The Purple Turtle, Oxford

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Affectionately know as the PT, this popular student venue in Oxford city centre is the gathering place for many, arguably slight too many on some nights.
The PT is housed under Frewin Court and the Oxford Union in cellars excavated with the help of the then Union President Micheal Hesaltine.
The interior decor is indeed purple and there are numerous turtles about the place in the form of art dekko lampshades, which help to ensure that as little light is cast as possible.

Neither the sticky floors, humid atmosphere or insanitary washrooms, would set it apart from any other student nightclub. However the PT embraces a uniquely exotic mix of clientele (probably due to its proximity to the Union), the attendance of wax-jacket clad tweed wearers alongside dinner suit and ball gown, and the ubiquitous jeans and t-shirt brigade.

An evening spent on the dance floor is an exercise in heat endurance, surely accounting for 90% or so of the perspiration that allows for the 1% of inspiration.1. As if a sealed underground chamber filled with 300 or so lightly inebriated revellers there are also disco lights, sound system, etc...adding their few kW's worth.

Themed nights are not uncommon, a recent innovation has been "Beard Mondays" which grants half price drinks for those with notable facial hair.

1 Thomas Edison "Invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"

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