X Files:- Allies

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Written by Coral Bale
Opening scene

Richmond, Surrey, England 15th Febuary 2002 9.30 pm

A woman opens her living room door, she carries
a box file under one arm and a glass of wine in
other hand, she puts the glass on the table and
speaks to herself

Woman - "Well Nana lets see if you've left any clues to the identity
of your wartime lover"

She breaks the seal on the file and takes the papers out she spreads them out on the table, she spots a photograph and picks it up to look at it, it is of a man and woman in forties style clothes, the woman is identical to her, the man is Agent John Doggett


Three months later Washington DC 7.30pm

John Doggett is sitting in front of the TV he has a beer bottle in his hand, he is watching a rerun of the Indy 500

FX phone rings

Doggett- "Hello"

Woman's voice (English)- "May I speak to John Doggett please"

D- "Speaking"

W- "Erm you don't know me, my name is Catherine McGuire"

D- "Whatever it is you're selling I'm not interested"

C - "No I'm not selling anything...erm...do you have a reletive called Miles

D- "Yes he's my grandfather, what's this all about"

C- "I found his name in some papers my grandmother left me in her will
...erm...she asked me to make sure these papers get to your familiy
in fact she was quite insistant and I can't wait to get rid of them"

D- "What's in these papers that's so important"

C- "Erm...I can't really tell you over the phone, is it possible to meet,
you really need to see these papers for yourself"

D- "Ok come over here its 212 Collins Drive"

C- "Thank you, I'll be there in about an hour"

212 Collins Drive 8.30 pm

FX Knock on Door

Doggett opens door to a red haired woman aged between
30-35, carrying a box file

D- "Ms McGuire ?"

C- "Catherine please, erm...John Doggett"

he nods

D- "Come in Catherine, coffee"

C- "Thank you and thank you for seeing me you must think I'm a little
strange calling you out of the blue like that"

D- "I'm intregued, I do remember my grandfather telling us about an English
woman he'd met during the war Rose I think he said her name was"

C-"Yes that's her"

Doggett hands her a coffee mug and indicates for her to sit down,
she opens the file, takes out the papers and photographs and spreads them on the table, he rummages through the papers and picks up the same photograph he looks at the picture and then at
Catherine, the resemblance is remarkable

D- "My God this could be me and you"

C- "Yes it is a little spooky isn't it"

D- "So why are you here, what is this all about"

C- "Well I suppose I'd better start at the begining"

she smiles

"Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin"

he looks bemused

"sorry it's an English thing, it's what I say to my nieces when I tell them a story, ( flustered ) sorry back to the subject, Nana was sent to America in 1940 to stay with her Aunt"

D-"To get away from the War"

C- "No her father was a member of the Fascist party, do you know much
about British wartime politics"

he shakes his head

"well my great-grandfather Sir Richard Mallory-Price was an equerry to the Prince of Wales he became Edward the eighth the Duke of Windsor you must have
heard of him"

D- "Yeah he gave up the throne for an American woman"

C-"Well he was also a supposed Nazi sympethiser, Sir Richard was a card carrying member of the Fascist party, Oswald Mosley's right hand man, Nana was sent here for her own safety, Sir Richard had recived death threats and he was about to be placed under house arrest, anyway she found a job in the
British embassy as a typist, they were listening to Russian radio signals, the American's weren't interested in Russia as they were allies but the British were
suspicious, it was Nana's job to type up the translation's"

she picks up some paper's and hands them to him

"well she obviously thought what ever the codes were about warrented the
FBI's involvement, she flouted every rule to get this information to your grandfather"

Catherine sits next to Doggett and points to various passages on the papers

The scene dissolves, replaced in black and white by Doggett dressed in a forties style suit, the accompanying music is ' American Patrol ' by Glenn Miller, he is standing on the steps of the FBI headquaters, a
newspaper boy is calling the latest news

FBI Headquarters Washington DC 15th May 1943

Boy "Read all about it!!! British bombers blow up German dams"

A zippo lighter flares Doggett lights a cigarette

Voice( off camara ) Hey Miles you going to join us for a beer or not

M "Not yet I've got to meet somebody"

V(laughs) "Hope she's worth it"

M- "So do I"

A woman walks up the steps and crosses over to him

W- "Are you Agent Doggett"

M- "Yes"

W- "I'm Rose Scott I called you earlier, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you much but
I don't know who to trust"

she looks around her

"can we go somewhere else if someone see's me with these transcripts I'll be
locked up and the key thrown away"

M- "You've been reading too many spy stories"

R- "If you're going to be like that I'll try someone else"

she turns to go, he catches her arm

M- "Look I'm sorry ok, let's go inside we can talk in my office"

The door opens Miles and Rose enter and sit either side of a desk

M- "So what's this all about"

R- "I work at the British embassy we moniter Russian radio traffic and we've been getting signals that seem to suggest that they are conspiring to build a
biological wepon at least that's what I think, a lot of the signals talk about a
vaccine against a virus the Russians have found"

M- "Found ? don't you mean developed"

R- "That's what I thought but all these transcripts talk of finding a virus in
Tunguska in Russia and trying to develope a vaccine against it, look"

She hands him the transcripts, he starts to read through them, she
still nervously looks around her

M- "Why did you come to us, why didn't you give these to your boss"

R-"I did but Mr McLean said not to worry my pretty little head about it, then
I tried his boss Mr Philby in London and got nowhere and now I think they're on to me"

