise. There's also a general listing that I made up that will link you with various recipies, including this one, at
Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters in general

What You Need To Really Mess Your Head Up

1. A 375 mL bottle of 160 proof Vodka

2. 375 mL of Stoli Orange flavored Vodka

3. 300 mL of Sparkling wine

4. 10 Jello shots. Lemon or lime gelatin. Make

Jello shots with Gin.

5. 1 bottle of Sloe Gin

6. 1 bottle of Rumple Mintz

7. 1 bottle of Goldschlager

8. 1 small bottle of Grand Marnier

9. 1 two litre pitcher

10. Something to stir with: a long spoon or a blender

11. A lot of ice

12. Tall glasses: Collins or Highball glasses or Pints

13. An Orange or a Lemon, for garnish

How to mix those pesky Jello shots

Follow the recipe on the box, making sure that you substitute at least one cup of water with one cup of gin. Remember your chemistry, don't heat the gin, or you'll boil off the alcohol. For stronger shots, substitute all water with gin, don't use any heat, and double the amount of gelatin used. Once the shots are mixed, freeze them. This will help keep them set.

How to Mix Your Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters

Be sober. Start by mixing the 160 proof Vodka, the Stoli Orange Vodka, the Sparkling Wine, and the Jello shots in the two litre pitcher. Stir it until the Jello shots break up into little pieces, or use a blender. If the mix eats through the blender, go back to stirring. You should have about 1.5 litres of mix. You shouldn't drink all of this right away. It does keep well in a sealed bottle in the freezer,though.

You're not done yet. You have the pre-mix though, a definite bonus. Now, anytime you want a PGGB, all you have to do is pour a shot (50 mL) of equal parts Sloe Gin, Rumple Mintz, and Goldschlager. If you hate mint and/or cinamon, use a berry liquour instead of the offending liquour.

That being done, put a lot of ice into a tall glass. Pour pre-mix over the ice, leaving room for the shot. Now pour the shot over a silver spoon into the drink. You don't have to though, because the shot won't float, and you might not have a silver spoon. The spoon really doesn't add any flavor but has some significance with the original recipe. Add a splash of Grand Marnier, stir the concoction, and garnish with a slice of orange.


But Carefully

See? Even I'm a slave to convention.

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