X Files:- The Time's They Are A Changin'

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The Time's they Are A Changin'

Arlington Cemetary, Arlington, Virginia 12th Febuary 2003

A military funeral is taking place, the mourners are predominatly black, a Baptist preacher is conducting the service, at the back of the group stands the FBI's Deputy Director Alvin Kersh.
At the end of the service as the mourners are paying their respects he moves towards the woman surrounded by her family,

"I am so, so sorry Martha, he was such a good son to you" he says

"Thank you Alvin, you don't believe them do you, tell me you don't believe that my Marty killed himself" she pleads

"Of course I don't, he'd never do anything like that" Kersh replies

"He was murdered I'm telling you and the Marine Corps are covering it up, why won't anyone believe me", she starts to cry again, Kersh puts his arm around her

"I'll do what I can Martha but the FBI have little duristdiction over the military they like to keep things in house" he says

"Well the murderer will get whats coming to him soon enough" Martha says

"What do you mean by that" Kersh is sure he's not going to like the answer

"An eye for an eye, Alvin thats what the Bible says, when a murderer is confronted by his crime, justice will be done, my Great Granny told me how it happens" she replies

"Now Martha don't do anything stupid like taking the law into your own hands" warns Kersh

"Too late Alvin, it has begun"

The Home of Joshua Kendrick Memphis, Tennesee 12th Febuary 2003

Joshua Kendrick is in his home, a bottle of whiskey by his side, he is talking on his mobile phone to a friend

".....anyway Colonel O'Kill said that it was a job well done and he was going to see that we get....well you know.....rewarded.............and we also owe him a few favours now, after he swung the Courts Martial in our favour, we owe him big time........ok I gotta go now..........yep I'll see you in a few days........yep we'll celebrate then.........see ya buddy",

he gets up and wanders into the bathroom, as he looks in the mirror he sees a black man in Marine Dress Uniform standing behind him, he turns around to find no one there he turns back to the mirror to find his face has turned into that of the black Marine the mirror starts to steam up and the word MURDERER forms, Joshua steps back and tries to scream but as he tries his throat closes up, his eyes bulge and his tongue lolls out of his mouth and he drops to the floor, dead.



The line ' The Truth Is Out There ' is replaced by ' The Truth Will Set You Free '

Special Agent Monica Reyes is driving her car back to DC from Quantico, she has been delivering a series of lectures on Satanic and Ritualistc Crimes, she is tired and a little depressed, these lectures always take it out of her so much sadness, she drives past the J Edger Hoover Building and on impulse she pulls into the parking garage, she makes her way to the front desk and flashes her badge to the security guard, he nods

"Excuse me where would I find Agent Doggett" she asks a fellow Agent

"In the basement you can't miss it, it's the only office down there" the Agent replies, puzzled Monica heads for the lift

The X Files Office 15th Febuary 2003 5.45pm

Special Agent John Doggett is sitting by himself contemplating what has happened in the last few months or so, he has looked into the eyes of Satan, helped save the world from alien colonization and seen the lives of his partners fall to pieces and he thought he'd had it bad, he looks at Mulder's desk he'd promised Scully ages ago that he'd clear it out for her and he still couldn't bring himself to do it, poor Dana she'd told him last year when they first met that the X Files had cost them so much, he hadn't believed her but, for the want of something to do he'd read the files in the cabinet, now he had a better understanding of what she'd meant, they'd cost Scully her health and her chances of motherhood and cost Mulder his family and almost his sanity, he looked at the 'I want to believe' poster behind Mulder's desk and wished he had the faith they did, he was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear the knock on the door

"Knock knock anyone home" says a familiar voice

"Monica" he gets up and hugs her, she is a little suprised at this gesture and more than a little pleased "what are you doing here, I thought New Orleans was your home now"

"I'm giving a lecture at Quantico, I thought I'd come and say hi" she replies

"It's really great to see you after so long" he has the first genuine smile on his face in days

"Do you really mean that? you usually break out in hives when you see me" she says with laughter in her voice, she looks around the office "so who did you hack off to get sent down here"

"Everybody I think Kersh, Satan, the Catholic church, you name them and I've upset them" he replies

"Satan!! I'd heard rumors in New Orleans that you'd caught the Devil Worshippers from Brooklyn, what happened" she remarks

"Yeah we caught them, but I don't think we stopped them" Reyes' eyes widen "c'mon Monica this is your thing you must have seen the signs"

"I know what's been going on and it had crossed my mind but are you really sure" she asks, he nods

"We've had several tips that the devil is here, but the only person who knows who he is ain't saying" says Doggett "we're still looking for O'Bannion but he's disappeared or changed his appearence and you were right all along he was the one who killed Luke, but not the reasons you thought at first"

"What!!!, why?" interrupts Reyes

"Revenge, O'Bannion killed my son for revenge" he finishes

"Why for Gods sake" she asks

"Because I ruined his world domination plans" Doggett replies

"And he leant on the Director and Deputy Director to make sure your life was ruined again" she finishes

"Something like that, I'm beginning to wish the aliens had colonized" he adds

"Excuse me, are you telling me that you John Doggett, the worlds biggest sceptic helped stop the aliens taking over the world" she's laughing now

"Yes, we stopped them but it wasn't a happy ending, Mulder was shot by some guy called Alex Krycek, a former FBI agent apparently, he's still alive but he's .......you know.....a vegetable his partner, Scully she took it bad, she's still out on leave at the moment, I don't know if she'll come back she's.....kinda lost without him, they've been together for nine years" his voice trailes off, not knowing what else to say, suddenly the phone rings

"John Doggett.......yes sir.......erm yes I'll be there in a couple of minutes" he puts the phone down

"Sorry Monica I'll have to leave you for a bit, Deputy Director Kersh wants to see me, hopefully I won't be too long, I'm not exactly flavour of the month with him at the moment" he says

