X-Files: Hell on Earth (Fan Fiction)

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Hell on Earth
Written by Coral Bale

Christies Auction House Washington DC 1.30pm

Auctioneer- "Our next lot is lot 13 unlucky for some,a medieval sword supposedly used by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the Crusades as you can see beautifly engraved with runes and ancient script who'll start the bidding at five hundred dollars do I hear five hundred....five fifty...six...six fifty....seven ....eight....nine...one thousand....eleven hundred....twelve.....thirteen....do I hear fourteen... no all done at thirteen hundred dollars....sold to our bidder on the phone"

At the same time as the auction a church vault is being broken into, a figure in black is opening the safe, the door opens and inside is a sword almost identical to the sword in the auction, an elderly monk walks in and is startled by the intruder

Monk- "What are you doing, you must not remove the sword,you must not do this,you don't understand the harm you will do"

The figure picks up the sword and turns to face the monk, he starts an incantation and the sword begins to glow, the monk crosses himself and screams as the glow lights up the intruders face

St Vincent's Monastery Washington DC 4.30 pm

Agents Crane and Doggett are at the monastery taking statements from the brothers, they are down in the vault looking at the crime scene with the Abbott.

Crane- "So Brother Martin you found Brother Francis this evening why would he be down here"

Br M- "It's where we keep our valuables Brother Francis looked after our altar pieces, the chalases, the Cross,incense holder, candlesticks some of our pieces are over three hundred years old",

Doggett- "So what was actually taken Brother"

Br M- "As far as I know only an old sword that Brother Francis brought with him many years ago, he insisted that it be out of sight, he was convinced that if it fell into the wrong hands evil would reign in the world"

D- "Evil, I think it's happened already"

Br M- "No the ultimate evil, Lucifer himself would reign supreme"

Agent Crane is called away by the Medical Examiner

D- "So do you think that whoever killed Brother Francis wanted the sword"

Br M- "It must be all the other pieces are still here and they are worth a lot of money"

D- "But not easy to sell on, church silver would be recognised too easily"

A policeman walks over to talk to Doggett

D- "You have a visitor Brother"

A nun appears in the doorway

Br M- "Ah Reverand Mother Emmanuelle, such a sad day"

RME- "Yes I know, I have come with condolances from the Sister's of St. Theresa's, what happened here"

Br M- "Well it seems thieves broke in and stole a sword that Brother Francis kept in the safe"

RME- "Brother Francis was telling me about it only the other day I must return to the convent please call me if there is anything you need"

Brother Martin escorts her to the door Doggett walks over to join him

D- "Do you have a description of the sword, it might give us some leads, in case someone trys to sell it on"

Brother Martin leaves to go to his office the Medical Examiner comes over to talk to Doggett

D- "So what happened"

ME- "I have no idea, I've never seen anything like this before, the only time I've seen flash burns like this is at chemical or oil refinary explosions, but take a look around you not a sign of fire anywhere else, and....there's something else that gives me the chills, look at his face, if it hadn't been for the burns I'd have said he'd been scared to death"

Doggett looks at the monks terrified face and agrees with the ME, he signals for the paramedics to take the body away, Brother Martin reappears with some papers

Br M- "Will this do, the insurance company insisted on it"

D- "Yes this is fine, we'll let you know in a couple of days"

Doggett and Crane leave the monastery and walk back to their car

Cr- "So what do you think, punks looking for an easy fix"

D- "No they'd have taken the other stuff too, whoever they were they knew what they wanted, this sword"

Cr- "Do you buy that end of the world stuff"

D- "No, it's a strange looking thing though, what about Brother Francis what do you think happened to him"

Cr- "I have no idea, I agree with the ME though it gives me the chills, I think we should give this to ' spooky ' Mulder, so now what?"

Doggett looks at the paper with the picture of the sword on it, a thought strikes him

D- "You go home Gene I've got a couple of calls to make, I'll see you in the morning"

Cr- "Ok, see you"

FBI Headquarters Washington DC 5.30pm

Doggett looks at his watch then picks up a card with a number on it, he picks up the phone and dials

D- "Catherine McGuire please.......hi Cathy it's John"

C- "Hi how's Washington"

D- "Fine sorry to call so late but I need your help, a medieval sword was stolen from a monestry here in Washington and I wondered if you could shed any light on why, maybe someone's collecting them"

C- "I don't know the medieval period is a bit early for me, but have you got a description of it, I could ask around for you"

D- "Sure are you anywhere near a computer"

C- "Sitting in front of one"

D- "Ok I'm sending it to you now"

C- "Right got it....hmm.....unusual....that writing on the blade it says.....Erin right that's the old name for Ireland hmm I might have a connection for you a similar sword was stolen from a museum in Nottingham it was supposed to have belonged to Sir Guy of Gisbourne, the Sheriff's right hand man during the time of Robin Hood, that sword was called Albion the old name for England, I'll ask around the historical community for you see if there is a connection between the swords and see if someone is trying to collect a set"

D- "So you think there's a set of these swords"

C- "Maybe, there's two anyway with the name's Albion and Erin so there could be another two at least Caledonia and Cymru the old names for Scotland and Wales, just an idea, I'll let you know if I find anything"

D- "Do you have any news reports on the theft in Nottingham"

C- "A couple of internet news reports and a trade journal piece, do you think it's connected I'm sending them now"

D- "Could be I want to know if the circumstances are the same, what did the Police say about this theft"

C- "It was stolen for a collector, the sword it's self is not worth that much but to a collector it's worth a fortune"

D- "I know this is a silly question but have you heard if it was cursed or was used in black magic"

C- "Not that I've heard why?"

D- "Just something somebody said that's all"

C- "Sounds like a job for your friend Mulder"

D- "I know I've been thinking the same thing, thanks for your help Cathy, I'll talk to you later, bye"

Doggett hangs up and starts to look through the information he has
The scene changes to a crypt a group of figures in robes are gathered around a symbol painted on the floor

Fig 1- "He seemed pleased with that one"

Fig 2- "Well there was plenty of skin on it,I think we only need a few more and then the two for the final ceremony and it will be finished"

Fig 1- "You have served me well my dear you will be well rewarded in the new order, I've had a call from the auction house the delightful Ms McLaren has found another sword Cymru I think that will make five if the other two can be found as easily it will not be long"

Fig 2- "Is it wise to use her again are you sure she doesn't recognise you"

Fig 1- "No I made sure my two personas will never be connected, anyway it wasn't my fault the last plan went wrong, just as her and her sister were about to be charged with ritual murder that damned Detective gets new information and the charges are dropped"

Fig 2- "I've got bad news for you that damned Detective is back only now he's an FBI agent, you had to pick the only honest cop in the NYPD to investegate that case"

Fig 1- "Well if he gets too close we'll have a ready made offering to our Lord won't we"

The figures embrace laughing
The Next Day

FBI Headquarters Washington 9.30 am

The lift door opens into the basement and Doggett steps out and heads towards the X Files office. Mulder is inside reading a magazine Doggett knocks on the door, Mulder jumps and throws the magazine in the open bottom draw of his desk in a well rehersed manouver

M- "What can I do for you Agent Doggett if you keep coming down here people are going to start talking"

D- "If I didn't need your help Mulder I wouldn't be here again, I feel like the third person in this office"

M- "So not a social visit then"

D- "No, I want to know if you've ever come across anything like this"

He shows Mulder a photograph of Brother Francis's injuries

M- "Can't say that I have, they don't look natural though"

D- "That's what the ME said, she reckoned that the only thing that could cause burns like that were chemical or oil explosions and he was the only thing burnt"

M- "Why would anyone set fire to a monk"

D- "Robbery a sword that was kept in the safe was stolen the Abbott says that was what the thief was after 'cos they left the church silver alone, I've got a real bad feeling about this"

M- "Why?"