She hands him another trancript

"see that bit there they talk about the Rosette, that's me,they're talking about things I did two day's ago, I mentioned to a collegue that I was arranging a date that's you, I was arranging to meet you"

M- "Who's the collegue, it sounds like you've got a serious spy problem there"

R- "I know but I don't know how far it goes, it could be Mr McLean or even Mr Philby or even my co worker Diana it could be anyone"

M- "Is this Diana the collegue you told about the date"

R- "No, his name is Alain Crowley, he works in the translation room he translates the Russian into English, he's creepy he's alway's leering at me, I know that someone is spying for the Russians but no-one want's to listen to me"

M- "Well the Russians are our allies it's not a crime to pass Information to allies
is it I mean your doing it now"

R- "That's it I'm off I knew this was a mistake I'm going to get locked in the tower for this, I knew no-one would believe me"

She gets up and heads for the door, he gets up to stop her

M- "Look will you calm down, I'm not saying I don't believe you it's just a little hard to prove"

R- "You've seen the transcripts, somebody is spying for the Russians somebody is covering it up and somebody is helping them develope a weapon that could kill millions of people maybe even here in America don't you think that's worth something"

He looks at the transcripts again and looks like he recognises something

M- "These numbers here they're co-ordinates for New Mexico, my boss had me dig them up a few days ago"

He serches through the papers

"this Transcript is dated four days ago"

Rose stands behind him looking over his shoulder

R- "Maybe I'm not the only one with spy problems, ever think about that"

Miles looks troubled, he looks at Rose then at the papers

M- "Maybe you're right, I can't believe it though everybody who works here is
checked thoroughly, Mr Hoover sees to it personally"

He leans back in his chair thinking, Rose is watching him she's looking worried and checking her watch

R- "Look I've really got to go soon my aunt will be worried

Miles looks up at her, brought back out of his thoughts

M- "Ok, from what I can see, there's a spy in the embassy and one here, it looks
like they're working together for the Russians, I'll see my boss in the morning see what he's got to say, I want you to keep an eye on your collegues, anyone suspicous, someone somewhere they shouldn't be let me know, if somethings going on I want to know, if there are traitors here I'm gonna find them and God help them when I do, ok"

Rose nods in agreement, her face still shows concern Miles notices
and puts his hand on her arm

"Hey don't worry you've done the right thing it'll be ok honest we'll get to the bottom of it, just remember trust no one and you'll be ok,"

Rose smiles

"look leave me some way to contact you and I'll let you know what I find out"

Rose reaches for a pen and writes something down

R- "This is my address and telephone number and my office number just leave a message if I'm not there"

Rose looks guiltily at Miles

"um if my aunt answers could you tell her that you're a work collegue she's
....er....a little overprotective, if she thinks strange men are calling for me the
interigation I'll get would put the Gestapo to shame"

Miles laughs

M- "Sure anything you say, I'll call you when I've got something"

R- "Ok, and thank you for believing me, I'll be able to sleep a bit better now"

The scene dissolves back to the present day John Doggett and
Catherine are still sitting together on the sofa, Doggett is running
his hands through his hair, Catherine is rummaging through the papers on the table, she finds a couple of large hard back diaries.

C- "Ah I knew I'd put them in here these are Nana's diaries, she left them with a solicitor here in Washington, I found instructions to retrieve them amongst all these papers, I suppose she thought it would be best to seperate the evidence"

Doggett gets up and paces up and down

D- "I can't believe someone was spying for the Russians at the bureau during the war, it's not possible J Edgar Hoover had a pathalogical fear of Communists in
the FBI"

C- "Well you've seen the transcripts there was definatly a spy in the FBI in 1943, the spies at the British embassy were confermed as Donald McLean and Kim Philby in the fifties, it's common knowlage now,"

Catherine picks up the first diary and starts to flick

"maybe Nana identified him in her diary, or maybe he's still alive and immune to
prosicution, it has happened before"

Doggett shoots her a filthy look, Catherine recoiles

"in England I mean, in the case of the Cambridge Spies, the fourth man, look
I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you"

Doggetts face softens and sits back down

D- "No I'm sorry, I know you're only trying to solve this but it's just a shock to find out that someone in your familiy has been sitting on a spy scandal for years, I mean he never said a word, in sixty years he never told anyone, that's some secret to carry with you"

C- "It's the same for me the shock I had when I found out Nana's boss was Donald McLean I mean it's not every day you find out your grandmother
worked for a member of Britain's best known spy ring, not even at the end when she rambled a bit did she give anything away"

D- "So how did you find out, when this little lot was left to you ? and why did she trust you, why didn't she just leave it to my grandfather"

Catherine look Doggett straight in the eye

C- "Are you interrogating me or accusing me of something"

Doggett looks sheepish

D- "No of course not, it's.....a force of habit I'm an ex cop and now an FBI Agent"

Catherine looks suprised and then understanding dawns

C- "Ah that figures, the suspicion, the questions, the relentless going over facts,
it makes sense now, well I'm a historian I suppose this kind of thing is my job, I work in the reserch department of the Imperial War Museum in London, I guess Nana thought if anyone could solve this it was me, besides I was always the inquisitive one as a child, the one who'd look for photographs, old family documents, the one who'd press Nana for stories about America during the war, that kind of thing and now she's making good her promises that she'd tell me all about it"

Doggett raises his eyebrows

D- Oh"

Catherine laughs

C- "I'd always pester Nana to tell me all about the man she'd met during the war, and she always said ' one day when the time's right ' "

Doggett smiles at her

D- "So now what"

Catherine picks up a diary and opens it

C- "In the diary I guess......yes look 16th May 1943 the day after she met your grandfather"

Doggett and Catherine lean back on the sofa and start to read the diary, tallying dates and times with the transcripts

The scene dissolves again into black and white this time it's the British embassy the next morning Rose shows her pass to the guard and walks through the door.