"Sure go ahead" she replies "umm......John do you mind if I have a look at some of these files, I've heard all about Fox Mulder and his X Files, this is some kind of dream come true for me to be here" the expectant look on her face reminds him of a child in a sweet shop, he can't deny her request

"Sure, I don't mind" he can't help but smile at her enthusiasum

He makes his way to Kersh's office wondering what the hell he could want, he knocks on the door and goes in,

"You wanted to see me Sir" he says

"Yes John come on in, I'll come straight to the point" he hands Doggett a file "Lieutenant Joshua Kendrick was found dead at his home two days ago, asphixiation so the autopsy report says and his family are claming it was the family of Lieutenant Commander Martin Jackson a Marine who commited suicide, Lieutenant Kendrick and two of his collegues were cleared at a Courts Martial of any involvement in Commander Jackson's death but Jackson's family are sure he was murdered and that's where I come in, his mother Martha Jackson is a friend of mine, she asked me to look in to it and that's why I'm asking you to do me this favour" Kersh replies

"Me!! you want me to do you a favour you've gotta be kidding me" Doggett retorts

"Please John, you've got every reason to distrust me, but you're the only person on who's.....discression I can trust" Kersh adds

"Discression? what's going on" Doggett is intregued now "surely this is a job for the Judge Advocate General's office"

"I know but I know something they don't" Kersh takes a deep breath "I think Voodoo maybe involved"

"You think Voodoo maybe involved, you!! who's been trying to close down the X Files since you got here, now you suddenly want our help" Doggett starts to laugh "I wish Mulder was here to see this, ok I'll help you, it's worth it just to hear you plead" Doggett is beginning to enjoy this now "so, the Voodoo hoodoo"

"Well Martha said that her Great Granny told her how when a murderer was confronted by his crime justice would be done, it just seems coincidental that the day she told me this the man she accused of killing her son dies, mysteriosly" explains Kersh "plus you must still have contact's in the Marine Corps you can cut through the red tape"

"Well I don't know about that but I'll try and while we're talking favours Sir I need one"John replies

"I can't move you from the X Files" put's in Kersh

"No I don't mean that, but as Scully's still on leave and I'm on my own down there I'd like Agent Monica Reyes to assist me on this case, if Voodoo's involved, she'd be an ideal partner, this is her speciality" he asks, Kersh thinks about this

"Ok John you've got yourself a deal, but remember I need you to be descreet" says Kersh

"You can count on it" remarks Doggett

He heads back downstairs to his office wondering what made him agree to do Kersh a favour, something to do, a desire to keep the X Files open for Mulder's sake, a chance to get back on solid ground again with the Marines or a chance to work with Monica, he gets back to the office to find Reyes engrossed in one of Mulder's precious X Files, he supresses a smile as he walks in

"Having fun" he asks her, she looks up from the file

"God this file will put you off having kids for life, nope no IVF for me, no, nien, non,uh uh, no way" Doggett starts to laugh

"Is that the one with the two little girls who poisoned their father's with Digitalis that they made themselves" Monica nods "I know that put the fear of God in me too, so how do you feel about dreams coming true"

"Why?" she asks suspiciously

"Well Kersh want's me to do some discreet digging into a case involving the death of a Marine which may have been caused by a Voodoo curse" he replies

"Voodoo?" she asks

"That's what he said, so do you want to join me on this X File or not" he's teasing her now, a big grin breaks out on her face

"Try and stop me" she says

Martha Jackson's house, Selma, Alabama 11.30am 17th Febuary 2003

Doggett and Reyes are in Martha's front room listening to her account of the death of her son

"My Marty would never take his own life we brought him up to be a good christian boy, he knew it was a sin" she says

"Was he being subjected to racial abuse" asks Doggett

"Yes but it was nothing new, he's stood up to racists before now and won" she smiles sadly "we named him after Martin Luther King, we always taught him that the colour of your skin doesn't make you any less of a man, stand up for what you believe to be right, treat everyone as an equal" her voice trails off

"Sounds like he was a credit to you ma'am" says Doggett, Martha looks at him with new respect, she'd tarred him with the same brush as all the other white southern men she'd met before

"That's what makes this story about him killing himself so unbelievable, he was so well liked by everyone, he had white friends as well as black, he was transfered to Fort Belvedere six months ago and that's when the abuse started, then he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and some of the company decided that black boys shouldn't be promoted over white ones, after that my Marty was dead, I still say he was murdered because he was promoted over some white boys, but no one want's to listen to me" Martha replies

"We'll get to the bottom of it" promises Doggett, he can't help but feel sorry for Martha as he does with anyone who loses a son, but what make's it doubley bad for him is that the Marines, for whom he was so proud serve is turning out to be rotten to the core, Reyes is overwhelmed by the feelings of sympathy and anger coming from him, Martha notices her going a little pale

"Are you feeling ok Agent Reyes" she asks, Reyes nods

"Yes I'm ok honest, just tired" Doggett looks at her quizzicaly, she smiles weakly and shrugs

"Uh Martha you do know that the family of Joshua Kendrick have accused your family of being involved in his death don't you" says Doggett apologeticaly

"Yes I know the police came here the other day to ask me about it" she replies "and I'll tell you what I told them, I have no idea what happened to him"

"It's......just that......" he struggles with the words

"What Agent Doggett means is that, we know Deputy Director Kersh is a friend of yours and he asked us specifically to investigate this for him because he believed Voodoo was involved" puts in Reyes

"Ah he told you about what I said at the funeral, my Great Granny practised the 'old ways' but not me, she always told me that if you believed an injustice had been done to you, the spirits would seek justice, a life for a life, but my Marty's spirit didn't kill him, even as a ghost Marty wouldn't kill anyone for revenge, Great Granny's spirits were the ones who took his life not my Marty, I don't practice Voodoo, I never have, maybe his own concense killed him, maybe his soul couldn't live with the guilt, stranger things have happened" Martha says

Reyes is struck by the feeling that there is another presence in the room, a gentle presence filled with sorrow for Martha's suffering, she is sure it is Martha's son, she opens her mind, she can feel a desire for justice not revenge and an overwhelming sense of love for his mother, tears well in her eyes,

"Monica are you sure you're ok" Doggett puts his hand on her shoulder, she is brought out of it sharply

"Yes, yes I'm fine honest" she replies "he want's justice, Marty, that's why he's still here, he can't find peace until justice is served" she smiles at Martha "I get these feelings......vibes.......my boss calls them 'the Force'........."