D- "It's something the Abbott said, he said that the sword had something to do with evil being let loose in the world, evil as in the devil, and we've been investigating ritual murders in DC and I want to know if whoever's been collecting these swords is responsible for the murders"

M- "There's more than one of these swords"

D- "According to Catherine, you remember her she was with me when we came to see you a few months ago there's definatly two maybe four, she told me about the theft of a similar sword in England the MO is the same, look"

He hands Mulder the file

"maybe these swords are tied to black magic somehow"

M- "For someone who doesn't believe you've come up with a way out theory"

D- "Hey where I come from the devil is big business, folks are superstitious anything goes wrong blame the devil, anyway back when I was with the NYPD we were investigating ritualistic murders centered in Brooklyn, some group of devil worshippers believed they could set the devil free but they stopped, we never did find out why and our chief suspects had alibies for the last murder and now someone else has started in DC, I don't know if they are the same group"

M- "I don't know if I can help you, we haven't come across Devil worship too many times in the X Files, why don't you try the occult boys upstairs"

D- "I tried but when I explained my theory they sent me to you, their exact words were ' go to the basement and join spooky Mulder, so do you want to help me or not"

M- "Ok, Scully's visiting her brother this weekend so I'm on my own, so where do we start"

D- "Ah...I was going to ask you the same thing"
FX Mobile rings

D- "John Doggett"

C- "It's Catherine, I've got a lead for you"

D- "Great, what is it"

C- "Another sword has come up for auction and it's in your neck of the woods"

D- "What here in DC"

C- "Yep it's called Cymru and guess what....it's sister Caledonia was sold at Christies in DC a couple of day's ago, but no one knows if this is it or if there are any more, sorry I tried"

D- "So someone has Erin, Albion and Caledonia and is going after Cymru for the set, have you any idea who

C- "Nope, why don't you ask at Christies"

D- "I was going to smartass, can you send me the information, I wont get it right away, I'm in Mulder's office"

C- "The alien's haven't come for him then"

D- " ' Fraid not he's still here"

C- "Get him to say hi to the ' little green men ' for me, I've got to go, hope this will help"

D- "Ok I'll talk to you soon, thanks for the tip, bye"

He hangs up and turns to Mulder

"That was Catherine she's given me a lead, if you'd like to join me, by the way she says say hi to the little green men for her"

Mulder frowns

M- "You'll be sorry when I'm proved right"

D- "Yeah yeah, so do you want to help me or not"

M- "Sure what else can I do on a wet Friday"

They leave the office

Christies Auction House Washington DC 11.00 am

Mulder and Doggett walk through the doors and walk over to the reception desk

D- "Morning I'm Agent Doggett and this is Agent Mulder( flash ID badges ) I called you eariler about the sale of a medeival sword"

R- "Oh yes I'll just let Ms McLaren know you're here"

She picks up the phone and starts to speak

"she's on her way down"

They turn to look around them

D- "I always feel out of place in these kind of places"

M- "Surrounded by dusty old relics that belong to a different time, sounds like Kersh's office to me"

As they start laughing they don't hear a woman come up behind them

Woman- "Well well well Detective Doggett, guess it's true what they say about bad pennies"

They turn around to see a woman standing with her hands on her hips and a look of hate on her face

D- "Jude McLaren It's nice to....."

He get's no further because she slaps him hard across the face, hard enough to knock him off balance and cause his lip to bleed, people rush over to stop her

Man- "Ms McLaren please what has come over you, I'm so sorry Sir, she's a bit stressed"

J- "No I'm not this asshole deserved it, I've been waiting for years to get my own back"

Mulder gives Doggett his hand to help pull him up off the floor

M- ( whispers ) "what did you do to her"

D- "Jude and her sister were my prime suspects for the Ritual murders in Brooklyn"

J- "Typical of the narrow minded, if you don't practise one of the recognised religions you're automaticaly a devil worshipper"

D- "Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in assualting a federal agent carries a stiff penelty"

J- "If you're going to arrest me for that I may as well make it worth while"

She draws her fist back to punch Doggett, Mulder steps between them and catches Jude's arm

M- "Ok children that's enough I don't like to referee playground fights in public can we finish this little reunion in your office please"

J- "Of course Detective.....umm"

M- "Mulder and we're from the FBI"

J- ( To Doggett ) "boy J Edger Hoover must be spinning in his grave if they accepted you ( To Mulder ) sorry that was uncalled for follow me please"

Man- "Ms McLaren, I'm waiting for an explanation"

J- "I'm sorry Mr Duval but this.....FBI agent was responsible for the scandal that split my family apart, he was responsible for Vicki's divorce and her losing custody of Shannon, my wrecked career and overdose and the fact our parents haven't spoken to us for ten years, all because he was too narrow minded to accept that Druid's don't worship the Devil, I'm sorry I embarassed you"

M- "Don't worry Sir I'll be responsible for these two,I'll keep them apart"

The crowd disperses muttering " shame " " I knew they'd been fitted up " " what a bastard " Mulder and Doggett follow Jude to her office, Doggett looks suitabley ashamed of himself

"well it looks like the public laundry day is over now, you ok"

D- "Yeah don't worry about me I deserved every word"

They reach Jude's office, Jude sits behind the desk Mulder sits opposite Doggett sits as far away as possible

M- "So....Jude we need your help, Agent Doggett here is investigating the death of a monk, he was killed during the theft of a sword, we've also found out that an identical one was stolen in England, another one was sold here a couple of days ago and finally one is due to be sold here in a couple more days so we were wondering if you knew who bought the sword from you, we think that someone is collecting them, ( looks at Doggett) for what purpose we don't know"

Mulder hands her some papers

J- "Yes I sold a sword like this two days ago,so what"

D- "Who to?"