The British Embassy Washington DC 9.00am 16th May 1943

Rose walks down a corridor, a small red haired woman runs to catch her up, as she comes into focus we see that she is the modern day Scully

W- "Hey Rose wait up, Rose wait"

Rose stops and waits for her friend to catch up

R- "Hello Diana, how are you"

Di- "Fine, never mind me how did it go last night, what was he like, was he good looking"

Rose smiles and they carry on walking

"so come on what was he like"

R- "He was nice"

Di- "Are you going to see him again"

R- "I don't know, maybe"

Di- "So....soldier, sailor, marine or airman"


Diana looks amazed

Di- "What!!, do you mean he's not fighting in the war"

R- "No I don't mean that, I think he's ( puts finger to lips ) you know he was very cagy when I asked him"

Understanding dawns on Diana's face

Di- "Oh!! I understand, can't talk about it"

A man walks up behind them, he is the modern day Krycek

Man- "Can't talk about what? last nights date Rose was it a disaster?"

R- "Good Morning Alain, yes I can't talk about last nights date and no it wasn't a disaster"

Di- "Unlike your clothes Ratboy what did you do sleep in them?"

Alain looks uncomfortable

A- "No I was working late, and I was in early this morning and don't call me Ratboy, I've got some work for you Rose, it's fairly urgent if you don't mind getting on to it right away"

Diana rolls her eyes, smiles at Rose, Rose follows Alain, Alain closes the door and hands Rose some papers

"these need to be typed up by noon I spent last night and this morning transcribing them, I do need them as soon as possible it might mean working through lunch I hope you weren't planning to meet your new ' boyfriend ' "

R- ( sighs) "Jealousy is going to get you nowhere Alain, I turned you down because ( crosses fingers behind back).....because.....you're not my type and getting romantically involved with someone you work with can only lead to trouble"

Alain looks disbelieving, Rose looks at the transcripts

"hey these are all in Russian"

A- "I know, security reasons, they're going straight to Mr McLean, he's going to send them to Mr Philby at MI6"

Rose looks at him suspiciously

R- "I don't have a Russian language typewriter"

A- "I've got one from the translation room, so could you get on please Mr McLean want's them by noon"

R- "Do you want a copy"

A-"No not this time"

Rose is worried, she sits at her desk and slips two sheets of paper and carbon paper into her typewriter and starts to type

Commercial Break

FBI Headquarters 10.30am

Miles knocks and opens an office door

M- "You got a minute Sir"

A zippo lighter flares and a cigarette is lit, the face comes into focus it is the modern day Cigarette Smoking Man

CSM- "What can I do for you Agent Doggett"

M- "I think we've got a commie spy in the department Sir"

The CSM looks suprised

CSM- "How did you come to that conclusion"

M- "I came by some information last night that made me suspicious the British have been monitering Russian radio traffic and some of it points to the bureau"

CSM- "Well leave me your information and I'll look into it....also who is your contact"

M- "Sorry Sir I promised I wouldn't give them away, also Sir what's in Roswell New Mexico"

The CSM drags on his cigarette keeping his face expressionless

CSM- "Roswell?"

M- "The co-ordinates you had me look up the other day were for Roswell New Mexico Sir"

CSM- "Ah yes....some new equipment is being tested that's all it's no secret, I was going to send some observers that's all, is that all Agent"

Miles looks uncomfortable

"is there a problem"

M- "No Sir no problem at all and thank you"

Miles leaves the office as he does the CSM picks up the phone

CSM- "Ah Marion can you put me through to the British embassy please"

He flicks through the papers Miles has given him as he waits

"yes Alain Crowely please......Alain we have a problem it seems we have been discovered.....it's come from your end I think, someone has spoken to an Agent here.....no I don't he wouldn't say.......no I don't think he suspects me........oh you do.....well follow her.........we'll eliminate them if they get to close....you do that .....goodbye Alain"

Miles walks away from the door, he stops, turns around heads back to the office, his hand is on the door knob, he hears the words ' we'll eliminate them if they get to close' and ' goodbye Alain ', he turns
and walks quickly away, back in his own office he picks up the phone thinks better of it and puts it down

M- "Hey Miller"

The other man looks up it is the modern day Mulder

"cover for me will you, if Mr Spender wants to know where I am tell him I'm in a meeting, in the basement anything, you don't know where I am got it"

Mi- "Ok I got it, has it got anything to do with that woman you met last night?"

M- "It's got everything to do with that woman I met last night"

Miles raises his eyebrows and grins, Miller gets the wrong idea and smiles back

Mi- "Oh I get it, ok my lips are sealed"

The scene changes to Miles in a call box

M- "Yeah can you connect me to 555 1013 please"

Operater- "Connecting you now caller"

R- "Hello transcription room"

M- "Rose?"

R- "Yes, Miles is that you"

M- "Yeah, can you talk"

R- "Yes, what's the matter"

M- "We're in trouble, my boss is in on this, I'm sure of it, I heard him on the phone to some guy called Alain, didn't you have some suspicions about this guy"

R- "Yes, but...."

