Les Miserables

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<p>Les Miserables is a musical with no dialogue, kind of like an opera. The story takes place in France in 1815-1832. The story is of a man named Jean Valjean (pronounced jon-val-jon) who was sentenced to a chin gang for breaking into a house and stealing a loaf of bread.</p>
<p>Valjean is eventually released on parole, which is actually where the story begins. He is forced to show a yellow ticket to everyone he meets, which is proof of his parole, which soon makes him an outcast, for no one wants to be seen with a criminal.</p>
<p>The story goes on about an uprising in Parris, and tells all about the man who has been following Valjean named Javert (pronounced ja-ver).</p>
<p>The last thing I have to say about this stage show is that if you ever get the chance to go and see it, do, it is wonderful no matter where you see it, and the songs are classic.</p>

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