Xmas in the information age

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It seems to me that there should be some remark on the winter holidays (christmas, winter solistice, and so on) and the information age. My thought goes along that line: an evidence for really having reached information age could be seen in the number of personal/other mails and news one gets over the holidays. Nowadays there is a strong and - for the information loved - badly feelable - loss in mails/news over the holidays. Of course, the reason for that is really simple: All the people with access to the net from their colleges and universities, from offices and other working places are at home, doing holidays with their family/their beloved being/nobody at all sadly and don't participate in net communication over that time. So, as a raw thumb rule, we can generalize from this evidence: if their isn't a loss, but a surplus of mails along holidays, then we see a society in front of us that truely has reached information age (and can go for other, much more exagerated and or famous goals now).

Sadly, we may have to wait a bit, regarding the human society placed on planet earth .. :-(

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