M- "Look you've got to get out of there"

R- "I can't, he's got me typing Russian transcripts and they've got to be done by noon"

M- "What's in the transcripts"

R- "I don't know they're in Russian, I'm trying to translate as I go but it's not easy"

M- "What do they say"

R- "So far they're talking about this vaccine and a place called Roswell at least I think so, I'm piecing this together slowly"

M- "Can you bring it with you"

R- "No but I am making a copy"

M- "You have got to get out"

R- "I can't I've got to stay here until this is done"

M- "I'll get you out, when you see me just play along, never mind the translation, just copy what you can and bring it with you I'll be with you in an hour"

R- "Ok"

M- "Remember trust no one, your life depends on it"

He hangs up and looks around him, he walks back to the bureau

The scene changes to the British embassy

Rose stares at the phone, she shivers, get's up and puts the small Russian dictionary in her pocket and carries on typing

The scene changes back to the FBI

Miles opens his office door, Miller looks up at him

Mi- "That was quick"

M- "Has anyone been looking for me"

Mi- "No, what are you up to"

Miles looks at him, a troubled look on his face, Miller sees this

"what's the problem"

M- "How long have you been here"

Mi- "About five years why"

M- "What I'm about to tell you goes no further understand"

Miller nods

"there's a commie spy in the bureau, he knows that I know who he is and he's out to get me"

Miller looks horrified

Mi- "A commie, here, who is it"

M- "I can't tell you your life would be in danger as well as mine I do need your help, I need to get my contact out of the British embassy"

Mi- "How?"

M- "We're going to arrest her"

Mi- "What for?"

M- "Spying of course, it'll throw suspicion off of her"


Miles and Miller leave the office

The scene changes back to the embassy, Rose leaves her office and goes to the Ladies where she hides the transcript in her stocking top, she leaves and goes back to her office, Alain Crowely opens his door and comes out to speak to her

A- "How's it coming on"

R- "I've nearly finished"

A- "Why don't you have lunch with me, to say thank you for doing this at such short notice"

Rose looks worried as she remembers Miles' words Trust No One

R- "Erm...thank you but I promised Diana I'd tell her about last night"

Alain looks disappointed, both turn and look at the door as Diana is heard shouting outside

Di- "Look you can't just come barging in here like this"

M- "Yes I can Lady,we're from the FBI"

The door opens Diana looks like she's been physically pushed aside in the process

Di- "Lady!! I'll give you Lady, asshole"

A- "What's going on here"

M- ( to Rose ) "You Rose Scott"

R- "Yes what is this all about"

M- "We're from the FBI we'd like to ask you a few questions"

R- "About what exactly"

M- "We'll talk about it later"

A- "If Miss Scott is being accused of something, we have a right to know"

Miles winks at Rose

M- "Ok your boss thinks that someone here is a spy we're going to speak to all of you, but for now we want to ask Miss Scott some questions"

A&Di- "A spy!!!"

Di- "Rose a spy don't be rediculas"

Miles grabs Rose's arm and starts to lead her to the door she grabs her coat on the way, Diana blocks the door

you can't arrest her she's a British subject you'll have to notify the Ambassador

M- "Well you go and do that, Miller get her out of my way"

Miller grabs her arm to move her, Diana slaps him, he grabs both arms and wrestles her out of the way

Mi- "Don't play rough with me honey you'll lose"

Di- ( angry ) "Honey!! HONEY!!! just you wait 'till I get my hands on you asshole"

Mi- "Yeah yeah you'll teach me a lesson, lucky me"

Di- "In your dreams, are you just going to stand there Ratboy, DO SOMETHING YOU IDIOT!!!!"

A- "Oh...yes of course I'll go and inform the Ambassador don't worry Rose I'll get this sorted out for you"

Diana gives an exclamation of disgust

Di- "Don't trust him Rose, don't worry they won't get away with this"

Miller lets go of Diana and brushes himself down, he grins at her

Mi- "Thanks Honey anytime you want a rematch you know where to find me"

Diana raises her hand to slap him again, he ducks and leaves, Rose maintains the pretence protesting her innocence until they reach the door

R- "Oh my God I don't believe we got away with that"

A thought strikes her

"what happens if the Ambassador starts asking questions"

M- "Don't worry about anything, first of all we've got to get back to the bureau and figure out what to do next from there"

R- "Will we be safe"

M- "Sure we'll keep up the pretence that you're being questioned about spy aligations"

R- "Is that wise? about the spy thing I mean if they know you suspect someone of spying isn't it going to be difficult to catch them now, they might be more carefull or stop alltogether"

M- "Always plant a lie inside the truth makes it easier to believe, if Alain thinks we suspect you he might become complacent, anyway arresting you has given me an excuse to serch the embassy"

Rose still looks worried

The scene changes to the FBI Headquarters, Mr Spender recieves a phone call

CSM- "......so what's the problem Alain.....did the agent give his name hmm....I think I know who he is....well if he's arrested her he doesn't suspect you.....well destroy it, are you sure she can't speak Russian....then we don't have a problem....yes we'll carry on with the project.....yes the ' volunteers ' will arrive in a few days.....just get someone else to type it are you sure she never made a copy.....ok.....I need that transcript as soon as possible......if they give us any trouble we'll have a couple more ' volunteers ' for the project........goodbye Alain"

He puts down the phone and lights a cigarette, the phone rings again, he answers and starts to reply in Russian

The scene changes to Miles, Rose and Miller hurrying down a corridor

M- "Miller get Rose to the office, don't let her out of your sight and don't let anyone in got it"

Miller nods

Mi- "What are you going to do now"

M- "I'm going to the top on this, I don't know how far this has gone apart from you there's only one person I can trust with this"

Miller points up

Mi- "You mean....."

