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Raised Pedestrian Crossings in New Zealand

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Sounds like a good idea, in theory. It would remove the temptation that people have to speed. We all know that we tend to try and get away with doing illegal and/or dangerous stuff if we think they won't get caught. Removing the ability to commit the crime would make it easier on everyone, and certainly make cars a bit safer. (Having been hit by a car going less than 20 mph, I can attest to the fact that it really sucks. Had the car been going 40 I would probably not be alive to bitch!)

But the technology itself would be a bit awkward, I would think. Especially at transitional areas. It could work on highways, though, with the long stretches with a constant speed limit. Actually, it could possibly work on a more general sense in cities, too. The speed limit for the whole city where I live is 30 (except in school ones and such). So the speed inhibitor could be set at 35 (for a margin of error) for the whole area. That actually makes more sense than on the highway, since there are a lot more people travelling around the city who don't have the protection of steel armor that cars provide.

An easy interrim solution would be to stop manufacturing cars that are capable of speeding so insanely fast. Cars could very easily be designed to have a maximum speed of 70 mpg, or so. And only people with special licenses could drive cars that would have an unlimited speed (Ambulance drivers, cops, racecar drivers, etc).

Or, there's always the concept of teaching people to be respectful and safe. Nah, that'd never work. Heh.

Raised Pedestrian Crossings in New Zealand

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D'Oh! I meant to say that I was responding to Gwennie's post about speed inhibitors that affect the car.

Sorry, I'm still not use to the way this message board puts all the posts in one big assed line. It still confuses me.

Raised Pedestrian Crossings in New Zealand

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If you buy a minivan, it should be governed so that it can only go up to 30mph, and would be also illegal to drive on the highway. Otherwise there should be a lane to the far right for minivans, kind of like a bus lane. You would not be allowed to leave this lane, no matter what, if you drive a minivan.
Ahh.. I dream...

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Raised Pedestrian Crossings in New Zealand

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