"No, Monica not this again, give it a rest can't you" Doggett whispers

"I'm sorry it's.......something I've always been able to do" she gives an apologetic smile, Doggett's mobile starts to ring, he looks at the number,

"Ah at last, excuse me but I've been waiting for this call" he leaves to take the call, Martha watches him go

"You hold on to that man honey, there's not many of his kind left in these parts" she says to Monica, Monica isn't really listening

"I know, he's a good man.........what....oh........ no it's nothing like that we have a professional relationship" she blusters, going pink in the cheeks, Martha looks at her and smiles

"If you say so honey, now how about some tea and you can tell me about these feelings of yours" Monica smiles back at her, glad that Martha is willing to listen to her even if she doesn't necessarily believe her

Out in Martha's front garden Doggett is finishing his coversation

"Ok Lieutenant Rabb thanks for your help I'll see you in a couple of days then, yes I'll look forward to it, goodbye" he notices the people staring at him, suspicion in the eyes of the black people, hate in the eyes of the white people, he shivers, disturbed he goes back into Martha's house

"That was Lieutenant Harmon Rabb, the investigating JAG officer, he'll meet with us in a couple of days, let us know what he knows" he tells Reyes.

Samuel Kendrick's Home, Memphis, Tennesee, 3.30pm 18th Febuary 2003

Doggett and Reyes are listening to Samuel Kendrick's account of the death of his son, it is very different to their visit to Martha Jackson

"Ah'm telling you it was them damn negro's who killed ma boy, they should never have let that Jackson boy into Able Company, they shouldn't have let any of them negro's into the Marines, ma Great Great Grandaddy fought and died in the Civil War to preserve the southern way of life and now look, them damn negro's are everywhere, the Senate, Congress, why even the Secretary of State it's not right, in my day the Marines were for white boys, there was no negro's in ma company, there was none of them in the Marines and that's the way it should stay" they let Samuel rant on, Doggett is beginning to feel slightly sick at the old man's hatred

"Mr. Kendrick" begins Reyes "we've checked the autopsy report on your son, the results were inconclusive, asphixiation or he choked they're not sure, how come you are so certain that he was murdered by Lieutenant Commander Jackson's family"

"It has to be them, revenge, they wanted revenge because the Courts Martial cleared ma boy of being involved in his death, they can't accept that he commited suicide they want it to be murder" Samuel retorts

"But Mr. Kendrick the police report showed no sign of forced entry and the autopsy showed no signs of strangulation, no finger marks, no bruises, the police think it was natural causes" says Doggett

"They put a curse on him, Voodoo they're good at that" he replies, Doggett has had enough of this man he get's up to leave

"Ok Mr. Kendrick, we'll be in touch later" he says, Reyes gets up to follow him

"By the way Agent Doggett, what's a southern boy like you doing taking their side" asks Samuel, Doggett is disgusted at this

"I suppose I've been living in the north too long and I don't take anyone's side" he leaves before he says something he shouldn't, Reyes runs to catch up with him

"John wait" she calls, he stops and waits for her to catch up with him

"What the hell's going on Monica, is it like this all over the South now, all this hatred being stirred up again, I felt it back at Martha's place, I lived through it once back in the Sixties I don't want to have to go through it again" he says

"It's been building up for a while, the Klan's numbers have been increasing, lynchings have been taking place, not just blacks but Jews, Hispanics and Asians too, it's like someone is playing on old fears and prejudices and it's working, the whole of the South is going to explode just like it did in the Sixties" Reyes replies, Doggett shakes his head

"Is this the devils work? or have I been away from my home for too long, my dad's been saying it's like we've gone back in time" he says, Monica sighs

"I'd have to say the devil's behind it, playing on old fears and prejustice's and he's picked the right place to do it, the previous generation lived through the civil rights movment and ours have lived with the results, there's a lot of bad feeling out there" she replies, Doggett gets in the car

"Come on, the sooner we solve this case the sooner we can go home" he says

Marriott Motel, Selma, Alabama, 22.00pm

Agent Reyes is dozing, a knock at her door brings her out of it

"Monica, Monica are you awake, open up we've got trouble", it's Agent Doggett, she opens the door, he's got a worried look on his face

"What's up John, what's the problem" she asks

"The Klan have planted a burning cross on Martha Jackson's front lawn" he replies

Martha Jackson's house 22.30pm

Police, the Fire Department and neigbours are gathered on Martha's front lawn, Doggett and Reyes show their badges to the police officer and make their way to Martha's front door, Martha is being comforted by one of her neigbours

"Are you alright Martha" asks Reyes

"Oh yes I'm fine" she replies "it's not the first time this has happened and I'm sure it won't be the last, they won't get rid of me this way"

"I'm so sorry if we caused this, you know your talking to us" says Doggett, Martha sighs

"It's like living in the past, it's like we've come full circle, the cross burnings and the lynchings, I never thought it would happen again" she replies

"I know what you mean, I've been living in New York and Washington for so long I had no idea things had got so bad down here, you're right it's like we're going backwards" he get's up to talk to Reyes "I want you to stay with Martha, it's no good trying to get her to leave she won't" Reyes agrees with him

"I'll tell Martha that I'm staying" she goes to tell her the plans, a police officer comes over to talk to Doggett

"Agent Doggett it seems that we've got the perpetrators, a couple of rednecks bragging in a local bar, do you want to interveiw them now" Doggett shakes his head

