Temple, Georgia

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Welcome to my world. It is a rural world in which I exist.
I'm talking the DEEP SOUTH complete with southern drawls and bad
Redneck jokes. I go to school in Atlanta...a private school.
So it is certainly not a surprise that aquaintances often ask if I
have cows, or corn, or cotton. If it snows, people automatically assume that even though they only got .5 inches, I must have gotten, oh I don't know, say 6 feet. 6 feet? man I wish! :-) By now it is obvious to the reader that I do not have any kind of farm animals nor any sort of plant that yields food, aside from the occaisional wild strawberry plant. My town is located about 16 miles from the Georgia/Alabama border, "WAAAY too close for comfort" if you take my father's words for it. It is a quiet little town of about 5000 residents. The only game in town is in my backyard...Lake Buckhorn.
The lake is about 365 acres in area, yet if it's anywhere abouve 60 degrees Farenheit, the lake is clogged with motor boats, jet skiis,
and beer-swilling men and women. The public access ramp is just two doors down from the house, and on a day exceeding 90 degrees, the
stench of the port-a-potty keeps me inside seeking solace from H2G2.

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