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This Entry is where beginners of Guide ML or even non beginners to look at all the magical things you can do with it. This Guide is all where people who have made a mistake can come upon and check!


If you are just looking at ways to liven your page up, then you can add pictures, texts, font and do as much as you please.But if you are writing a guide then maybe you should be looking a bit elsewhere as some of these Guide ML formats won't work for a guide so you should actually be looking at " Using approved Guide ML in Edited Guide entrys ".

How to look at other people codes

All you have to do is start by opening the same window and arraging it so you can switch esily between both. In te adress bar of this pafe delete the A but leave the numbers and the rest unchanged. Apply the word TEST before the numbers so it should look like:

If you want to veiw someone Personal Space then you will have to delete the U and type TESTUSERPAGE in front of the numbers.

A new window should appear now. But if you compare the "code view" to the "normal view" you should be anle to see which bit are code and therfore invisable in the normal view of the page because they all appear between brackets <LIKE THESE> which are also known as "tags".

The simple codes of Guide ML

For a new guide entry or to edit your User Page see Changing from Plain text to Guide ML.

On the entry editing page you should now have a box with nothing in it except for this:-



which represents the beginning and end of the entry and everything you want to include goes in between.

You can type any code in bewtween </BODY> and </BODY>. Then you press preveiw, you always press preveiw once you have made changes so that you can see any errors or anything like that. To save your changes press "Update Intoduction" or for a guide entry press "Update Entry".Then you will see your writing aboth the editing box. This is the way your entry will appear if you don't do any formatting.


but if you wanted to make if bigger or small then all you have to type is:
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7
Size 8


If you are wondering how you change fonts then here is how you do it:

All you have to do is copy this line is you want:
<FONT FACE ="TIMES NEW ROMAN" > type some text here here </FONT>

But what is the point of that because that is the normal text.But you can have others like:
Comic Sans MS
<FONT FACE ="Comic Sans MS" > type some text here here </FONT>

Then the rest is easy,Change it to any font you like that exsists!

Colour text

Bookmark on your Personal Space

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