Miles nods

"Boy you are in trouble aren't you"


Miles walks away to the stairs and walks up several flights he walks down a corridor and knocks on a door, the door says ' Director ' on it

V- "Come in"

Door opens, Miles step into room

M- "I'm sorry to disturb you Mr Hoover sir, can I have a moment of your time"

H- "Of course Agent what can I do for you"

M- "I'm investigating a case at the British embassy, it seems that someone's spying for the Russians, I need to keep my contact safe and the only way I can do that is to make sure no-one else becomes involved, I need to be the only person on this case"

H- "Why do you need my help, why don't you go to your superior"

M- "I think the commies have infiltrated the agency sir, they definatly have someone working for them in here"

Hoover is horrified, he rises from his chair

H- "Have you got definate proof of who it is"

M- "Not definate proof, I have a strong suspicion, that's why I need to be the only one on this case, I'm the only one who can unmask him"

H- "Ok, I'm putting you in sole charge of the case, do whatever you have to, to get this commie S.O.B"

M- "Yes sir, thank you sir"

Miles returns to Miller and Rose in the office

M- "Right the good news is the director has put me in sole charge of the case so the spy can't replace me with one of his own"

R- "And the bad news?"

M- "I have no idea where to go from here, did you get that transcript"

Rose nods and retreves the papers from it's hiding Place

Mi- "I like the briefcase"

R- "So far they're talking about something that's going on in New Mexico, some kind of experiment that's taking place next week, that's all I could translate but I did bring the dictonary me so I can translate the rest"

Rose produces the dictonary from her pocket

"I thought I could finish it here"

M- "Is there anymore suspicious transcripts"

R- "I don't know, I don't actually work for Alain but I do know he's been working late and been coming in early, according to Diana who's cousin is the night security guard, if you suspect him try the locked draw in his filing cabinet"

M- "Why didn't you tell me earlier about this"

R- "I didn't know you suspected Alain, anyway Diana told me about it, mind you she thinks he keeps womens underwear in it"

Rose shrugs

"Diana doesn't like him very much"

M- "Miller I want you to go to the embassy and serch Alain's office bring back any suspicious papers and the contents of his locked draw"

R- "Look out for Diana's right hook, I've seen her knock out a Marine before now"

Mi- "Sounds like my kind of woman"

Miller leaves the office, Rose picks up the transcripts and the dictonary and settles down to work, there is a knock at the door

M- "Who is it"

S- "Spender"

Miles grabs Rose and pulls her up

M- "Just a minute sir ( whispers to Rose ) under the desk"

R- ( whisper ) "what, why?"

M- "Just do it"

Rose crawls under the desk, Miles opens the door

"what can I do for you sir"

S- "You can tell me why you were at the British embassy today"

M- "Well sir I was asked to deal with a suspected case of spying"

S- "Why didn't you inform me"

M- "I was asked to keep it as low key as possible sir"

S- "I will have to inform the Director of this breach of protocal"

M- "Mr Hoover knows already, I informed him earlier and he asked me to carry on, they won't deal with anyone else"

The CSM drags on his cigarette to keep his face expressionless

S- "Good, carry on, good work Agent, good work"

The CSM opens the door and leaves, Rose crawls out from under the desk

R- "He's your spy isn't he"

Miles nods

M- "And my boss"

Rose sits down and puts her head in her hands

R- "Oh my God what have I done, I had no idea things had gone this far"

M- "If you hadn't we'd never have known we had spys in the bureau, I don't want to be rude but we need that transcript translated"

R- "Of course ( sighs ) I wish I'd never started this"

Rose opens the dictonary and starts to write on the paper.

Miller, Miles and Rose are in the office surrounded by papers, they are trying to put the events into some kind of order

M- "So this is what is happening, from what I can make out from all these transcripts, communiques and God knows what else the Russians have found or developed a virus that they are co-developing with someone here, they want to develope a vaccine against the effects of this virus, according to the latest transcrips they are bringing in ' volunteers ' by boat next week and shipping them to Roswell New Mexico, but what I don't know is why, if the Russians are building a biological wepon why develope it here, they hate capitalists and we hate commies"

R- "Maybe your boss has the missing pieces, who these volunteers are, what's in New Mexico and more importantly who's behind the virus, the Americans or the Russians"

Mi- "The only thing to do is search Spender's office ( checks watch ) he's long gone by now"

M- "Ok, Miller I want you to go home"

Miller protests

"No hear me out, if the worst comes to the worst I want you to take over, you and Diana, from what you told me this afternoon she seems to be trustworthy and she has access to the same information Rose has, she's a little hot tempered but that's not a problem is it ?"

Miller shakes his head

"good, now go if you don't see us for seven days take over with Diana as your contact"

R- "Even if she won't be your contact try and get the embassy gossip out of her, its what she loves to do, I got my information about Alain from her"

Rose shrugs

"what Diana doesn't know is not worth listening to, if that makes any sense"

M- "Right, you clear about what you got to do"

Miller nods, he and Miles shake hands

Mi- "Hey I'll see you in a couple of days"

Miller leaves

R- "Now what break into your boss's office"

M- "Why not he's long gone"

Rose sighs

R- "I can see it now ' what did you do in the war Nana ' well I uncovered a spy ring conducting experiments on people, I told the FBI only to find out the Agent I contacted's boss was one of the top brass involved so we broke into his office to steal papers that would seal the fate of the world one way or the other, this isn't real life it's a very bad spy novel"