J- "I've never met the man he contacts me via the internet, he was a phone bidder"

D- "What about payment"

J- "Internet bank, and they won't give any information"

D- "So you don't know anything about this man"

J- "No, unlike you I don't interrogate my clients if they want to remain anonymos they can, so what's really going on, what are you two hiding from me, you're not really interested some Howard Hughes type sword collector are you?"

FX - Mobile rings

M- "Excuse me......hello"

Mulder gets up and leaves

J- "So what do you want with my sword collector"

D- "How badly does he want these swords"

J- ( sighs ) "I hate it when you do that, answer a question with a question"

D- "So how bad does he want them"

J- "He paid me a retainer of two million dollars to hunt them down, two are in museums, two are or were being sold here, two are in private collections and the last one I couldn't find"

D- "Did you tell him which museums they were in"

J- "No of course not what's the point they won't sell them"

D- "But he could steal them"

She studies him thoughtfully

J- "This isn't about antique theft is it, there's more that you're not telling me"

D- "You two could always see through me like I was made of glass, that's what creeped me about the two of you"

Mulder returns

M- "Sorry about that, Skinner wants me back in the office, I don't really want to leave you two alone but I've got no choice,( to Jude ) don't kill him, the paperwork is horrendous"

J- ( Smiles ) "I promise"

Mulder leaves, as he goes Jude looks at him and pulls her skirt over her knees Mulder notices but says nothing

J- "so what aren't you telling me"

D- "Please don't yell at me but I think that the devil worshippers are back and these swords may be involved somehow, and no I don't think you and Vicki are involved this time"

J- "So you think that these swords are going to be used to bring the devil to earth like you thought the rings were last time"

D- "Yes I do"

J- "It's a bit of a coincidence that it involves me again, or is that what brought you here"

D- "I've already told you, you are not a suspect I had no idea you were here, I had no idea where you were for ten years and I did try to find you and Vicki to apologise for what I'd done

She studies him closely

J- "It's true isn't it, you really are sorry aren't you and there's something else.....something I can't quite see"

D- "Don't do that.....just don't do that, I swear you can see into my soul"

Jude looks faintly embarassed

J- "Don't be silly, of course I can't....so what do want from me"

D- "Names, addresses, all your data on whoever bought that sword"

J- "I told you I don't know who he is, all I've got is an Email address"

FX - Knock on door

"Come in"

A secretary enters

S- "Ms McLaren your next appointment is waiting outside"

J- "Ok send him in, Agent Doggett is finished here ( waits for her to leave ) ok here's the email address, now do you mind I do have a job to do"

The door opens and a priest enters

"Ah Monsignior O'Bannion, I'm sorry to have kept you, Agent Doggett was just leaving"

O'B- "Agent....Doggett I'm sorry if I'm disturbing anything important"

D- "No I was just leaving ( to Jude ) I'll call if I need anything else"

He leaves

O'B- "I do hope I haven't interupted anything important"

J- "No he wanted some help in tracing some stolen antiques that's all"

O'Bannion picks up the paper with the sword on it

O'B- "Is this what was stolen"

J- "Yes ( laughs ) he thinks it's being used for devil worship, anyway I'm afraid I'm having no luck finding the cross you're looking for at the moment, but I have contacts in the Holy Land looking for me, that was the last known sighting of it If you don't mind me asking what do you want it for"

O'B- "well a parishner of mine spent a lot of his in the holy land and told me the legand of how this cross was the only Christian relic left after the Moors invaded Jerusalem it's supposed to have withstood fire, war, earthquake, it's supposed to be indestructable, I thought it would be a nice memorial to him"

Jude is not convinsed she keeps the look of suspicion off her face

J- "Ok that's a nice gesture, I am getting closer to it I'm sure, I'll call you again in a week"

They shake hands and he leaves Jude sits back behind her desk and picks up a photograph of her and her twin sister

"Too many secrets Vicki, I can see too many secrets, one is hiding something dark and one is hiding a lot of pain, I wish this hadn't been passed on to us, I wish it could have skipped a generation, and as for him why couldn't he have stayed in New York"

She sighs and puts the photo down, she starts to work at the computer

The scene changes to a figure in shadows, it is talking on the phone

Fig 1- "Hello my dear you were correct he is back and he's investigating the ritual murders again and he's also been in contact with Ms McLaren"

The screen splits in two to show another figure in shadows

Fig 2- "He obviously didn't take our last warning seriously does he suspect her again"

Fig 1- "I don't think so,anyway she's too valuable where she is to manipulate this time, he is going to be trouble though, he already suspects what the swords are being collected for,we'd better lay low and wait until all the pieces are in place"

Fig 2- "I agree, by the way I have procured the fifth sword and there should be no problem getting the sixth my agents tell me that the seventh will be with us soon that just leaves the cross and it will be our time"

Fig 1- "Yes, the cross is proving difficult, and if she listens to him she may suspect what it's going to be used for, they can't ruin it again our Lord will not be pleased"

Fig 2- "I think we should warn them off, she will be no problem but he will be difficult, instead of falling apart last time it seemed to make him more determined even though he has no idea it was us"

Fig 1- "Don't worry we will find his weakness, I'll warn them to stay away from eachother tonight"

They hang up

The scene changes to the X Files office, Mulder is on the phone to Scully

M- "So Scully can you see if you can hurry this autopsy report on Brother Francis up, I'm sorry to ask you on your weekend off but it is rather urgent now"

S- "I'll see what I can do, so what's going on I thought Agent Doggett would never set foot in the office again not after what happened last time"

M- "I think he wants to wrap this case up as soon as possible, it's kind of a personal crusade with him"

S- "Something you can identify with Mulder so who was the woman who hit him, a woman scorned maybe"

M- "No but something equally juicy, a suspect in a ritual murder case, he falsly accused her and the subsiquent scandal caused her career and life to fall apart, from what I can gather, there's something else about her that un-nerves me I'm sure she can read minds or sense emotions, I was looking at her legs and I'm sure she knew what I was thinking"

S- ( laughs ) "thats no proof Mulder you're just a predictable man she probably guessed what you were doing by the look on your face"

M- "Am I that predictable"

S- "Yes"

Mulder hears the lift door open

M- "I've got to go Scully, I think he's back say hi to your Mum and Bill Jr for me, bye"

S- "Bye Mulder and stay away from mind-reading women"

Doggett enters the office and sits down and puts his head in his hands

D- "Why me, why the hell did she come back to haunt me"

M- ( shrugs ) "so did you get anything out of her"

D- "Only that the the buyer contacts her by email and bids by phone, and I've checked with IT the address is an Internet Cafe on the corner of 53rd and 3rd, I wish I'd never started this damn case"

M- "I'm sure she feels the same way about you now I've spoken to Scully and she's going to try and hurry up the autopsy report, what are you going to do now"

D- "Go home and get drunk"

M- "Way to go, no seriously what are you going to do about finding the sword collecting devil worshipper"

D- "It's no good stakeing out the auction house ' cos he bids by phone, set up a wire tap and hope we can catch him that way, if it's the same group as before that's not going to happen they're clever the only stopped last time 'bvcos someone got careless, that's what I think anyway I don't think I can do any more until monday when the auction takes place I'll go and see Kersh see if I can set it up, I'll see you on Monday"

M- "Ok before you go there's something I want ask you about Jude, is she telepathic"

D- "What!"

