TV Sucks!

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In the infamous words of the notorius Bart Simpson..."TV sucks!" Indeed it is true, living in a country (or city) that only requires six television stations to keep the average viewer entertained (I remember when there was only 'two'!). When there's the Louis Vuitton Challenger semi-finals on Television One, Infomercials on Two, World News Tonight on Three, Infomercials 2000 on Four, Television Shoppers Network on Prime and The Third Floor - The Question Is on a channel that we can't even get, one has to wonder about the value of nightly television watching. Is it worth staying up till two in the morning to watch a movie called "Fresh Horses"? I hardly believe so.

So as an average person, who likes to fit at least six hours of television watching in to their hectic schedule, I am very disappointed in the quality of veiwing (so disappointed in fact, I am at liberty to start jumping around the house screaming, "The End Is Nigh! The End Is Nigh!"). I do hope that one day in our New Millennium, our television manager persons will see that television is just not a form of entertainment, but a means of educating the people of the public and they will stop putting such crap programmes on our screens!

TV Sucks!

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