Volcanoes: Lords of the land

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Oh, thy mighty giants that control our destiny. Thou have created our land, built it from the lightless depths of the ocean and till the great borders of the ocean were crossed and land was made.

And that is how Iceland was made about 3 million years back, fairly late in Earth's history. But here it still is. Constantly the Volcanoes spew, from the depths of the earth, their deadly hot Lava and remaking the earth in the process. It happens to be so that some places on earth have a more active volcanic areas, called 'hot spots'. It happens to be so that Iceland is one of those 'hot spots'. It can be seen in the volcanic activity here on average an eruption every five years for the last millenium.

Iceland's last eruption happend last year, right under Europe's largest glacier. It created a rather large 'lake' right under the glacier. To say the least some mass flooding happend when all that water got loose. It swept away a few miles of bridges and roads and left huge bits of the glacier on the sands which it swept over. It remade the land there in a few hours, less than twenty-four, then most of the flood was over. It added yet another mark upon the country, proved yet again without doubt that Volcanoes are the rulers of this land, nothing will rival them in their power on this land, not the schorching heat of the midnight sun nor nor the glaciers crawling along and crushing the land below them.

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