"No, let them sober up we'll do it in the morning"

Selma Police Department 19th Febuary 2003 09.30am

Agent Reyes walks up to admin desk

"I'd like to talk to the two men you brought in last night for the cross burning at Martha Jackson's home" she asks the young officer on the desk

"Sorry ma'am but the MP's came for them last night" he replies

"MP's you mean they were Military personel" she states

"Yes ma'am, Lieutenant's David Smillie and Ralph Bannister they were removed on the orders of Colonel Tony O' Kill" he notices the look of disbelief on her face "is that a problem"

"It probably will be" she sighs, resigned to the fact she's going to have to break the news to Doggett

Fort Belvedere 10.00am

Doggett reaches the main gates and hands the necessay paperwork over to the guards, as he waits for them his phone rings

"John Doggett" he says

"Hi it's me" says Reyes "you're not going to believe this but the two men the police picked up for the cross burning last night are Military men and they've been removed from the station on the orders of a Colonel O' Kill......."

"What!!, how the hell did this happen" shouts Doggett "Well there's nothing I can do at the moment but I'll see if anyone here can shed light on these jokers, how's Martha"

"She's ok, her neighbours are taking it in turns to keep an eye on her" Reyes replies "I'm going to ask her about her Great Granny and the vengence spirits, for reserch purposes if she asks" Doggett smiles

"I'd forgotten how sneaky you could be"

"Thanks I think" she replies, laughing, the guard returns to Doggett's car

"I'll call you later when I've seen Lieutenant Rabb" he says and hangs up

"Ok these are all in order" says the guard "you need to go down here as far as the chapel and then turn right, the JAG office is in the third building on the left" says the guard

"Thanks" he replies

Lieutenant Harmon Rabb's office

Lieutenant Rabb is sitting in his office surrounded by papers, he can't decide whether he is pleased or annoyed that the FBI are interested in this case, pleased because he was never happy about the way the case turned out, too many strings were being pulled outside the Judge Advocates office for his liking, annoyed because it had now been taken up by civilians, there's a knock on his door he checks his watch, he's punctual unusual for a civvy,

"Come in" he says

The door opens and Agent Doggett comes in

"Lieutenant Rabb I'm Special Agent John Doggett I called you the other day about the case of Lieutenant Joshua Kendrick" Doggett replies

"Sure come on in and sit down, I'm just waiting for my partner to bring the rest of the files so what actually brings you here" asks Rabb, Doggett sighs

"Well you must know that Joshua Kendrick was found dead a few days ago" Rabb nods "I understand he was tried at a Courts Martial for having something to do with the death of Martin Jackson" Rabb nods again "Well Samual Kendrick claims that Jacksons family put a Voodoo curse on his son, thats where I come in, the department I work in investigates the unexplainable, plus my boss is a friend of Martha Jackson he asked me to investigate this as a favour and I keep hitting dead ends no one wants the truth of this case to get out" he finishes, Rabb sighs

"Join the club Agent, when we took this case on I thought it would be a breeze, rednecked bigots murdering a black man for being promoted over them, I thought we'd get a conviction in double quick time but no we hit red tape, silence, codes of honor and down right terror someone high up wanted a lid kept on this and they succeeded how else could the Courts Martial return a verdict of suicide on an obvious murder case" they are interupted by the door opening and a female Naval officer entering the room,

"Hey Mac did you find them" she nods "by the way this is Special Agent Doggett from the FBI, Agent Doggett this is my partner Lieutenant Commander Sarah MacKenzie" he says

"So what gives Agent Doggett, why are the FBI interested in this case" she asks, Doggett explains to them about Kersh's request, Martha's warning at the funeral and the removal of the suspects of the cross burning at Martha's house, Rabb starts to serch through his files

"Smillie and Bannister were tried with Kendrick" says MacKenzie

"Why am I not surprised" remarks Doggett "and don't tell me that Colonel Tony O'Kill was involved in the original case" MacKenzie smiles

"Ok I won't" she replies, Doggett starts muttering under his breath

"Sorry I didn't quite catch that" says Rabb, Doggett smiles

"It was an apology to my partner Agent Mulder, he was a great believer in conspiricy theories, I always used to laugh at him now he's probably laughing at me........wherever he is" he smiles sadly, Rabb and MacKenzie look at each other and shrug, the guy's a little weird they decide "so why don't we start at the beginning, what did the autopsy report say on Martin Jackson"

"The official report" says Rabb candidly, Doggett groans

"Ok the official report for now"

"The offical autopsy said he slashed his wrists and bled to death, verdict suicide" says Rabb

"But..." prompts Doggett, Rabb and Mackenzie look at each other, wondering if they should confide in the FBI man "come on I want to get to the bottom of this too"

"Ok" replies Rabb "Jackson comes to us about.....what......3 months ago" MacKenzie nods "he says he's been receiving racist propaganda in the mail, hangman's nooses left in his locker, racist graffiti left on his car, he knew who was doing it but he didn't want to name names"

"He also said he wasn't the only one who was a victim of these racists others had been targeted but were to frightened to come forward, non coms mostly, I think Jackson was the only officer involved" remarks MacKenzie

"Well about a month after he came to us he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and that's when it turned nasty, became more.....violent" continues Rabb

"Beatings?" asks Doggett, the officers nod "didn't anyone notice the cuts and bruises"

"If they did they never said anything, you know how the Marine code of conduct works, well maybe you don't" says Rabb

"Oh I know alright only to well" the others stare at him "I was a sergent in Bravo Company, part of the peacekeeping force in the Lebenon, I've seen it all before but nothing like this" Doggett confessess, Rabb looks him up and down

"Ah it all fits into place now, punctual for the meeting, asking exactly the right questions, not being confused by the military language" Rabb nods his approval and relaxes

"So now that we're NOT talking offically, what do you think's going on" Doggett asks

"Well it seems so......well organized, they know exactly who to target, who's likely to crack and leave and it's coming from high up judging by the rapid response to any allegations that come up" MacKenzie replies