Miles laughs and puts his hand on her shoulder

M- "I bet you'd do it again if you could"

R- "No way I'd take my chances back in England"

They leave the office and go to Spenders office they are looking through his draws and cabinets when Miles sees a figure outside the door he motions Rose to move out of sight he draws his gun and throws the door open, outside is the janitor with a mop in his hand we can see that he is the modern day Kersh

M- "What the hell are you still doing here Curtis"

C- "I's jus' doin' ma job sir Mist' Spender he want me to clean his office real carefull like, don't leave nuthin out, he say"

M- "I'm doing some work in here come back later and don't tell anyone you saw me in here do you understand me no-one not even Mr Spender"

C- "I understand Mist' Doggett sir I didn't see nuthin' "

M- "Good now leave and don't come back for at least an hour"

Curtis leaves, hurrying up the corridor

R- "Miles I think I've found them, look the ship ' Marita ' docks in New York on the 24th May from Copenhagen carrying refugees from Europe, then they are due to be spilt up in to smaller groups and moved to various places throughout the United States and Canada, one or the places they're due to go is New Mexico another is Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Montana nearly every State is taking refugees look"

Rose hands the paper to Miles

M- "This is from the State Department, the Govenment can't be involved in this surely, God how far does this conspiricy go"

R-"Hold on there are some more in here, these are hand written"

Miles looks at them

M- "That's Spenders handwriting alright a list of who's going where Roswell, Bellefleur, Skyland Mountain, what else is in there"

R- "More transcripts, some in Russian, some in code well I assume it's code it's no language or code I recognise, test results, medical records, names, addresses, my God I think this is it I think we've got the final pieces"

The scene changes back to the present day Doggett and Catherine are staring in shock at the papers on the table

C- "What the hell does all this mean, that the Russians and the Americans were experimenting on Jewish and Russian refugees in some attempt to hold the world to ransom with the first biological terrorist threat, or did Nana write the first Bond plot because this is just what it sounds like a bad Bond film"

D- "Maybe the Govenments weren't involved directly in this I mean there are ' Black Projects ' going on that even the President doesn't even know about, this could have been one of them"

Doggett and Catherine look at each other, both are thinking the same thought

"You thinking what I'm thinking"

Catherine runs her hand across her face

C- "I wish I wasn't, what was the result of these experiments and more to the point are they still going on, I have to admit I wish Nana had never left me this file"

Catherine checks her watch

"good God it's 2 o'clock I'm so sorry I never meant to stay here all night"

Catherine starts to pack the papers away, Doggett is still sitting down thinking

D- "I've got an idea"

Catherine looks up

"there's this guy at the bureau, Mulder he might be able to help us find out what happened, he's got a reputation for uncovering conspiricys, I'll see him tomorrow"

Catherine prepares to leave

C- "Thank you for seeing me tonight, I'm sorry for throwing your life into complete chaos but......

She shrugs

"...that's Nana for you"

D- "Hey no problem, I'm glad you gave this to me, it's thrown some light on my grandfathers life and answered a few questions too, look leave me your number and I'll call you when I've seen Mulder tomorrow"

Catherine grabs a pen and writes her number down

C- "Ok, I'm going to the Public Records Office tomorrow ( smiles ) I want to find out what happened to the others in this story Diana, Spender, Miller, Alain Crowely, see if anyone's still alive"

Doggett opens the door

"thank you again for putting up with all of this, I'll see you tomorrow"

Doggett nods and watches her walk down the road


The scene changes to the basement of the Hoover Building, the lift doors open and Doggett walks out towards Mulder and Scully's office.

FBI Headquarters !6th May 2002 09.30 am

Doggett knocks on office door frame Scully looks up

Sc- "Can I help you?"

D- "Yeah I'm looking for Agent Mulder"

Sc- "He's gone for coffee can I help you Agent.....?"

D- "John Doggett"

Sc- "I'm Agent Scully, Mulder's partner, what can I do for you"

D- "I don't know if you can help me, this is a shot in the dark coming to you but these files came into my possesion last night and we spent last night going through them and I don't know what to make of them, well I heard that this is Mulder's kind of thing, so I'm wondering if you can tell me anything"

Mulder appears at the door

Mu- "What's my kind of thing"

Sc- "Agent Doggett has something that might interest you"

Mu- "So what gives Agent Doggett"

D- "These"

Doggett hands over the papers

"an English woman gave these to me last night, it seems her grandmother and my grandfather uncovered some kind of colaboration between the Russian government and us during the war, they thought that it was a biological wepon but the further they went into it, the more they found that whoever was developing the virus was using European refugees as guinea pigs in experiments to develop an antidote to whatever it was they had created, it sounds stupid I know but.....I don't know what to think"

Mu- "Don't worry we don't know what to think half the time"

Sc- "Mulder these files are begining to sound familier....yes...oh my God it's the Black Oil, this turns everything we've discovered so far on it's head, according to these it was being developed long before Roswell and before the Syndicate got hold of it"

Mu- "What! let me see those"

Scully hands the files over

D- "You know about this stuff!! what's going on"

Mu- "Do you know how far your grandfather got with investigating this, what conclusions did he come to"

D- "I had no idea about any of this stuff untill last night when this woman turned up on my doorstep telling me that her grandmother had left all this stuff to her and asked her to pass it on to my family, from what I can gather they thought
it was going to be used as a biological wepon during the cold war as conspiricy theories and strange goings on are your thing I thought you might of heard something about it that's all"

Mu- "It's more than a theory it's a fact, they've been on the planet longer than we suspected, longer than Roswell"