M- "Can she read minds"

D- "So you noticed it too"

Mulder nods

"I used to think it was that twin thing you know when one knows if the other is in trouble, Jude and her sister Vicki could always tell what the other was thinking then they started doing it to me, they could always tell if I was lying to them, trying to railroad them into a confession so yeah I guess she can some how"

Mulder looks happy at this news

M- "Great the paranormal strikes, this could be a bona fide X File you've discovered for me again, I've got to speak to her, I've got to know what she can do, this maybe the first bit of tangible evidence I've got to prove the paranormal exists and to keep the X Files open"

D- "Well I'm glad you're happy personally she gives me the creeps, I'll see you on Monday"

Jude's apartment


FX - Phone rings

J- "Hello"

Voice- "Ms McLaren"

J- "Who is this"

V- "A friend Ms McLaren, a friend who doesn't want to see you go under again"

J- "What!! who the hell are you, don't you dare threaten me"

V- "Stay away from Agent Doggett there's a good girl, we really don't want to see you go under again, this time you may not recover so well"

The Voice hangs up, Jude sits staring at the phone, her hand is over her mouth she picks up the phone and dials

J- "Yes who do I report threatening phone calls to please.....thank you"

The scene changes to Doggetts apartment

FX - Phone rings

D- "Hello"

Same voice- "Agent Doggett, stay away from Ms McLaren"

D- "Who is this"

V- "Just stay away from her you have no idea what you're up against"

D- "I'm going to bring you down you SOB"

V- "That wouldn't be wise, there has been enough tragedy in your life, don't let your stubboness be responsible for any more"

D- "How do you know about that.....were you responsible....answer me you b****d, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY SON!!!!!"

The Voice hangs up

Doggett dials out

"Mulder it's me I'm handing the case over to you.....someone's threatening me they know too much about me.....I'm not going to risk anything happening to anyone else.....I can't say.....just take over the leg work I'll stay in the background.......thanks I owe you one"

The X Files office

Monday 9.30am

Mulder and Scully are already in the office, Doggett rolls in looking rough, he's had a bad weekend

S- "Have a bad weekend Agent Doggett"

D- "No thanks I've just had one"

M- "I do the bad jokes in this office"

S- "He's not kidding either, wait till you here the one about Snow White, Tom Thumb & Quasimodo"

M- "So Agent Doggett what's going on why did you hand this over to me"

D- "I got a threatening phone call on friday night, If I don't stay away from Jude something is going to happen I can't take the risk that someone'll get hurt....again"

Mulder & Scully look at each other Scully mouths " again ", Mulder shrugs

S It's not like you to give up without a fight and what do you mean again

D- ( quickly ) "nothing, I'm pretty sure that it's the same group as before so I asked the NYPD to send over their files, they should be here this morning and now the bad news, Kersh says no go on the phonetap"

M&S- "What"

D- "No go, when he heard I was working with you he couldn't wait to say no"

S- "Typical, so now what"

D- "Not a lot I can do"

M- "Wait a minute I can get you the survailence you need"

Scully and Doggett look confused

"the Gunmen"

S- "Of course silly me"

D- "Gunmen?"

M- "Friends of ours, they help us out occasionally"

S- "And save our butts on occasions too"

M- "Right this is the plan of action, Scully I want you to go to the auction house and fill Ms McLaren in on what's happening, Agent Doggett will let her know we're coming ( to Doggett ) we're going to meet the Gunmen and get your survelance set up"

The scene changes to Jude's office she is on the phone

J- Hello your grace it's Jude McLaren from Christies I've got the most wonderful news I've found your Cross, it's in a church in the Holy Land, I put your offer to them and they accepted, they tell me that they have money too ok.....so all being well it should be with me today, I'll contact you when it arrives....yes I will thank you your grace

She puts the phone down, she is clearly not happy about something, she picks up the phone again and dials out

"May I speak to Agent Mulder please"

S- "I'm afraid he's not here at the moment I'm his partner Agent Scully can I help"

J- "I'm Jude McLaren he came to see me the other day with Agent Doggett, could you tell him to call me, I just need to try to explain something to him.....umm Agent Scully are you coming to see me later, I got a rather garbled message from Agent Doggett about you"

S- "Yes I am I'm supposed to bring you up to bring you up to date on what's going on when they tell me I'll let you know"

J- "Ok thank you"

The scene changes to The Lone Gunman's headquarters, the usual scene, the 3 of them sitting in front of computer screens and monitors

FX - Knock on Door

Langley- "This should be them"

Opens door

"Hey dude and du.......another dude where's the sexier half of the Dynamic Duo, she's dumped you hasn't she ( hysterical, grabs Mulder's shirt front ) she's got a proper job and dumped you, she's the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning"

Mulder and the other 2 Gunmen start laughing

M- "Ok Langley keep taking the tablets, she's meeting someone at the auction house this is Agent Doggett, Agent Doggett these are The Lone Gunmen, Langley, Byers and Frohike"

All 3- "Hey dude"

Doggett rolls his eyes and gives Mulder an ' are you serious ' look

Frohike- "So Mulder we got all the equipment we think you'll need, mind telling us what we are actually looking for"

M- "I'll leave that to Agent Doggett as this is really his case"

D- "Well I don't know whether you've heard about the ritual murders in DC...."

The Gunmen nod

"well I think that a sword theft from a monestary ties in with their plans to raise the Devil from Hell, some how these swords hold the key and someone out there is trying to collect them, the only lead I have is that one of the swords is being auctioned today and the collector bids by phone that's why I need the phone tapped but the deputy director can't spare the time or the money, so Mulder suggested we come to you"

M- "Well there you have it guys can you help"

Byers- "Of course we can ( to Doggett ) are you sure about these swords"

D- "Pretty damn sure, last time they tried to use a set of rings why do you know something"

B- "No but I can serch around for you"

F- "Not now we've got to get all this stuff in the van ( to Mulder & Doggett ) and you two too there's no such thing as a free lunch"

They all grab equipment cases and start to load the ancient VW van

Christies Auction House 12.30 pm

Frohike, Scully and Jude are in the Auction room setting up the phone tapping equipment

J- "So will you be able to track down my sword collector"

F- "Should be able to, it won't be too difficult"

S- "Will you be able to identify him as the ritual murderer"

F- "Have no idea that's Byers department, reserch and all that uncovering of facts stuff, he's working on tieing these swords to Doggett's devil worshippers"

J- "What happened to him, I thought he was in charge of this case, when I tried to call but he didn't want to know, I didn't embarass him that much did I?"