"Colonel O'Kill" asks Doggett, Rabb sucks in a deep breath

"You said it not me and don't say it too loudly either O'Kill has friends in very high places and he's a well respected war hero, Desert Storm you know, but....off the record he's up to his neck in it" Rabb runs his hands through his hair

"I know this is a stupid question, but if you know or suspect he's behind this why haven't you interrogated him" asks Doggett, MacKenzie sighs

"I interveiwed him over the Jackson case and I guess I asked the wrong questions because I got a visit from some scary men in black who told me to ask the right questions or else" she replies, Rabb gets up from his seat and crosses over to her

"Mac you never said anything to me about this" says Rabb

"There was nothing you could have done Harm they basically said if I told anyone I could kiss my career goodbye" she replies

"Do you know who they were CIA, NSA, Department of Justice, Defence?" asks Doggett, MacKenzie shakes her head

"Could be any of those guys, could be none of them I have no idea" she replies, Doggett shakes his head

"This is completely off the record but how long has this been going on, is racisim rife in every Marine base or just here in the South" Doggett asks, Rabb looks up sharply

"So you've noticed it too" he says "it's like this all over the bases in the South, in fact it's like this in the South in general it's like being back in the Civil Rights era of the Sixties" Rabb replies, Doggett lets out a deep breath he'd been expecting that reply

"You know you're the second person who's said it's like being back in the Sixties to me, I was born in Georgia but I've been living in the North for years, I noticed the change as soon as I got here and it's creeping me out, I suppose if you live here you don't notice it so much but.............I don't know it's like someone wants the hatred and violence to break out again set us all at each others throats" Doggett looks at his watch and gets up to leave "Thanks for your time I'll see if I can find some loophole that will let us bring in the racists and then you can have your shot too, we're good at finding loopholes left by bureaucrats" he jokes "by the way can I have a copy of the autopsy report, I'd like my partner to take a look at it, it's her thing" he adds as an after thought, MacKenzie hands him a file

"Sure thing" she says "and thanks for your imput into this case, you will let us know how you get on won't you"

"No problem as soon as I have any hard evidence I'll let you know" he replies, the three of them shake hands and Doggett leaves the office, he contemplates paying a visit to Colonel O'Kill but the way gossip flies around a base he probably knows that the FBI were hanging around, get back and see what Monica has discovered he decides.

Martha Jackson's House, 10.30 am

Reyes is in Martha's kitchen watching her work

"Martha" she says apologetically "I need to ask you about what you said at Marty's funeral, about the murderer getting what's coming to him, what did you mean exactly" Martha sighs and sits down

"My ancestors came from Africa and all the women were Priestess's right up to my Great Granny my mother refused to be a part of the Voodoo practises but as a child I witnessed many rites and ceremonies I knew what went on and I'd seen this happen many times, a spirit who'd kill in the name of revenge but you know and I know Marty wouldn't do that" Martha replies

"You also said something about his concence killing him" says Reyes "what's that all about"

"I don't know maybe the spirits in him were warring, you must have felt the evil in the air, the devil's minions are at work in the world now" Reyes nods in agreement "so you see if the evil spirit was at work trying to corrupt Kendrick his soul may have decided death was the only way out or maybe Marty's ghost just scared him to death" Martha shrugs "maybe we shouldn't ask", Reyes nods and picks up her coffee cup and heads into Martha's front room, she sits in the chair and closes her eyes trying to make sense of it all, all of a sudden she feels something in the room with her she opens her eyes and sees a young black man looking at her and smiling,

"Are you Marty" she asks the man nods "why are you here"

"I need your help, my mother thinks I was murdered and she's right I was but it was covered up, I watched it all the autopsy, the inquest, the Courts Martial and my funeral I want the truth to be told so I can go to heaven, I don't want to spend eternity here I want to take my place in heaven and be with the Lord" he pleads, Reyes smiles he's his mothers son, she decides

"But why me" she asks, he smiles at her

"Well you are with the FBI aren't you, you're also a link between the two worlds too, like a medium, when I first came here this kid showed me around, showed me how to communicate, how to do all kinds of things, I think the poor little guy's been here for years stuck here because he can't find peace, he hangs around you a lot, says you were close to finding who killed him and the other kids he's with, he says you're close to his dad too" Monica gasps

"Oh my God is his name Luke" she says, Marty nods

"Yeah I think so" her eyes fill with tears

"I found his body, I know his dad came close to catching his killer too" she says "what can I do to help, both of you"

"Prove I was murdered" he says

"How" replies Reyes

"Dig my body up, the doctors were in the pay of those who killed me so they falsified the autopsy, there must be someone you can trust who can prove I was murdered" he says, Reyes thinks about this

"There might be someone, someone my partner trusts anyway" Reyes looks him in the eye "What we all want to know is how did Joshua Kendrick die did you have anything to do with it" Marty shakes his head

"No it wasn't me, it might have been one of the others" he replies, Reyes looks shocked

"There were others" she gasps, Marty nods

"Oh I wasn't the first and I doubt I'll be the last either, maybe their spirits took matters into their own hands I know one of the other guys came from Hati originally and I know his folks weren't happy with the Marine's version of what happened, I don't need to say anymore do I?" he says sadly, Reyes stands up

"You will be the last if I have anything to do with it, you and the others will rest in peace" she declares, Marty grins

"Look forward to it Ma'am" he says and then he's gone

Martha's Kitchen

Reyes comes running into Martha's kitchen,

"Martha I think I know a way we can prove Marty was murdered but......." she hesitates, Martha looks at her

"Go on Agent Reyes" she says kindly

"Well.....ah......it means exhuming Marty's body and having one of our ME's looking at him, if the Marines covered it up hopefully we'll be able to clear it up for you" Martha looks a little concerned

"Please don't thin k I'm being paranoid but what if your ME is under the influence of someone else, from what you've said their power stretches a long way" she says, Reyes is prepared for this

"Agent Doggett's partner is a qualified MD and he trusts her completely but...........she's out on compassionate leave at the moment, still I'm sure he can persuade her to help", they hear Doggett's car pull up and Monica decides now is as good a time as any to put forward her suggestions.

