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A76880 ESP
A64586 Telephone
A5833 Waffles
A5176 Sex
A5103 Death
A5031 Piano
A5004 Bandanna
A4960 Alcohol
A4816 Crystals
A4744 Christianity
A4735 Airports
A4726 Boots
A4717 Pet Shops
A4708 Witch
A4690 Bikers
A4681 Royalty
A4672 Hypnotism
A4654 Pigeon Poo
A4636 School Dinners
A4627 Bear
A4618 Fish
A4609 Igloo
A4591 Hot Dog
A4546 Giant Prawns
A4537 Horror Films
A4528 Siamese Twins
A4519 Bank Robbery
A4500 Nuclear Weaponry
A4492 Ether
A4474 Bomb Shelters
A4465 Family
A4456 Wet t-shirt contest
A4447 Santa Cruz
A4438 Banana Slug
A4429 Obesity
A4410 Sun-dried Tomatoes
A4401 Testosterone
A4393 Topless
A4384 Nudity
A4375 Charity Bowls
A4366 Phone Hackers
A4357 New Orleans
A4348 Mardi Gras
A4339 Monkey Boots
A4320 Chopsticks
A4311 Adam's Apple
A4302 Chemistry
A4186 London
A4177 Immortality
A4168 CHP
A4140 Groundhogs
A4131 Toes
A4122 Remote Viewing
A4113 Viagra
A4104 Bull Scrotums
A3402 Giza
A3394 Baby Monitors
A3385 Lightning
A3376 Nails
A3367 Rudolph Hess
A3358 Shergolds
A3349 Tumble Dryers
A3330 Kissing
A3321 Art
A3312 Anti-Christ
A3303 Love
A3295 Alchemy
A3286 Ventriloquism
A3277 Ironing
A3268 Dogs
A3259 Cigarettes
A3240 Vitamins
A3231 Heavy Metal
A3213 The Empire State Building
A3204 The Mona Lisa
A3196 Shopping Malls
A3187 Water Ice
A3178 Baseball
A3169 Fortune Cookies
A3150 Motels
A3141 South Street, Philadelphia
A3132 Hair
A3123 Flies
A3114 Piranha
A3105 Cotton
A3097 Tooth Fairy
A3088 Sneakers
A3079 Baked Beans
A3060 Lizards
A3051 Personal Ads
A3042 Goatsucker
A3033 Seals
A3024 Doomsday Predictions
A3015 Egg
A2999 Childhood
A2971 Amber Jewellery
A2962 Fishermen
A2953 Teflon
A2935 Aerosol Deodorant
A2269 Air
A2250 Urban Legends
A2241 Kilts
A2205 House Plants
A2151 Speedos
A2124 Cocktail Sticks
A2106 Harpsichord
A2061 Ghosts
A2043 Black Cats
A2025 Islington
A2007 Duvets
A1990 Neckties
A1909 Wrestling
A1765 Cable Car
A1756 The Olympic Games
A1747 Statue of Zeus at Olympia
A1729 Barry White
A1710 Missionary Position
A1701 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
A1684 Cannabis
A1666 Colonising
A1657 Missionaries
A1576 Wienerschnitzel
A1440 Fast Food
A1431 Exercise
A1422 Beer
A1251 Rhubarb
A1161 Boxing
A1143 Hollywood
A964 Tourists
A946 Mooning
A937 Garnish
A883 South Africa
A667 Mountain Biking
A630 London Black Cabs
A586 Mount Rushmore
A577 The Pyramids
A559 Tower Bridge


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