D- "Who's been on the planet, what are you talking about"

Mu- "Them, the colonists, the aliens"

D- "Aliens!! you are nuts Mulder,"

Sc-"It's all here Mulder, the refugees that were sent here from Europe were spilt up and sent to places we know abductions have taken place Arizona, Bellefleur, Skyland Mountain it fits it seems that they knew just where to find their victims, it's like they we're bred to be alien lab rats"

D- "Let me get this straight my grandfather accidently stumbled on alien invasion plans"

Mu- "That's right only it's been going on longer than we'd originally thought, we knew the Black Oil had something to do with the comet in Russia, you,ve heard that bit right"

D- "I'm not the historian in the family Catherine is"

Sc- "Who's Catherine? the woman that gave you these"

Doggett nods

D- "It seems her grandmother thought that there were spies at the British embassy during the war, she contacted my grandfather here at the bureau the further they dug the more they suspected a collusion between the Russian and US in biological warfare, aliens didn't figure in the plans"

Mu- "That was just a cover the aliens have agents in every country now and then probably, it was more likely the start of the syndicate"

D- "Syndicate what syndicate"

Mu- "The alien's contacts here on Earth they sold their souls for piece of the action in the new order, they double crossed the aliens by working to develop a vaccine against, the virus, the Black Oil and the aliens got their revenge by wipeing them out, now they know we know they're here they're also trying to
wipe out all knowlege of their existance"

D- "So what your saying is that some alien virus came to Earth on some comet closely followed by the aliens themselves who struck a deal with various governments and agencies who let them start experimenting on humans for what purpose I don't know and I don't want to, for what so they can conquer the planet and set up home, I don't buy that Agent Mulder, it's too far fetched even for you"

Mu- "If you wanted logical answers Agent Doggett you wouldn't have come to me, would you"

D- "True, it had a ' Black Project ' ring to it but nothing like this I still can't believe it aliens it's not possible next thing you'll be telling me is that Elvis is involved"

Mu- "Did you see him leave the building"

Sc- "I know this is hard to believe Agent Doggett but it's true this X File has cost us both so much in the past, it's not something we take lightly, all we ask of you is to keep an open mind about what we've said even if you can't believe us, the information you have here is valuable to us it may help us to fight back, if this information has been kept secret for sixty years the conspiritors may not know of it's exsistance"

D- "All I want to know is, is it over or will it come back to haunt me"

Mu- "It will never be over Agent Doggett and it will haunt your every waking moment"

FX Doggett's Mobile Rings

D- "John Doggett"

C- "John it's Catherine"

D- "What's the problem"

C- "Your grandfather's boss Spender was the first of three generations of that family to work for the FBI"

D- "So"

C- "It seems that they had clouds over their heads when they left or died, how's your search going"

D- "You really don't want to know, so what happened to the Spender family...."

Mulder and Scully look up at Doggett at the mention of Spender's name, Mulder gestures at Doggett that he wants to speak

".....hold on a minute...( to Mulder ) what"

Mu- "Is that her"

Doggett nods

"what does she know about the Spenders, Cassandra Spender was experimented on by the Syndicate, we need to talk to her as soon as possible"

D- "Catherine you still there"

C- "Yes what's up"

D- "Agent Mulder wants to speak to you, can you come here to the Bureau and bring everything you can about the Spender family"

C- "Ok give me half an hour, where shall I meet you"

D- "Main entrance, I'll get you into the building no sweat"

C- "Ok bye"

D- "She'll be here in half an hour"

The scene changes Doggett is pacing up and down the main entrance to the Hoover building, Catherine runs up the steps and through the door Doggett spots her and moves forward to speak to the security guard

D- "Ok let her through she's with me"

The guard nods

C- "What the hell's going on John what's with the cloak and dagger stuff, what did you find out"

D- "I'll let Agent Mulder explain it to you, I don't quite believe it myself, what else did you find out"

C- "Well it seems Diana put her gossiping talents to good use she became a gossip columnist for one of the socitey magazines Harpers and Queen or something like that, anyway because of her magazine connections she got an invite to the best parties heard the best gossip which she passed on on the FBI"

D- "So she did become Miller's contact then"

C- "And not just his contact, it seems they were lovers too for a very long time, they got married in 1965 when their youngest child graduated from school, it was a family joke that they would only get married when the kids left school so they did, it caused quite a scandal"

D- "After what I read last night I can believe it, what about the others"

C- "Well Miller went on uncover several major spy rings, with Diana's help he was the spycatcher general kind of thing Alain Crowley was reassigned to the embassy in Russia and died of unknown causes in 1962, he had his left arm
amputated after an accident near Tunguska and the Spenders well what a crazy mixed up family they were"

D- "Tell me when you meet Mulder and Scully"

C- "Do they really know what's going on"

D- "I really don't know Mulder's come up with some whacked out theory about aliens taking over the world, but I'll let you decide"

They arrive at Mulder and Scully's office

D- "This is Catherine McGuire, Catherine this is Agent Mulder and Agent Scully"

C- ( suprised ) "wow...Agent Scully.....wow....erm......God this is spooky......it's like looking at a ghost,....erm do you have a reletive called Diana Scouler"

Sc- "No I don't think so why"

Catherine hands over Diana's picture

C- "You could be twins"

Sc- "Wow you're not kidding, this is spooky"

Mulder looks at the picture

Mu-"Maybe there was a mix up at the hospital and this is your real mother"