As Doggett comes through the door he has the feeling he's interrupted something

"Everything ok" he asks, Reyes nods

"How'd it go at the base" she remarks, he recounts his conversation with JAG officers

"........so they believe it was murder too but they are being leaned on by someone high up" finishes Doggett, he notices eye contact between Martha and Monica "whats going on" Reyes takes a deep breath

"Would Agent Scully be willing to do another autopsy on Marty" she asks, this catches Doggett a little by surprise

"I have no idea I haven't spoken to her for a while but I don't see why she couldn't, why?" he replies

"Well if the autopsy results were falsified could she find out if Marty really was murdered and how, Martha's agreed to the exhumation" Martha nods "and the Marines can't say no because it's Martha's request" she states, he looks at both of them and decides that something has been left unsaid,

"Ok, I'll see if Scully will do it for us" he reaches into his pocket for his phone and starts to dial.

Washington Memorial Hospital 2.30pm

Margaret Scully is sitting in the hospital coffee shop waiting for her daughter, she's been rehersing this little speech for a couple of days now, she sighs, it has to be said but it was going to hurt, both of them, Dana Scully comes through the door and spies her mother sitting in the corner, she is looking pale and drawn all the fight seems to have gone out of her thinks Margaret, Scully sits down opposite,

"How is he" asks Margaret

"A little better" replies Scully "he's responding a little to stimuli"

"That's good" says Margaret, Scully studies her mother

"You've got something to say and I'm not going to like it" she says "you've got that same look in your eye you used to get just before you grounded me as a kid"

"Ok" says Margaret "when are you going to stop wallowing in self pity and go back to work"

"Mom" says Scully, shocked "I am not wallowing in self pity"

"Oh what would you call it then" replies Margaret

"That's not fair" says Scully

"Will Mulder think it's fair when he goes back to the Bureau to find his office door bolted because you spent all your time at his bedside feeling sorry for yourself" Margaret remarks

"But Agent Dogget's there, he'll keep an eye on things" Scully retorts, but Margaret carries on

"Oh yes Agent Doggett, do you think your selfish actions have been fair on him, sure he's tried to carry on but he's in over his head, you've told me your self that the Deputy Director's just waiting for the oppotunity to close you down and you are handing it to him on a plate, all he's waiting for is Agent Doggett to make a mistake, which he will do because he doesn't have your knowledge and that's it doors closed, the X Files are no more and he's won" she finally stops, hardly able to look at her daughter, Scully is looking at her mother knowing deep down she's right, she has been self absorbed, guiltily she thinks of Doggett and all the pleas for help she's ignored, a tear starts to fall

"Have I really been that bad" she asks hesitantly, Margaret nods

"I'm afraid so, I know you've been grieving but you really need to start living your life again it's what he'd want, I also know you thought you were doing the right thing by staying here with him, but the best thing you can do is make sure he has his precious X Files to come back to" she replies gentily "I'm sorry Dana but it had to be said"

"I know and I'd rather hear it from you" Margaret smiles

"So now what" she asks

"Call Agent Doggett and see what's what I guess" Scully replies

"That's my girl" she says as she kisses Scully on the cheek.

Outside Scully switches her phone back on and sees she has four messeges from Agent Doggett, she dials his number

"Hi it's Agent Scully, you've been trying to get hold of me" she says

"Yeah where have you been" Doggett replies

"I was at the hospital, I had my phone switched off, what's up" she listens as he explains about the case he's on

"..........so I was wondering if you could do another autopsy to prove that he was murdered" Doggett asks

"Ok I'll be glad to help" she hesitates a little "and I want you to know that I'm coming back to the office, he's a little surprised

"What brought this on" he asks, Scully grimaces

"My mom's just given me the worst telling off I've had since I was twelve"

"Mother's will do that, so can you make the necessary arrangements for the exhumation" he reples, Scully agrees "ok we'll be back tomorrow at some point"

"We" she enquires

"Agent Monica Reyes, she was in town and I asked her to help me, she's an old friend" Scully can't help but feel a little put out at this news

"Oh.....ok, I'll see you tomorrow then" she says

"See you then........and Dana.........it'll be good to have you back".

The White House, 22nd Febuary 2003, 10.00am

Colonel Tony O'Kill is standing in an office waiting to speak to the superior officer who's order's he's been carrying out, the door opens and General O'Halloran (O'Bannion, Nick DeAbalo(the Devil)'s right hand man, in case you've forgotten) come's in, O'Kill salutes,

"You wanted to see me Sir" he says, O'Bannion indicates for him to sit down

"I understand the FBI have been poking around Fort Belvedere" he remarks "investigating the murder of a black Marine" O'Kill nods "would you mind telling me how this came about" he passes O'Kill a letter telling him of the exhumation request, O'Kill goes pale

"I couldn't deny the request, it came from Jackson's mother, she bypassed me and went to higher authorities, anyway we have all the local ME's in our pay" he blusters

"It's not that simple, she's requested that an FBI Agent do the re-examination, an Agent Dana Scully, now her partner wants my head on a plate and I don't want to give him the satisfaction, now get out there and sort this mess out and make sure you don't leave a trail because if it leads to me and they find out who I really am my collegues will hunt you down and you will rot in hell I promise you" O'Bannion says menecingly, O'Kill swallows nervously, stands and salutes

"You can count on me Sir"

"I hope so, for your sake" O'Bannion replies

Quantico Autopsy Bay, 22nd Febuary 2003, 11.30am

Scully is waiting for the body to be wheeled in so she can deal with the autopsy as she's waiting she reflects on how much she's missed her work and how right her mother was, she did need to get back to it, she turns as the door opens, to her surprise a dark haired woman comes in,