S- "He was a bit vague, he did say something about being threatened and not wanting anyone else to get hurt"

J- "I had a threatening phone call on Friday night, they told me to stay away from him 'cos they didn't want me to go under again as I might not recover as well as I did last time"

S- "That's interesting both of you have been warned off this case it must mean you're close to finding out who it is, or you're close to him in other words you both know him or he's seen you together, I need you to give me a list of anyone who know's you were working with Agent Doggett"

J- "Ok but I don't see how it'll do any good Agent Doggett was only here for about an hour"

F- "Ok that should do it when he calls press the star button and that will start the ball rolling, we'll be able to hear every word and get the number for you"

S- "Thanks Melvin, we owe you one or moreto the point Agent Doggett does"

F- "We'll be right outside"

S- ( to Jude ) "and I'll be in here just in case"

Frohike returns to the van he other Gunmen are setting up the monitering equipment, Byers is busy working on a laptop, Langley is looking through binoculers out of the window

L- "Two o'clock guys check out the software on that"

As a tall leggy blonde walks past, he gets no answer

".....guys I said take a look......oh never mind she's gone, I swear you lot are dead"

M- "You need locking up Langley"

Scully walks up to the van and gets in

S- "I've got some interesting news for you Agent Doggett, it seems that Jude got a threatening phone call too on Friday night, she's given me a list of people that might have seen you with her that day"

Scully hands him the paper

"recognise any names"

D- "Nope....wait I did meet Monsignior O'Bannion, he's top of my devil worshipping list....come on Scully you know as well as I do that unless we catch them red handed it won't stick"

F- "Heads up fellas he's called in"

M- "Ok Scully get back into the auction room"

The scene changes to the Auction room

Auctioneer- "Lot 10 a medieval sword called Cymru supposedly used by Sir Richard DuBois in the crusades"

S- ( whispers ) "can you hear me ok"

M- ( via earpiece ) "loud and clear, how's it going"

S- "Ok the bidding is up to one thousand dollars, there's an elderly man bidding against Jude I'll ask if she knows him he may know who his rival is......hang on it's over....sold to the phone bidder did you manage to get the number ok"

The scene changes back to the Gunmen's van

F- "Just a couple more seconds.....damn!! it's a mobile and it's on the move...it's on Pennsylvainia Avenue....heading out of the city, sorry guys we tried"

D- "No problem, thanks for trying"

M- "What now, wait until the Devil shakes hands with the President"

D- "Wait and see what Byers comes up with, we'll wait here for Scully and see if Jude has come up with anything new"

Scully comes back to the van

S- "sorry Jude doesn't know anything about the other bidder and he dissappeared before I could talk to him what now? we've still no idea who the sword collector is so how do we stop them

M- " Try and stop them performing the ceremony and for that we need Byers to find out how they're going to do it ( to Byers) how's it going?

B- " I'm getting there I'm just waiting for my contacts to get back to me, I'll let you know as soon as I have anything

D- "Ok we may as well give up for now, thanks for your help guys"

They all go their seperate ways, the Gunmen back to their office, Mulder, Scully and Doggett go back to the Bureau

FBI Headquarters 2.30pm

D- "Sorry I lead you on a wild goose chase but I'm getting desperate now"

He turns to leave the office

"You'll let me know if Byers comes up with anything"

M- "Sure"

Doggett leaves, Scully looks troubled

"what's up Scully"

S- "What if Jay Fernandez was right, what if God has turned his back on us and Satan is coming back to reign for 1000 years, just like the Bible says what if we can't stop this Mulder"

Mulder puts his arm around her

M- "Of course we can stop this we've fought Alien Bounty Hunters, firestarters, dream killers, the Cancer Man and his cronies and every monster imaginable and we're still here"

Scully still looks worried

S- "I need some proper guidence in this I'm going to see Monsignior O'Bannion, I'll see you in the morning"

M- "Ok I'll see you later

The scene changes to Jude's office, she is on the phone

J- "Your Grace I have excellent news the cross you wanted has just this minute arrived......yes I can do that........um well I finish here about six o'clock.......certainly I'll be with you about 7 thank you

Jude looks uneasy, she picks up the phone and dials out

J- "Ah what the hell......yes can I speak to Agent Doggett please

M- "I'm sorry he's not here who's calling

J- "It's Jude McLaren from Christies, is that Agent Mulder

M- "Yes it is can I help you

J- "I don't know it's this case with the swords, I don't know if this is relevant but a high powered member of the Catholic church had me find a cross for him, this cross is supposed to be indestructable he said he wanted it as a memorial to a parishiner but......you're going to think I'm mad but I can sense a dark purpose in him, please don't ask me how I know I just do

M- "I know Agent Doggett told me all about it, he said you always seemed to know what he was thinking

J- "And I bet he still thinks I'm behind it, what about this church figure"

M- "Who is it?"

J- "Well I don't know if I should......they've threatened me once, and what if I'm wrong and you accuse a Clergyman of Devil worship"

M- " Let us worry about that, they needn't know it was you"

J- "Well......if you're sure.....it's Monsignior O'Bannion

M- "You're kidding, he's one of the most respected men in Washington

J- "I know but it's just a feeling I could be wrong"

FX Knock on door

M- "You'll have to excuse me but someone's here to see me, I'll pass what you've told me on to Agent Doggett

The door opens and the Well Spoken Man enters


The Well Spoken Man come's in and sit's opposite Mulder

WSM- "Good day to you Agent Mulder I do hope I haven't disturbed you"

M- "Not at all, what can I do for you?"

WSM- "Hopefully it is what I can do for you, I have some information for you that may help you"

M- "Ok shoot"

WSM- "I understand you are helping Agent Doggett with the Devil worshippers"

Mulder nods

"the end is nearer than you think, but it's not the end you anticipated these people must be stopped"

M- "I know that, if we knew who they were we'd stop them, that was a hint by the way"

WSM- "You know I can't give you direct information it would ' blow my cover ' I believe is the term you use, you need to find the Wolf in Sheep's clothing and that is the only hint I can give you, the player's in this game are more powerful than me and they are pulling the strings now"

M- "What do you mean, more powerful than the Director and Deputy Director (laughs) are you telling me J Edgar Hoover is back from the grave"

WSM- "Please try and take this seriously Agent Mulder, I mean that it is out of the Bureau's hands now outside forces are trying to control this case, they are out to take the X Files away from you,"

M- "They've been trying to close down the X Files for years, every new AD and Deputy Director tries but we're still here"

WSM- "If you lose this case nothing will matter anymore we'll wish they had come earlier, if you win you will lose your life's work and the information you have gathered will be useless you can't let that happen you are the only hope we have left, the other Agent's destinies have be decided already you must not let them control yours"

