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Hello ! Welcome to my Lousy Limericks Page!

Man in a hat that's got the word 'mad' emblazoned on it.


Buffy's the Vampire Slayer

From her cause you won't sway her

She's fast with her kicks, her hands and her flips

So watch out - you better obey her


Willow is Buffy's best friend

Always a hand she will lend

She's gorgeous and bright, and boy can she fight

She's an ally right to the end


Xander is a constant surprise

He's funny, he's bright, and he's wise

He's the Scooby's heart and has been from the start

This goofy guys a hero in disguise


Tara is Willow's soulmate

She's sensitive, bright, and just great

A powerful witch in her own right, she's a constant guiding light

As a Scooby, she is first rate


Anya's lived a thousand years or more

For most of them has wrecked havic galore

She's helped numerous times, to save the world from evil crimes

This girl's definately evened the score


Giles was called to "watch" Buffy

He started off British and stuffy

He's still British, but rather, he is more like a father

He is also quite the toughie


Spike, the villian turned good

A vampire who is misunderstood

No longer the 'big bad', he's a hell of a lad

Saved the world and proved that he could

Chewing nails

Bye for now ! Thanks for stopping in!

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