"Can I help you" she asks, the woman comes towards her with her hand outstreched

"I'm Agent Monica Reyes, I've been helping Agent Dogget on this case, I'm hoping you're Agent Scully or I've just landed myself in a lot of trouble" she grins at Scully, Scully takes her hand and shakes it, giving her a once over at the same time

"Yes I'm Agent Dana Scully, pleased to meet you" she smiles back "so where's Agent Doggett"

"He's making sure the body get's here ok, we've already had one run in with the Marines, they do not want this autopsy to happen" Reyes replies, Scully raises her eyebrows at this, to break the uneasy silence she asks Reyes how she knows Doggett

"I met him in New York" she says carefully, not knowing how much Doggett has told her "I was in the field office there and he was with the NYPD, I was delivering a lecture here, I stopped off to say hi and he asked me to help out, I hope I wasn't treading on your shoes" Scully gives Reyes a genuine smile

"No of course not" she replies, both women turn as the doors open this time the body is pushed in closely followed by Doggett,

"So far so good" he says "there's also another body to be re-examined" Scully looks a little surprised "I got a call from a Mrs LaFonde, her son died at the hands of the racists and she wants justice as well" he looks apologetically at Scully, she shrugs

"No problem, not quite what I expected my first day back at work would be" she uncover's the body and picks up her scalpel "You want to be here for this", Dogget and Reyes nod "Ok here goes................"


2 hours later

Scully put's the body back and turns to Doggett and a slightly green Reyes

"Well my offical opinion is he drowned, the water in the lungs, water-logged tissue on the face, the cuts on the wrists were definatly inflicted after death, the marks on the scalp and shoulders are due to being held down, thank God for lead lined coffins" says Scully

"So you're saying he was definatly murdered" replies Doggett, Scully nods

"As soon as my reports are written up you can hand it over to the Judge Advocate General's office" she says

"I can't wait" retorts Doggett "this case is making me sick", suddenly the doors burst open and Colonel O'Kill comes in accompanied by two MP's

"What the hell do you think you're doing" he bellows "you have dessicrated a military grave and disregarded military proceedure, you have no authority to reopen this case, the matter was dealt with under military law it is closed", Doggett looks the Colonel up and down, instantly disliking what he sees

"Lieutenant Commander Jackson's mother asked for this autopsy" replies Scully also taking an instant dislike to the Marine "she has every right to contact us as she believes her son was murdered......." O'Kill interrupts her

"It was suicide" he shouts, Scully raises an eyebrow at the Colonel and wonder's if Marine officers can talk quietly

"Did you authorise the autopsy of Lieutenant Commander Jackson" Scully asks, O'Kill nods "well if I were you I'd Courts Martial the medic who performed it, I haven't seen such incompedance since I gave up teaching, unless they only told you what you wanted to hear" O'Kill is going red in the face at this point, he opens his mouth to bawl at Scully but she holds up her hand for silence "I've got enough evidence to prove that Marty Jackson was murdered", O'Kill moves closer to her so his face is inches from hers, he's so close he doesn't see Doggett switch on Scully's tape recorder, he's relying on this cocky Marine being unable to resist bragging about how clever he is,

"And who's going to believe you lady you can't prove it was me that ordered him killed and no one will testify against me" he grins at Scully "and I can have you tied in red tape for years, if you live that long of course"

"So you did have him killed, Marty and the others" says Reyes "why?"

"Of course, there are many who believe as I do that the Marine's should be kept pure and being a Colonel I didn't have to get my hands dirty, I was surprised how easy it was to get volunteers" he replies, as he finishes speaking a cold wind starts to blow in the autopsy bay, the figure of a Marine appears in front of O'Kill, the figure starts to chant in a mixture of languages, O'Kill falls to his knees and start to choke, Scully, Doggett and Reyes back into a corner

"What's going on" asks Scully

"It's the Voodoo revenge ritual Martha was talking about" says Reyes

"I thought she said she didn't practise it" says Doggett

"That's not Marty" replies Reyes "I don't know who it is, but I'll hazard a guess at it being the one who killed Joshua Kendrick" a spark of recognition appeares in Doggett's eyes

"It's Jacques LaFonde, he was the second body that was going to be autopsied......."

"Originally from Hati" finishes Reyes "where voodoo was once the offical religion" Doggett nods but decides not to ask how she knows this, a second ghostly figure appears in the bay

"That's Marty" whisper's Reyes

"Don't do it Jacques" he calls, the first Marine turns to him

"Don't interrupt Christian look where worshiping your God has got you, stuck in limbo" he replies Marty steps between O'Kill and LaFonde

"And where will revenge get you, a quick feeling of satisfaction and Hell will be clogged up with another soul, let him suffer, let his crimes become public knowledge, let lifelong humiliation and eternal damnation be the price he pays" LaFonde looks at Marty

"Why would you save his soul Christian" he asks

"Revenge can be eternal, we can watch him suffer for the rest of his miserable life, if you kill him we're no better than he is, if it's revenge you want let it go on forever" says Marty, LaFonde looks at him and nods, O'Kill falls back gasping for breath, Doggett walks over to O'Kill and drags him to his feet

"You two" he says to the cowering MP's "you'll find two JAG officers in the office down the hall, get them in here now" the MP's run off, O'Kill is starting to recover, he looks Doggett in the face

"Are you going to call two ghosts to testify against me in court" he sneers "jeez you're more desperate than I thought, nice party trick how'd you do it" Doggett ignores him

"Agent Scully can you check your tape recorder I think you left it switched on" he asks

"No I definatly.........hang on........I don't believe this" Doggett winks at her "goodness me I do believe you're right Agent Doggett......tsk.....silly me I left my tape running, do you know I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on" she says with mock exasperation, she's beginning to enjoy this now "...........oh dear do you think Colonel O'Kill's confession maybe on my tape" O'Kill makes a lunge for the tape as Doggett and Reyes pull their guns on him