M- "Wait a minute, who's destinies Doggett and Scully's just what's going to happen to them"

WSM- "You know I can't tell you, the only thing that can save the X Files is if you stop Agent Doggett discovering ' The Truth ' that is the only way, I am sorry but that is all I can tell you for now"

He gets up to leave

M- "Wait a minute, you can't just leave like that you must tell me more"

WSM- "I am sorry but I can't, you must act on the information I have given you I can't help you any further"

He leaves, Mulder sits staring into space trying to fit all the pieces together, he picks up the phone and dials

D- "John Doggett"

M- "It's me Mulder, I've had a couple of strange things happen tonight, first Jude calls me and says she's getting dark purpose feelings from a clergyman and a well spoken man tells me that we're players in a rigged game"

D- "Mulder you're babbling"

M- "I'm just passing on what she told me, and this well spoken man speaks in riddles he said that your destiney had already been decided and whichever way the case went someone here was going to lose"

D- "Do you believe this man"

M- "I suppose so he's helped me before and what he said made some kind of sense, by the way what does Wolf in Sheeps clothing mean to you"

D- "Someone who's not what he appears to be, why?"

M- "Nothing just something someone said, look I'll see you tomorrow"

D- "Ok bye"

As Mulder puts the phone down it rings again

Mulder answers his ringing phone

M- "Mulder"

B- "It's Byers I've found it, the devil raising ceremony, it needs seven swords used in religious war like the Crusades and a cross that was used as a symbol of defiance during religious strife and, this is the worst bit, human sacrifice"

M- "Jesus Christ is there anyway we can stop this"

B- "The only way it can be fulfiled is if all the pieces are in place during the ceremony if one piece is missing say the cross or one of the swords then no go,oh hang on Frohike's got something........he says he's got that mobile number.....it's 0708756934500462 any use to you"

M- "I'll get the apropriate department on to it, I need to find the wolf in sheep's clothing"

B- "Someone who's not what they appear to be"

Inspiration flashes across Mulder's face as the penny finally drops

M- "Oh my God it IS Monsignior O'Bannion, that's who's trying to raise the Devil, the Wolf in Sheep's clothing, it makes sense now, oh God, Scully she's gone to see him about the end of the world"

B- "Be careful Mulder, you could ruin yourself if you're wrong, he's got a lot of powerful friends, do you want our help"

M- "Yes yes I do meet me outside St. Margaret's in an hour, I hope to God we're not too late"

Mulder picks up the phone and dials

D- "John Doggett"

M- "It's me Mulder I've found out who he is it's Monsignior O'Bannion, he's going to try and raise the Devil, Scully's gone to visit him she's in danger"

D- "Just tell me where to meet you with the back up"

M- "No we can't use back up if this goes wrong we're dead in the water, The Gunmen are going to meet me at St. Margaret's, according to Byers the only way to stop it is if one of the piece's is missing, we have to get to the ceremony and destroy one of the pieces, try and reach Scully she's in danger she said she was going to talk to O'Bannion about something that's been troubling her and try and get hold of Jude he had her get hold of a cross it could be one of the pieces needed for the ceremony, stop her getting it to him, arreset her if you have to but don't let her get to him, her life is in danger too"

D- "Why are Scully and Jude in danger, if he's going to perform a devil raising ceremony he's not going to want witnesses so he'll get rid of them as soon as possible surely"

M- "According to Byers the ceremony needs a sacrifice....."

D- "Don't tell me Scully and Jude and there delivering themselves to him on a plate, I'll find Jude and I'll keep trying Scully but if she's in church she'll have turned her phone off right, look I'll do my best, I'll see you at St. Margaret's"

The scene changes to O'Bannion's office

St. Margaret's Church 7.00pm

FX- Knock at Door

O'B- "Come in"

Jude comes through the door

J- "Good evening Your Grace I've brought the cross like you asked me to"

O'B- "Thank you my dear ( takes the cross from her ) perfect, just perfect now our time has come nothing can stop us now"

The figure of a Nun moves behind her, it's Reverand Mother Emmanuelle

RME- "Such a shame that you couldn't take our warning seriously you just had to bring John Doggett into it again didn't you, I do hope you can live with yourself"

J- "What do you mean, are you the ones who threatened me, anyway he came to me I haven't contacted him since ( looks worried ) anyway I've done as you asked so I'll be going"

O'B- "I don't think so we have one more task for you to fulfil"

Jude make's a dash for the the door, Mother Emmanuelle stops her and claps a rag over her face, her body goes limp and she is dragged off, O'Bannion straightens the room and wait's for his next appointment

FX - Knock on Door

O'B- " Come in"

This time Scully comes through the door

S- "Thank you for seeing me Your Grace"

O'B- "Not at all, it's Dana isn't it? Margaret's daughter"

S- "That's right, ( sit's down ) what I came here for was.....well I work for an unusual department in the FBI, my partner and I investigate unusual phenomena, unexplainable things and well.......how can I put this.......do you remember a couple of months ago, the murder of Dale Williams in Chicago by a young man called Jay Fernandez,"

O'B- "Yes I do, it was news for several weeks, he claimed he was the Second Coming of Christ"

S- "He was, he was Christ, I was the investigating Agent, I talked to him and I believe him, I saw him assend to Heaven, he told me (a tear rolls down her face ).....he told me God has turned his back on us, and we're on our own against them"

O'B- "Them?"

S- "The aliens, the one's who want our planet, the ones who took Jay to Heaven, the one's who have caused me and my partner such grief....."

She breaks down

".....I'm sorry Your Grace I know this sounds rediculas, but it's true"

O'Bannion studies her, thinking

O'B- "This is important to you isn't it Dana......."

Mother Emmanuelle comes out of the shadows

".....and wonderful news for us isn't it my dear"

She nods

S- "What's going on"

RME- "This news is perfect, now that God is no longer in the way our time has come, our Lord will reign, just like the Bible says, nothing can stop us, the prophesy will be fulfilled

S- "So it was you, you murdered all those people, you threatened Agent Doggett and Jude McLaren, Why? why those two, Jude was an innocent bystander in this and Doggett, this is his job

O'B- "No they ruined our last chance, you have no idea how much manipulation it took to get her suspected then arrested for the ritual murders in New York and I thought like every other cop in the NYPD he had a price, but no he must have been the only honest cop in the department and then one of my agents screwed up and Jude was released and I had to abandon my plans, I vowed I'd have my revenge and it was so sweet, Jude was easy, being a member of New York society all I had to do was leak the fact that she'd been arrested for ritual Murder and provided us with the artifacts that we needed and her family did the rest, her sister's divorce, her overdose, and they blamed John Doggett for it, perfect just perfect

S- "I suppose you ruined Agent Doggett's career prospects in New York with your rumors and lies"

O'B- "No that was much more......rewarding......... and so easy, snatching his son off the street, dumping the body where we knew it could be found so easily, watching his family life fall apart, sweet sweet revenge"

Scully listens to this with growing horror

S- "Oh my God you bastard, you murdered his son for revenge, ( speaks to herself ) that's what he meant when he said he didn't want anyone to get hurt again, he meant himself, oh God.....oh my God"

Scully draws her gun

"Back off Monsignior if that's who you really are, I'm arresting you for murder"

O'B- "My we are a brave little thing aren't we, you don't really think I'll come quietly do you"

S- "I mean it, I'll use force if I have to"

She points the gun at his chest and squeezes the trigger, but she is hit on the back of the head by Mother Emmanuelle.