Scully gives Mulder a withering look

"so what gives about the Spender family, we know of one of them Jeffery Spender was killed in an explosion here in this office about three years ago, his mother Cassandra was used in experiments to make a human-alien hybred"

C- "Well the Spender in this story left the Bureau under a cloud in 1963 misuse of power and resorces, manipulating agents in his department for his own plans including his own illegitimate son your Jeffery Spenders father, whispers were that he was involved in JFKs assasination"

D- "How did you get all this information, you couldn't have got all this from Public Records"

C- "Don't forget I'm a historian I've got contacts all over the world, I called in a few favours ( pulls face ) and made a few promises I've no intention of keeping to get this information, It seems also that the son had a bit of a cloud over his head too he was moved to ' Special Duties ' by the government at his fathers insistance then his involvement gets a bit vague"

Mu- "We can take it from there the Syndicate was formed to help the alien colonists create an alien human hybred slave race, they used their own families as lab rats, his wife, my sister, women and children to save his own ass we busted him a few years ago but he's still out there somewhere"

C- "Look Agent Mulder why don't you start from the begining of this and tell me where our part of the story fits in"

M- "Ok, well it started we thought with a crashed Mustang in the Pacific ocean........."


The scene changes to the FBI headquarters 1943 Spender, Miles, Rose and Alain are standing in an office

S- "So you're saying you know all about my dealing's with the Russian's in this biological wepons plot, who would believe you"

M- "We don't need anyone to believe us we have proof, all the secret communiques, code transcripts, all your plans for the European refugees you plan to use in your experiments"

S- ( to Rose ) "You have been a busy girl haven't you, how did you find out hmm someone got careless I think, don't you Alain"

Spender glares at Alain who takes a step back

"what makes you think you can threaten me"

M- "All I've got to do is go to the Director with this and your ass will be in Sing Sing so quick you'll wonder what hit you"

S- "I could just kill you both, take back the information you've stolen and no-one would know any different"

R- "You could try but I don't have the information any more, I sent it to my father's solicitor in London with instructions to say that if either Miles or myself die of anything other than natural causes then all that information goes straight
to the director of the FBI"

S- "You're bluffing"

M- "Are we, do you really want to take that chance, because the information we have is enough to send you to the electric chair, twice over"

A- "You are bluffing now"

M- "Am I, lets see spying, treason those two alone carry the death penalty"

R- "And the refugees you're using in the experiments that must violate several laws"

M- "So do you really want to take the chance that we're bluffing"

Spender stares at him stoney faced

"didn't think so"

Miles and Rose turn to leave

"don't forget, I will be watching you, sir"

The door closes, Spender lights a cigarette then gives Alain a backhander across the face

S- "You fool!! you have ruined everything, I'll see you in hell for this"

A- "You first old man"


The scene changes back to Mulder and Scully's office

Mu- "....so the aliens are now going around trying to destroy the proof that they've been here"

C- "That's some theory Agent Mulder, it's a little hard to swallow....but....it's interesting"

Mu- "So Agent Doggett how about you, it seems you're grandfather opened the first X File, if a post becomes avaliable in here do you want first refusal, sort of keep in the family"

D- "Thanks but no thanks Agent Mulder I'm happy where I am"

C- "Thank you for your time both of you, it's been an......experiance, one that I won't forget in a hurry"

Sc- "Don't worry we have that effect on most people"

The four of them shake hands and Doggett and Catherine head for the lift

D- "So what did you think of his explaination"

C- "I liked it better when we thought it was a biological wepon, I mean alien colonization he's been reading too much War of the Worlds"

D- "I don't know I've heard about some of the cases they've been involved in, they don't always have a straightforward conclusion, maybe there is something
in this after all"

C- "I know what you mean even in my job I come across unexplained phenomina, a ghostly Roman Legion on march in York, an entire company of soldiers vanished without trace in Turkey during the first world war, I met an old soldier once who swore blind he'd seen angels fighting at the battle of Mons, there is more than black and white out there, things that can't be explained easily"

D- "I suppose, it's still a little hard to take in"

C- "It depends what you want to believe, I guess it's something that'll never be solved if that makes any sense"

D- "Perfectly, listen will you have dinner with me tonight there's something I want you to do for me seeing as you're kind of like family now"

Catherine smiles wickedly

C- "Isn't that illegal"

Doggett laughs

D- "Not where I come from it isn't"

C- "Ok call me later I've still got somethings to do at the Public Records office"


The scene changes to an old man sitting on the terrace of an old people's home, a nurse comes over to him

Pinehills Rest Home, Atlanta, Georgia

N- "Miles your grandson's here to see you"

Doggett walks over, pulls up a chair and sits down

D- "Hey pops how you doing"

M- "What are you doing here, you don't usually come 'till the weekend"

D- "I've brought someone to see you"

Catherine walks towards them

M- "My God.....Rose"

D- " ' Fraid not, but it is her grandaughter Catherine"

C- "Hello Mr Doggett"

M- "My God you look so much like Rose"

C- "So I've been told, I came here to give you these"

Catherine hands over the box file

"Rose wanted you to have them back"

Doggett looks at Catherine

D- "We might even have some answers for you"

The scene changes to a filthy hospital room, a young man is strapped to the bed he is struggling against the bonds. A zippo flares and a cigarette is lit, the CSM watches the young man struggle

Young man- "Niet....niet....niet.....I...will....see you....in....hell.......American"

CSM- "Hold him still Alex I want no mistakes this time"

A prosthetic arm moves across the young man's throat and Black Oil drips into his eyes, the young man screams

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