"Come any closer and I'll shoot you where you stand" says Doggett as the MP's come back in followed by Lieutenant Rabb and Lieutenant Commander McKenzie "he's all your's and you'll find his confession on the tape Agent Scully has", Rabb signals the MP's to take O'Kill away

"Good work" he says to the Agents "this time I'll make sure he gets whats coming to him"


Arlington Cemetary, 1 week later

Martha, Doggett, Reyes and Kersh are watching Marty's coffin being lowered into the ground, as they leave Reyes walks with Martha, Kersh speeds up to catch Doggett

"Good work John" he says

"Thank you Sir" Doggett replies

"I understand that you've agreed to testify at O'Kill's Courts Martial, is that wise" asks Kersh

"I don't know, but I've seen too much of that kind of thing happen before, people like him can't be allowed to carry it on, if my testimony can put him away I'll do it" says Doggett

"Agent Reyes proved herself well, good call on getting her to help you, I owe you" says Kersh as he walks off to catch up with Martha.

Agent Doggett's House 2.00pm

Doggett, Scully and Reyes are in Doggett's front room studying O'Kill's testimony, something is nagging at the back of Monica's mind as she reads

"You know O'Kill must have a death wish implicating this General O'Halloran" she says to Scully

"It sounds like the last throws of a man trying to save his own skin, he's always managed to put the blame elsewhere for his crimes" replies Scully.
Doggett leaves to answer his ringing phone so Reyes decides to take a cigarette break in the garden, she is sitting on the grass with her eyes closed when she feels a familiar presence she opens her eyes and Marty is standing next to her

"I didn't think I'd see you again" she says to him

"I had to say thank you for helping me" he says "and I've got a couple of messeges for you" Monica looks a little surprised

"Messeges? for me?, it's not my Grandma is it" she asks, Marty shakes his head

"No, one of them is from my little guide, Luke, he says the same man that killed him and his pals is the same man who's behind O'Kill and his killings" he says, Monica sits up and drops her cigarette

"This General O'Halloran is O'Bannion the Devil Worshipper" she asks, Marty shrugs

"He doesn't know or he can't say but that's what he asked me to tell you, the other messege came from a guy who's not dead but his spirit is here, Mulder I think that's what he said his name was......yeah Mulder he said..........yep he said keep an eye on the X Files for me it's not the place for two sceptics.....yeah that's it" he says, Monica looks stunned

"He want's me to keep an eye on his X Files and I've got to find O'Bannion too" Marty nods

"So the little guy and his buddies can join me in Heaven" as he says this a shaft of light appears, he smiles "gotta go they're waiting for me, I wish Mom could see me"

"I'll tell her" says Reyes sadly, Marty waves as he steps into the light and vanishes.
Reyes goes running into the house as Doggett comes off the phone,

"I've got some news" she says as Doggett says "You're not going to believe this", Monica gestures for him to go first

"O'Kill was found dead in his cell this morning, hanging from the bars" he says, Scully lets out a deep breath

"Told you he had a death wish" she replies "now what"

"Nothing, but I don't think the JAG team are going to let it go so easily it's up to them now" Doggett responds "what did you want to say Monica", Reyes is even more stunned now

"I've just had some new information that tie's this case with a couple of other's including one that I worked on a few years ago, this General O'Halloran is your Monsignior O'Bannion, I was tracking him down in New York under the name of O'Mallory, wanted for the murder of several children" she says, Doggett buries his head in his hands and Scully flops back in her seat

"So the Devil is behind the racist movement in the South" Doggett state's

"Divide and conquer it's the oldest trick in the book, one of the signs of the end is war it doesn't say it has to be world war, a war between blacks and whites would serve just as well" replies Reyes

"It looks like he's winning" remarks Scully, "how are we going to win this time"


Deputy Director Kersh's Office, The Next Day, 9.30am

Agent Reyes knocks on the door hoping that the Director will at least listen to her request

"Come in" says Kersh, Reyes opens the door and smiles at the Deputy Director

"Thank you for seeing me Sir" she says as she sits down

"What can I do for you" he replies, Reyes decides to just go for it

"Well sir I've had new information on a case I worked on in New York which is indirectly linked to this case and a case Agents Mulder, Scully and Doggett worked on last year"

"Go on" says Kersh

"The same man was responsible for the murders in all the cases, I believe I can find him with the help of the X Files agents" she says

"Why" he asks

"This man and the man he works for are dangerous they must be stopped and because I made a promise to help and also one of the cases involves Agent Doggett and you owe him a favour" she states, Kersh looks at her thinking, weighing up the consequences of granting and denying her request, the possibility of the X Files agents muddying the water's wins

"Ok Agent Reyes, you can head up the task force to look for this murderer, but understand this you will not hold this against me any attempt to blackmail me with this gets your ass kicked back to New Orleans, do you understand" he replies

"Perfectly, and thank you Sir you won't regret this" she says as she opens the door

"Wanna bet" he groans, as she leaves

The X Files Office

Doggett is watching Scully pack Mulder's belongings into a box, she'd waved aside his apologies for not doing it sooner, he'll be back she'd told him that's why she'd left the 'I want to believe' poster on the wall, she looks up as Reyes comes into the office,

"Hey Monica, you off home" says Doggett, Reyes takes a deep breath and shakes her head

"No I'm staying here, I've persuaded Kersh to let me head up a task force to look for O'Halloran, O'Bannion" she replies, she leaves the 'if you don't mind' hanging in the air, Doggett gets up and hugs her

"That's great news, it'll be good to have you around" he says, over his shoulder Reyes thinks she can see a reflection in the glass of the door, was that a dark haired man and a blonde haired boy looking at her, she looks again but sees nothing, just her imagination she thinks. Scully is certain that she can see something, that little spark of attraction, the one that was there when Mulder hugged her, she smiles to herself, the players may change but the game doesn't.

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