RME- "Everything is in place now, what a shame we couldn't have Agent Doggett as our sacrifice, that would have been perfect wouldn't it"

O'B- "Now we must gather everyone together, our time is nigh"

The scene changes to Doggett standing outside a church, he is making a phone call.

D- "Damn it pick up will you"

There is no answer so he dial's again

"Mulder it's me I can't get hold of Scully or Jude, I spoke to someone at Christies but Jude had already left, she was going to deliver a package to Monsignior O'Bannion"

M- "Then it's too late, he's got all the pieces he needs"

D- "It's not too late you said yourself that all we've got to do is destroy one of the pieces and it's over we can save them, God know's we owe it to them"

M- "I don't think God care's anymore, I really think this is the end of the world"

The scene changes to the crypt, Jude and Scully are laying on the floor with their hands tied behind their backs.

S- "Oh my God, my head what did she hit me with"

Jude stirs

"who's there"

Jude groans and tries to sit up

J- "Oooh did anyone get the number of that truck that hit me"

S- "Jude....Jude is that you it's me Agent Scully"

J- "(groggy) Agent Scully what are you doing here, the last thing I remember is delivering a package to Monsignoir O'Bannion and being attacked by a Nun, ooohh my head oh God now I remember he's the one who's been threatning me, oh my God oh my God it's him......"

S- "The devil worshipper......I know it's Monsignior O'Bannion, it was also him in New York he set you up to be arrested for the ritual murders he'd commited but something went wrong and you were released so he set about ruining your life, yours and Agent Doggett"

J- "He did that, he started those rumors, he turned my family against me, but why Agent Doggett, I though he was in on it the whole time, I knew I'd been set up but I thought it was him all along"

S- "His life was ruined because he couldn't be bought, to use O'Bannion's turn of phrase 'he was the only honest cop in the department' so he had to suffer too"

J- "And he's still suffering now isn't he, I felt something in him before and I'm feeling it again in you, I suppose he told you he thought I could read minds"

S- "No Mulder did, you know you should talk to him"

Jude is thinking, trying to work it all out

J- "(absentmindedly) yeah sure"

Then the penny drops

"oh my God!!!! the little boy in Central Park his name was Luke Doggett, I was so wrapped up in my own problems then I didn't pay much attention to it, just another kid found dead I thought, I didn't realise it was his son (tears roll down her face) the Monsignior murdered his son to get back at him for being an honest cop, oh God I feel such a bitch, all these years I blamed him for ruining my life when he'd suffered so much more than me, I can't believe I've been so selfish, he'll pay so help me God he'll pay for what he's done"

S- "I don't think he will help us now"

J- "What....who?"

S- "God, God has gone, forsaken us, turned his back, we have commited unforgivable acts in his name and now he doesn't want to know, it's all happening just like it says in the bible, the second coming, his reassention into heaven, it's the end of the world"

J- "You mean the Apocolypse, fire and brimstone end of the world"

S- "Yes"

J- "What about the others Allah, Buddah and all the other Gods will they listen"

S- "I have no idea, we've treated them just as badly"

J- "What have we done?, we've consigned ourselves to Hell haven't we"

The door opens and Reverend Mother Emmanuelle comes in dressed in a red robe, she has two minions with her

S- "I don't think we're going to have the luxury of finding out"

RME- "It's time to make your peace with God, if he'll listen to you ( to the minions) bring them"

Scully and Jude are led away to a room in the basement, symbols are painted on the floor, a deep well is behind an altar, O'Bannion is waiting for them also dressed in a red robe, there are another eleven people in the room making a witch's coven

O'B- "Greetings my dears, it's a shame you won't be able to share the new order with us"

S- "I think we've got the best deal"

O'B- "We will see, now put them on the symbol and we can start"

The minions push Jude and Scully to a symbol on the floor and they are pushed on the floor. Outside Mulder, Doggett and the Gunmen are going through the plan of action.

D- "I still think we should get backup"

M- "It's too late for that, right this is what I want you to do, you three will cover the exits of the church, when Doggett and I go in they'll probably run so I want you to hit them with pepper spray and use these cable ties as cuffs"

L- "Cool"

M- "Everyone clear about what they've got to do ( the others nod ) right let's go and save the world"

They leave the van and take up their positions. Inside the church the ceremony is in full swing, a figure is forming in the well behind the altar, Scully and Jude are watching in horrified facination

J- "Oh God that's him isn't it, Satan"

S- "Looks like it"

Jude grabs Scully's hand and squeezes it, Scully squeezes it back, they both close their eye's and wait for the end. The door bursts open and Mulder and Doggett come through with gun's drawn

M&D- "FBI FREEZE!!!!!!"


Panic breaks out, as Mulder predicted all the Coven head for the exits where they are met by the Gunmen, Langly comes face to face with one of the escaping worshippers.

L- "Hey evil dude I'm one of the good guys"

And gives him a face full of pepper spray, another one comes face to face with Frohike

DW- "Out of my way shorty"

Another face full of pepper spray

F- "The bigger they are yada yada yada"

Now it's Byers turn to give a devil worshipper a face full

B- "I do hope this stuff is enviromentally friendly"

Meanwhile Doggett and Mulder are surveying the basement, Mulder spots Scully and Jude on the floor.

M- "Look over there on the floor, get them out of here and you were right we are going to need back up"

D- "What are you going to do"

M- "Destroy the cross so no one can try again

Doggett runs towards Scully and Jude.

D- "Come on, get up, come on lets go, lets go"

Scully and Jude are staring at the figure in the well as if under a spell

"what the hell are you waiting for, come on lets go"

He looks up at what they're looking at.

"Jesus Christ!!!!!!!"

He pushes them out of the symbol, just as Mulder grabs the cross, he looks in to the face of Satan

M- "Go back to Hell where you belong"

The Figure howls with rage as Mulder throws the Cross into the well, he runs out of the church.

30 Minutes later outside St. Margarets Church.

The streets are crawling with FBI agents, devil worshippers and Paramedics, Scully and Jude are being patched up by paramedics, Doggett is wandering around looking for something and Mulder is talking to the Gunmen

M- "So how does it feel to be heros"

L- "If it brings the chicks to our door, bring it on"

B- "It feels good"

F- "I could get into this world saving gig"

Mulder laughs

M- "You guys can be my back up anyday"

He crosses over to Jude and Scully

"So how do you two feel?"

