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An Oxymoron is when a preceding adjective contradicts the noun or verb following it. A good example of an oxymoron is "A Reliable Computer".


As you see from that example, oxymorons are normally ironic. They can be much more ironic and calling a phrase an oxymoron can be insulting. A great example of this is calling "American Culture" an oxymoron. Another is "a quite Israeli".

Entertaining Examples

Act naturallyFound missing
Resident alienAdvanced BASIC
Genuine imitationSoft rock
Good griefSame difference
Almost exactlyGovernment organization
Sanitary landfillAlone together
Silent screamBritish fashion
Living deadSmall crowd
Business ethicsUneventful marriage
Military IntelligenceSoftware documentation
New classicSweet sorrow
Childproof"Now, then ..."
Synthetic natural gasChristian Scientists
Passive aggressionClearly misunderstood
Peace forceExtinct Life
Temporary tax increasePlastic glasses
Terribly pleasedComputer security
Political scienceDefinite maybe
Pretty uglyRap music
Working vacationExact estimate
Religious toleranceMicrosoft Works
Jumbo ShrimpPostal Service
Technical SupportModern history
Fair tradingParlimentary debate
Gang mentalityReasonable force
An Aspiring CynicCool as Hell

Many thanks to Fez, Scottobear, silversolstice and Keeza-P-P for their contributions.

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