The South Western Arms, Southampton

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The South Western Arms is a public house in Southampton. It is next to St. Denys railway station which makes it easy to find. Just locate a railway line and follow it. One day you will arrive at the pub. At this point you will be very thirsty so go inside and order a beer. Although the pub sign features a steam train, it is not frequented by trainspotters. This is a good thing. Trainspotters lower the tone of any gathering. For those on foot it can be found in Adelaide Road.

The South Western Arms serves many fine real ales and has a nice atmosphere to boot. It used to be one of the best Real Ale pubs in Southampton, and has a good 200 or so pump badges adorning the walls to prove it. There are 12 pumps, and at its peak, each one served a different beer. Now there are seven beers. Amongst the regulars are 6X, HSB, Tanglefoot and London Pride. It does not have Babycham or Whelks. And its a good job too - it would have to relocated to London, which would be plain stupid. There is a strange force at work within the pub - the juke box seems to play nothing but Queen's Greatest Hits. Inside it is spacious with plenty of bare brick and large wooden pillars supporting the upstairs. There is also a beer garden for the summer.

It is not called 'Nellies Nob'. Asking for directions to this imaginary hostelry will elicit odd looks from locals, and occational violence. Unless you ask an old student (see below). In the garden is an old pub sign for 'Nellies Nob'. Maybe this sign is responsible for all the confusion. Or maybe somebody had 10 pints of 6X and made it all up.
It seems that the name persists because

a) Students thought it was funny about 10 years ago. Nowadays, even students have not heard of 'Nellies Nob'. Many have not even heard of 'work'.

b) Its easier to say 'Lets go down the Nob' (see (a)) than 'Lets go to the South Western Arms'.

c) The sign in the garden says so.

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