J- "I'll let you know when I know"

S- "Did we win?"

M- "Of course we won, we're the good guys, the world is safe again"

Doggett beckons to Mulder

D- "O'Bannion's not here"

M- "That's not possible, nobody got past the Gunmen"

D- "I'm telling you he ain't here"

M- "Then he's still inside ( points to two agent's ) you and you serch the building"

The agents nod and go back inside. Inside the crypt O'Bannion and Reverand Mother Emmanuelle emerge from their hiding place.

RME- "I don't believe this they've ruined it again, they'll suffer this time"

O'Bannion notices a shadow on the wall

O'B- "No I don't think they have look I think our lord is in limbo"

As she looks at the shadow O'Bannion pushes her on to the symbol and recites an incantation

RME- "No no no please don't do this to me"

There is a flash of blinding light, fire and smoke, when it clears he sees a Hispanic man standing opposite him, O'Bannion falls to his knees

O'B- "Welcome to Earth my Lord"

Satan- "Nice work Michael nice work, but for this gig call me Nick De Abalo, I thought I'd keep the Hispanic thing that HE started,"

He produces a cigar out of thin air and lights it with the tip of his finger.

"so lets talk about your plans for these FBI agents"

O'Bannion nods and smiles

Nick DeAbalo- "And you're not going to believe what I've got planned for Belgium

X Files office 1 week later

Mulder and Scully are writing and re-writing the Devil Worshipping report

M- "This is the hardest report I've ever had to write even I've got trouble believing it, the hardest thing to believe is that I looked into the face of the Devil"

Scully is looking troubled

"what's up?"

S- "Did we win Mulder I mean we never found Monsignior O'Bannion, who's to say he won't try again"

M- "Of course we won the Earth is safe once more, we won't get thanked for it, Kersh will repremand us for the contents of the report and he'll try and close us down everything is back to normal"

S- "I guess you're right"

M- "Say where's Agent Doggett"

S- "He's gone to see Jude I think, did you speak to her"

Mulder nods


M- "There's definatly something there, I'm sure she can sense emotions, this is what I've been waiting for, the first piece of evidence that I can prove, that the paranormal exsists and I don't know what to do with it, I don't want to take it any further I mean she's suffered enough I don't want her to be hounded like some side show freak"

S- "That's very noble of you Mulder"

M- "Thank you Scully, maybe I've come to realise that there's more to the X Files than proving that I'm right, maybe it's time to let go a little bit"

S- "That'll be the day"

The scene changes to Jude's apartment, she is packing her belongings into boxes

FX Knock on door

J- "Come in it's open"

Doggett comes through the door

D- "Hi, where are you off to"

J- "England, I got a transfer to Christies in London, I'm going to stay with Vicki for a while, then go from there I suppose, but I'm glad you're here I wanted to say I'm sorry"

D- "No I'm the one who should be apologising to you"

J- "No hear me out please,for ten years I blamed you for what happend when I had no right to, Agent Scully explained everything to me and after that I felt really low, I'm really sorry"

D- "I'm sorry too I know I've said it so many times over these last few weeks but I don't know if that's enough, I didn't pay much attention to the rumors and gossip about you at first, but someone kept sending me newspaper and magazine cuttings about what was happening to you two, the divorce and custody battle, how you'd tried to kill yourself, someone wanted me to suffer"

J- "It must have been O'Bannion he was on a real revenge kick then according to Agent Scully"

FX Mobile rings

D- " 'Scuse me.......John Doggett........ok sir I'll be there as soon as I can, sorry I've got to go, my boss want's to see me"

He hugs Jude

"you take care of yourself ok"

J- "I will and you too"

The scene changes to Deputy Director Kersh's office

FX Knock on Door

K- "Come in"

Doggett comes through the door

D- "You wanted to see me Sir"

K- "Yes John come on in, take a seat, good work on the Devil Worshippers by the way"

D- "The ringleaders got away though"

K- "That's not why I wanted to talk to you, I've been looking through some past files and I've come up with something interesting, it seems that eight years ago Agent Scully was sent to partner Agent Mulder on the understanding that she discredit his work, this she failed to do in fact she became his biggest ally"

D- "And?"

K- "This is where you come in, I want you to join the X Files and discredit their work"

D- "I can't do that sir, it's their life's work it means too much to them, send someone else I can't do it"

K- "They trust you, they won't suspect you"

D- "I still won't do it"

K- "Are you refusing a direct order?"

D- ( sighs ) "No sir I'm not"

K- "Good, I'll look forward to your first report, that will be all"

The scene changes to the X files office, Skinner knocks on the door

M-"Hey sir what's up"

Sk- "It seem that you are getting a new member of the X Files team"

S- "What, why"

M- "Who?"

Doggett appears at the door

D- "Me, Kersh just told me I'm transfering down here with you, don't yell at me it wasn't my idea"

M- "What for to spy on us"

D- "That's the general idea, remember the night of the raid on St Margaret's and you told me that a well spoken man had been to see you"

Mulder nods

" and he told you we were players in a rigged game, he also said that my destiny had already been decided, well I think that part is happening now and that's why I'm here, someone is leaning on Kersh"

M- "That well spoken man also said that the player's in the game were more powerfull than he was"

SK- "Who is he Mulder?"

M- "I have no idea, but I've got the strangest feeling I've seen him somewhere before"

S- "Well welcome to the basement Agent Doggett, I hope you can cope with being an outcast"

D- "Thanks we all know we've been shafted but thanks anyway"

The scene changes to Kersh's office, he is on the phone.

K- "I've done what you wanted so give me back the photographs"

Voice- "All in good time Deputy Director after your next appointment go to your PA's plant pot, there you'll find a key go to the First National Bank and they will be in security box number 1013"

The scene changes to Kersh's outer office, a man in Cardinals robes is admiring the plant on the desk, Kersh opens the door and greets the man.

K- "Ah Cardinal O'Halloran it's a pleasure to meet you"

The face is revealed to be that of O'Bannion, he shakes hands with Kersh

O'H- "The pleasure is mine Deputy Director"

The scene changes again to a bar, the regulars are watching a news broadcast

Newscaster- "Tonights main story on Fox News is this, a major shake up has taken place at the Department of Internal Security, President Bush has announced a new head of department, we're going live to the White House and Our reporter Bethany Russell, Bethany what's happening there"

B- "Thank you Clare, well the new department head Nick De Abalo is due to give a press conferance about now, yes I can see him now

The camera show Nick De Abalo on the stage

N- "Well first I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get here"


Special thanks to Russell Owen who gave me the idea for the ending, cheers matey

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